January 11, 2017 @ 5:38 PM


We just returned from a spontaneous adventure to Punta Cana over the Christmas Holidays! 

It all happened quite suddenly when we were told by our shipping couriers on December 15th that, due to the holiday rush, they could no longer provide timely delivery of our products until January 3rd

Since I have an uncanny habit of turning would-be disasters into wonderful opportunities and blessings, off we went, quite suddenly, to southern sunshine and turquoise seas in search of orchid essences ...  

Who knew a very special exotic flower essence was waiting to be discovered there!  
We came upon the flowers at dusk on Christmas Eve ... pure white and etherial ... dancing gracefully on wands of green in a light mist of rain 

 The flowers' energy was powerful, radiant, fertile.  We thought it appropriate to capture the gift of its living essence on Christmas morning
GODDESS LILY is the epitome of universal yin energy .... earthy, feminine, nurturing, fertile, seductive, and highly receptive, drawing inward and down into your core

The essence of GODDESS LILY holds the soul and keeps it from being lost or dissipated.  It opens you to spiritual healing, nurturing, compassion, unconditional receiving, grace, and making the best of what you are offered. 

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GODDESS LILY inspired the creation of our new GODDESS essence, blending the living essences of 5 carefully chosen exquisite fragrant flowers.
Close your eyes and imagine standing on a hilltop overlooking the sea.  Flowing white gossamer robes caress you.  You are Venus. Aphrodite, Goddess of Mother Earth, deeply grounded, deeply receptive, emanating the resilient strength and lustrous glow of white pearls.  This is GODDESS

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