August 17, 2020 @ 1:56 PM

Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for ... especially if you use our living flower frequencies and therefore hold a higher vibration!

Tired and overwhelmed by the number of people needing assistance during this challenging time, I lay in bed one night and said ... "Oh, wow.  I so need a break" ... 

Within 20 minutes of waking up the next morning, I had broken my wrist.  Prayer answered ... albeit quite literally.  That was in June

Unfortunately, my remote location and C-19 measures prevented me from receiving competent medical assistance at the time of the injury, and from receiving physiotherapy for recovery.  The initial diagnosis of a broken wrist was mistaken.  In fact, there were 2 fractures—one at the wrist on the ulna, and a second fracture at the elbow on the radius.  The cast served to critically damage the undiagnosed fracture at the elbow, as well as reposition the two bones.  This has left me unable to rotate hand, wrist or shoulder, or even move even my fingers.

This was further complicated by the use of Lidocaine as a local anaesthetic in order to set the fracture.  The Lidocaine was not flushed from the tissue following the procedure, as is required.  It has no way to dissipate on its own without deep massage or body movement--which is impossible when confined to a cast.  

Lidocaine is highly toxic.  It prevents hemoglobin from carrying oxygen and blocks uptake of potassium and calcium.  The result is the damaged tissue does not receive oxygen--which prevents healing.  Bone does not receive calcium or nutrients--resulting in degeneration of the bone.  And cells, which require potassium in order to function properly, are literally starved of nutrients and unable to release metabollic toxins.  In short, necrosis takes place instead of healing--and this degeneration has been occurring for over 2.5 months now.  

Further, Lidocaine has several contra-indications, including hypericum, which is present in many of our healing formulas.  So, Enlightened Feelings AH healing products could not be used to speed the healing process or lessen pain.  So, with no medical solution in sight, I continue to experiment with natural ways to stop the decline and hope to turn it around with my own miracle cure 

Due to the location and nature of the injury on my right arm, I cannot test or treat myself.  And although I have tried to bring in assistance to help with testing, that has proven to be unsuccessful.  We just can’t provide the same level of accuracy or service

We have no choice but to cancel all custom and semi-custom tests for the foreseeable future.  We will be performing mini tests as usual, by phone consultation instead of testing.  

We are always grateful for your interest in our custom essence testing and the confidence you have placed in us.  We are devastated that we cannot assist you at this time.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Much appreciated

 Lori D'Ascenzo