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'It's only a miracle until we understand the Science.  Then it becomes technology'

Medical science is evolving rapidly.  A new branch of study and research known as mind-body medicine or energy psychology, is currently an area of intense study at respected research institutes such as Harvard University, Stanford University, Princeton University, and NASA.  Also being studied is psycho-neuro-immunology, the study of how emotions affect the immune system

The relationship between mind and body as it pertains to health was first discovered and studied in Russia more than 30 years ago.  Russian scientists discovered the important role of neuro-peptides and, in doing so, proved that your mind and, in particular, your emotions, cause your state of health and well-being 

Emotions create electrical impulses that travel instantly along your neural pathways, triggering the release of chemical proteins called neuro-peptides.  You have more than a thousand different neuro-peptides.  They are the catalysts for every physiological function in your body 

For example, anger or fear triggers the release of  adrenalin and cortisol.  Your palms sweat, heart rate and breathing accelerates, muscles tense, and blood vessels dilate.   Recent scientific discoveries show that depression actually causes heart disease. In depressed people the blood platelets become more sticky, clogging arteries and veins.  Learn more about the mind-body connection ...   

The Russians discovered that when you affect the systems that control the release of neuro-peptides, you affect the overall state of health and sense of being.  In other words, if you can bring a person into emotional balance by releasing beneficial neuro-peptides such as endorphins, you can improve their overall health and sense of well-being

Read about the research that proves frequencies, thoughts and words can re-program your DNA

But, how can we do this?  In order for your body to recognize which neuro-peptide to release, every emotion has to have its own individual frequency or vibration.  Scientists have now measured and identified the specific frequency of each emotion

For example, negative emotions such as anger and fear resonate in the lower frequency range, while positive emotions such as gratitude and love resonate at higher frequencies.  Unconditional love resonates at the highest wavelength

If you change a frequency, its characteristics have to change.  For example, if you raise the frequency of anger, it can no longer exhibit the characteristics of anger.  It takes on the characteristics of another emotion, a more positive feeling.  So, by introducing specific higher frequencies, you can, therefore, effectively nullify or balance negative emotions

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  There is no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics."  Albert Einstein

There are many ways to do this.  Enlightened Feelings specializes in three of the fastest, most effective ways ... energy healing (Reiki), Sonocytology (vibro-acoustic frequencies) and liquid Botanical Frequencies (living flower esences)                  

Both hard and soft scientific study verifies that flower essences do, in fact, contain high energetic properties that affect biological systems, and that 'living' flower essences (the type we use) possess a greater life force and higher frequencies than traditional flower essences

Over 27 years of research at UCLA by Dr Valerie Hunt clearly associates higher bio-electric fields with greater intelligence, mature emotional balance with less stress, and overall higher states of physical health 

The dominant resonance of the atmosphere around the earth is the Schumann frequency of 7.86 hertz (cycles per second).  This is a critical part of the natural frequencies of the brain and life cycles in biological systems. Direct measurement shows the distinct signature of the frequency of living plants - a hertz range including the Schumann frequency - communicates information in biological systems 

Frequencies emitted by biological systems are so subtle that conventional laboratory instruments cannot directly measure them. Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp at the International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss, Germany devised an ingenious way to measure subtle frequencies (such as those found in homeopathic remedies and flower essences) by measuring the amount of re-emitted photons from standardized sprouting seedlings that have been treated by the substance under investigation. The increased light that each system emits verifies the vitality of the test solution

A second evaluation consists of an ingenious new technology made available in 2007 in which a very sensitive, ultra compact RF (radio frequency) monitor is placed into a small sample of the substance under investigation. The monitor can detect the strength (amplitude) and spread of frequencies (hertz range) of each test sample

We used Thermographic Imaging to detect heat frequencies in our flower essences.  In one test we thermo-imaged a 1 oz amber bottle containing water infused with 25% alcohol.  The bottle appeared blue, indicating the frequency was in the cool range of 631-668 THZ.  Note the blue bottle in the centre of the image  

Next, a 1oz amber bottle of water and 25% alcohol with 7 drops of Obsidian Iris botanical frequency added to it was thermo-imaged.  The bottle glowed bright yellow,  indicating the frequency was completely different--in the 508-526 range  

Next, a 1oz amber bottle of water and 25% alcohol containing Accelerated Healing botanical frequency was thermo-imaged.  The bottle glowed distinctly green, with tinges of yellow, showing a higher frequency than the single essences--in the 526-606 range.  It also seemed to affect the air in a short radius around it

All bottles were kept within a 3' radius in the same room, so the ambient temperature was identical.  They were handled only via the dropper lids to ensure body heat from our hands did not directly affect the bottles.  The bottles then photgraphed together to show distinct differences between them         

As well, we conducted clinical studies involving multiple test subjects.  Each subject was given a specific flower essence according to which essence they tested most strongly.  They were not told the name or qualities of the essence.  Test subjects injested the essence for 3-12 days and reported the shifts they experienced, if any.  All test subjects reported significant positive shifts in their states of being that were in keeping with the particular essence they were using

In another experiement, various bottles of our essences and other brands of living essences were held, one at a time,  to the chests of multiple test subjects.  They were asked to state any sensations of feelings they experienced.  In each case, the test subjects could feel and identify strong individual energetic qualities for each of the Enlightened Feelings essences.  No sensations were detected with the other living essences.  The test subjects experienced a wide range of physical and emotional sensations including heart racing, a feeling of being pushed back or drawn forward, a calming sensation, and a need to cry 

Our ongoing case studies indicate that when you ingest a regimen of harmonically blended custom flower essences that are individually prepared for you according to your own specific needs, the results are significantly better than any single prepared formula and profoundly better than essences you select by guessing or rationalizing what you need 

Generally a custom formula will contain 6-8 of the essences you most need.  Approximately 60% of people will need a second or third formula to complete the transformational process.  About 10% will need a third formula. Resistance to personal shiftscan be caused by control issues, or a broad range of complex or deeply-embedded negative emotional issues that cannot be addressed together with only a half dozen frequencies.  Our approach is to shift a few related core emotional issues at a time, like peeling layers off an onion.    Learn more about how we can customize your flower essence frequencies ...


FAQ's about flower essences and botanical frequencies






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