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Can working with our amazing living flower essences help you both personally and professionally?
"How can I sum up in a couple of sentences the kind of changes I have witnessed in my clients who are taking these essences?Master Flower Essence Practitioner Nancy Weil  Director of Grief Support  Buffalo NY The Laugh Academy
We offer 3 levels of professional training ....
In-home Study Program --NEW! coming in autumn 2015!  Click to reserve now & we'll let you know when the program becomes available to purchase.  Your advance registration will entitle you to receive a discount
Our aim is to provide quality training with greater convenience and at a much lower overall cost to you 
When you have spent as much time as we have performing research and field trials, creating and perfecting the finest products and the most effective protocols, and amassing hundreds of wonderful testimonials, you want to ensure that superior level of quality is extended through the professionals who use Enlightened Feelings products to assist their clients 
That is why, starting in autumn 2015, we are offering a comprehensive 3-step, easy-to-understand, easy to use home-study program.  Now you can learn our effective methods and protocols and study the science at your own pace and in the convenience of your own home or office
Our 3-part easy-to-use manual explains the need for living essences ~ details the science in an easy-to-understand format ~ outlines step by step how to perform a custom test, how to use kinesiology to test, how to test using a surrogate, how to administer Enlightened Feelings essences, how to monitor and assist your clients through their process, how to create custom formulas  ~ and helps you get to intimately know and understand our living essences on-by-one in depth. 
Pre-order our Home Study Manual and we will send you a notice as soon as it is available to purchase.  All pre-orders will recieve special discounts and incentives.  Each home study manual is registered with it's own ID to allow you to request certification   
To better aid your in-home study, we recommend that you order a basic set of practitioner essences or an essence testing kit so that you can practice and get to know the essences better.  If you plan to offer only prepared remedies in your practice, you will not need to purchase any essence kits ...  simply email us to request wholesale pricing on remedies ... 
Practice on friends and family to gain confidence and competence, learn to integrate the techniques and products into your own health practice, and then choose when or if you want to become certified by Enlightened Feelings ...
To become a certified practitioner, you must travel to our office to take the 1-day exam for certification.  Testing is not taken as a class, but is conducted individually.  The purpose of certification is to ensure each practitioner's high level of knowledge, competency and accuracy.  Certification is awarded following successful completion of a written and oral test followed by a practical test on a live test-subject. 
A folio of forms, hand-outs and materials to use in your practice, will be provided upon successful certification.  These helpful forms allow you exclusive use of our copyrighted materials   
Certification will allow you to purchase all our products at wholesale prices.  Enlightened Feelings requires master certification in order to refer clients to you within your region   
An advanced Master Certification 1-day course is also available for those who are certified by Enlightened Feelings.  Each one-day hands-on master course spends 1/2 day outdoors and 1/2 day in-class.  The first half of the workshop teaches you how to communicate with plants and flowers.  Following an organic lunch, you will then be required to invent your own essence remedy and set up a field trial.  To achieve Master Certification, you must then follow your field trial through to successful completion by monitoring your participants and recording your results.  Those successful will receive Master Certification and their essence remedy will proudly join our Enlightened Feelings remedy collection 
Master Practitioners are endorsed by Enlightened Feelings as part of our professional team.  You will receive referrals from us in your region or country 
Master classes are offered in May and June only at our picturesque office/teaching studio.  You have the option to take the Master Certification immediately following your certification, or at a later date 
"The master flower essence workshop experience was amazing. The setting was perfect at Lori’s Enlightened Feeling’s gardens. So many flowers to choose from, so peaceful and picturesque. I really enjoyed my time out in nature. The whole experience allowed me to deepen my connection and understanding of the flower essences. I would highly recommend this course! " Lili Ranalli,  Master Flower Essence Practitioner Welland ON  creator of Uplifting Confidence
Extend your stay for a few days more and enjoy the sights and fun of spectacular Niagara Falls--just 20 minutes from our office!  

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