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We're experts in the science of the mind-body connection.  In fact, we specialize in understanding the physiology of emotions and how that plays into illness, injury, and even pandemics.  Our unique expertise and protocols are a complex hybrid of emotional and psychological pathology married with the science of neuroplasticity

We've spent more than 25 years researching, studying, and working with the relationship between your thoughts and feelings and how they affect your physical body.  We've become a respected world-leader in providing natural solutions to unhealthy negative feelings  


We have a philosophy at Enlightened Feelings.  We believe that as you change yourself and raise your own vibration, you begin to effect others in positive ways.  You become like ripples on a pond, your grace gently but surely spreading outward into the world.  Others begin to want the happiness and inner peace that you have found .... and so they, too, begin to change in positive ways .... and so it goes

We invite you to share with those you love the peace and inner joy you have found with our amazing living flower frequencies .....  We call it the 'Enlightened Feelings Effect' ...


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your website. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve passed it on, or referenced it when I’m stuck, or am dealing with someone else who is stuck in a physical issue—just so I know better how to approach them, and life!  So thank you!"  Kayla F  Vancouver BC



The concept of Enlightened Feelings had its early beginnings in 2006 working with race horses and abused animals.  We employed living flower essences to help restore the well being and performance of stressed equine athletes and abused dogs, and had tremendous success!


That led us to prove scientifically that ALL animals have emotions.  Where scientists have long been studying the brain to look for the possibility of sentience, we already understood that emotions are necessary for the release of neuropeptides (NP's).  Even the most basic physiological functions require these tiny chemicals.  And the frequencies generated by emotions are the catalyst for their release  

Since all the physiology of all animals does include neuropeptides and neurotransmitters, and emotions are required for the activation of NP's and NT's, animals must have emotions  


Our success with animals naturally evolved into helping people, too.  But, it wasn't until 2012 that we actually created our own unique method of capturing the frequencies from live flowers to use as hybrid 'flower essences' 


It all happened by Divine Intervention....In early 2011, Health Canada stopped the importation of unlicensed flower essences.  (Bach Flower essences are regulated health products and must be NHP licensed to be sold in Canada)

No longer able to import living flower essences, we began talks with the Natural Health Products branch of Health Canada, and after 11 months achieved an unprecedented regulatory exemption for living (uncut) flower essences  


Lori plant whisperingWe took what we had learned from Health Canada, and combined that with more than 20 years of exhaustive research, training, and hands-on experience with a vast array of natural health disciplines including psychology, quantum physics, Russian space technology, frequency healing, flower essences, organic farming, and cellular biology


Our goal was to create a collection of live flower essences that would substantially raise the bar and surpass every other flower essence.  We ended up doing just that!   

In fact, we developed a whole new product genre that is classified by both Health Canada and the FDA as unique, separate and distinct from flower essences--flower bio-frequencies.  This revolutionary concept induces psycho-neuro harmonization through neural transmitter modulation.  (It employs the body's own natural frequency processes to prompt effortless change.)  Enlightened Feelings was born!  Meet our flower essence creator and plant-whisperer Lori D'Ascenzo  ...      


At Enlightened Feelings we hold the philosophy that feelings need to be heard and 'owned' in order to heal.  We must understand what our feelings are telling us, and validate those feelings, in order to understand what we really need in order to feel happy, fulfilled and in balance  

That's what we help you to do.  We offer a safe space of total acceptance, validation, and honesty to allow you to be who you really are, and feel what you really feel.  And we then provide the means and wisdom to elevate your perspective and vibration and transmute your negative experiences and feelings into something very empowering and positive


Our purpose is to help as many people as possible to achieve happiness, inner harmony, balance and healing.  And then to let these people be catalysts for raising the vibration of the planet ... The Enlightened Feelings Effect!




Lori studying flowers in Panama

About our products  It took 3 years to create our primary collection of potentized live botanical frequencies and animal essences.  The majority of our living flower frequencies were created from our lovingly tended organic perennial flower gardens  

But, we have also captured the frequencies of wildflowers and orchids from unique sites discovered during our travels, including the highest point in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, the tidal seashores of Maine, the cloud forests of Panama, and the orchid research center in Mexico.  We still add a few new essences to our collection each year

We extensively field test our essences and all our formulas to ensure their safety and efficacy.  We're constantly evolving our products and services to better assist our clients, and to meet the needs of a changing society


Ours is an exclusive and elite 'boutique' product--not available in retail settings or on Amazon.  You can only purchase Enlightened Feelings products from approved distributors and practitioners who are certified and skilled at dispensing our products and in testing you for your ideal flower frequencies

We've certified dozens of health professionals in vibro-acoustic healing (using the frequencies of tuning forks externally to balance the frequencies of the body).  But, after 2014 our main focus became development of our living flower frequencies.  That has evolved even further, now!



We now offer premium in-home professional training!  

Our goal is to develop a network of highly trained health professionals the world over who will be the absolute best in this unique field!  We've discovered that our products truly can make a difference in the world.  But, there is only so much we can do alone.  Together, we can change the entire world!

If you are a health professional or animal practitioner who wants to incorporate our unique potentized living flower essences into your existing services, our comprehensive accelerated-learning home-study program will ensure that you become the best of the best!  

Learn more ...  



Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility are our hallmarks. 

We are leading the change in ecological responsibility as it relates to business.  For almost 2 decades we've been the poster-child for sustainability!  Our methods and practices promote both a healthier environment and a healthier society.  We grow our plants using organic practices and since we do not cut, harm, or harvest the plants, our gardens are healthy, whole, and sustainable, ensuring vibrant healthy seeds for the future.  We zealously compost and recycle.  We strive to attain as low an environmental impact as possible.  We have virtually a zero carbon footprint in our production  

Even our brochures and printed materials use recycled paper and vegetable inks.  But, shipping to the four corners of the globe is out of our hands and does produce a carbon footprint.  So, we ship in beautiful packaging so you will save and re-use it.  And we encourage you to re-use or recycle your bottles when they are empty!

We also do our best to walk our talk about the health hazards of man-made frequencies, such as those produced by technology and electricity--electromagnetic fields (EMF's).  We own no microwave or cell phones.  Our computers, modems and electronics are hard-wired--not wireless.  Our office has been retro-fitted with EMF shielding materials        


Long Point Beach ON CanadaIn Autumn 2016 we re-located to Long Point Beach in Norfolk County on the Gold Coast of Southern Ontario.  Known as the 'Garden of Ontario', the move brings us closer to a truly natural environment in a region that actively promotes sustainability, healthy lifestyle, and environmental protection.  Most of the herbs and ginseng used for natural health products throughout Canada come from this region

Our tiny seaside village of Port Rowan (about 30 minutes west of Port Dover) lies within a protected world biosphere that is a world renowned migration route for more than 215 different birds and butterflies. It overlooks beautiful Long Point Beach, a sand peninsula jutting into Lake Erie that is reminiscent of Cape Cod


We've downsized our office and facilities so that we can have more time to enjoy our beautiful region and the lifestyle it affords.  This has created an inner and outer balance that allows us to better assist you.  Our office hours are Monday to Thursday 9-5PM EST  and Fridays 9-3PM EST.  Contact us at 1.519.586.2983 or email 







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Caveat as required by Health Canada and FDA::  For your protection and mine, the information contained on this website is provided as general and scientific information and is not intended as medical or psychological advice.  Our products are designed as self-help tools to raise your own inner vibration. Our products are not intended to address physical or mental health issues


Copyright 2009  Lori D'Ascenzo  All rights reserved.  No parts of this website or its contents may be copied or quoted without the express written permission of Lori D'Ascenzo



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