March 1, 2020 @ 6:12 PM

It has taken 3 years to compile a high quality comprehensive home-study course that will allow us to certify practitioners who wish to use our essences in their health practices.  At long last we are working on the final module for our 1st home study course!  

This is your last chance to pre-register and receive a 10% discount on any course.  A deposit is not required to register and receive the discount.  To be eligible to enrol in any of our courses, you must be certified in at least one medical or complementary health discipline  

The upcoming Enlightened Feelings in Practice course is offered in 6 modules covering General Knowledge, Science, Testing Protocols, Mind-Body Connection, Getting to know the Essences, and Successful Business.  The format is informative, easy to follow, and offers practical useful information to ensure you become qualified and successful.  The course includes tests, assignments and a practicum to ensure you become competent.


Basic Certification in Essence Fusions.  Our basic entry level certification is most practical for those who wish to augment their existing health disciplines and enhance their client experience and results by using Enlightened Feelings prepared living essence fusions.  The course provides training in science, the mind-body connection, testing protocols including kinesiology, with focus on competently using our collection of 88 prepared essence fusions to assist clients with mental and emotional wellbeing.  Upon completion you will also be able to associate physical symptoms with emotional states to better enable you to assist clients to achieve wellness and balance.  The course includes a set of 88 essence cards to use for testing.  Introductory price includes tests and practicum critiques  $550 



There are 4 additional home-study courses that will follow over the next few months, as well as 3 flower-whispering workshops in Spring.  Each course will provide a different focus to allow practitioners to specialize. 


Certified Botanical Frequencies Practitioner.  This course provides training for a career with living flower frequencies.  The principles learned in Basic Certification are expanded to create a career-oriented practice that focuses on creating emotional wellbeing and inner harmony for your clients on a highly individualized level.

The 9-module course encompasses all of the training provided in Basic Certification in Essence Fusions, PLUS detailed training with individual flower essences.  This course will allow you to offer custom essence remedies and custom testing for your clients’ unique needs.     

It expands on science and psychology, with additional tools to help you help your clients.   You will work with 64 of our most popular single living essences, learn testing techniques including surrogate testing, as well as learn how to formulate custom essences, determine dosage and instructions, and you will learn how to create your own bach-style flower essences.  

This course includes a set of 88 fusion testing cards PLUS a set of 64 testing cards.  Introductory price includes testing and practicum reviews.  $995

This is an outstanding career investment when you consider that each custom client will invest $200-$400 in testing and custom essences     




Advanced Botanical Frequencies Practitioner.  The advanced level course allows you to expand your flower essence career beyond your own city limits.   You will learn remote testing using a photograph, so that you can help clients all over the world. 

The course introduces you to an additional 40 living essences that will allow you to assist with a broader range of complex emotional issues. You will also learn to work with children’s essences and essence remedies, how to mix essences with other products such as essential oils and bath and beauty products, and how to use the quantum matrix to heal those in spirit or to heal places on the earth.  You will learn advanced science and psychology tools, Lifestyle PerceptionsTM testing, and the role of nutrition in mental balance.  The course includes a set of 40 testing cards.  Introductory Price includes testing and practicum reviews.  $550    

This is an outstanding career investment as the fee for a single photo testing is $100 plus the cost of essence remedies



Master Botanical Frequencies Practitioner.  This 2-day course demonstrates your aptitude and knowledge of our individual flower essences.  This is not a home-study program.  It is only available at our Enlightened Feelings Centre.  

You will learn ‘plant whispering’ (how to understand the ‘language’ of plants).  You will coach individuals who are newly experiencing flower essences.  And, to demonstrate your extensive knowledge of the individual flower frequencies, you will create your own themed essence remedy and take it into field trials to prove its efficacy. $300 (allow additional costs for travel, accomodations and field trial formulas) 



Certified Animal Botanical Frequencies Practitioner.  This 10 module course offers training to become a Certified Botanical Frequencies Practitioner for animals.  You will cover all the course materials to become a Certified Botanical Frequencies Practitioner PLUS you will additionally learn about single flower frequencies and essence fusions specifically designed for pets.  With this course you will be able to help both people AND pets. 

In addition, you will learn animal psychology and physiology, how to work safely with animals, and how to test using a surrogate or photograph.  $1295


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