September 5, 2016 @ 9:00 AM


What do you LOVE to do?  What brings you JOY?  Is it spending time with animals?  Singing?  Painting?  Socializing with others?  Helping others?  Organizing things?  Teaching and sharing knowledge? 

The thing that brings you joy, makes you come alive and feel expanded and fulfilled -- that is the clue to what you came here to do.  Find a way to make it your career, your life's path.  ACT on your passion!

Your work should feel like play.  It should bring you joy.  It should feel easy, natural.  In doing what you love, what you do best, what feeds your soul, you expand. 

Your talents, skills and enthusiasm are useful and bring joy to others and to the world.  It doesn't have to be large or significant or life-altering.  It just has to be yours.  That is enough

Don't know what you love to do?  That's because you've kept yourself so busy you have had no time to learn about yourself and get to know the real YOU.  Here's how to connect with the deeper parts of yourself and find those longings that need to be acknowledged ...

Seek stillness.  Scientists now understand that you need at least 2 hours daily of peace and quiet in order to re-balance your brain and your emotions

You've grown up in a modern fast-paced society that is based on instant gratification.  You stay busy because you are afraid of silence and stillness.  When you are silent or still, you begin to hear the longing you've ignored calling to you for acknowledgement.  As a society, we've all become afraid to stop to acknowledge or explore how we really FEEL, who we really are, what fills our souls

Seek stillness.  Geniuses throughout time have known this is the way to access information that is beyond your rational understanding.  Einstein, Michelangelo, Edison, Cayce ... they all entered an 'alpha' meditative or dream state to access higher levels of knowing, to connect with inspiration and intuition.  They followed their hearts and their inspirations instead of society's rules for living.  In doing so, they made invaluable contributions to society and realized their destinies

Seek silence.  In that silence you will hear your inner voice calling to you, telling you what it wants and needs, what it longs for.  There is no other way to hear it

Seek stillness, silence, wisdom, and self-awareness in each day by meditating.  Meditation is listening to God, listening to the wisdom already within you.  It's that simple.  It's that profound

We have a wonderful transformational essence to assist you in connecting with your inner passion.  It's called Align to Your Destiny


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