April 30, 2021 @ 11:00 PM


Announcing our FIRST EVER Alumni month!
May 1-31st, 2021


This is a special INVITATION to our dear clients we haven't heard from in a while  ....

and it's also a REWARD for our favourite long-time loyal clients!  


Here's how it works ... If your first order with us was placed anywhere between 2012-2018, we are giving you 20% off all your purchases during the entire month of MAY!

Even if you haven't reached out to us for the past 3 years or longer, know that we miss you and we truly value you!  You are like family to us!  We think of you fondly and often.  And we want you to know that!  Order any of our flower essence products and you'll receive 20% off!  

Remember how good you felt when you first tried our products?
Remember how quickly and effortlessly our live flower essences changed your life and helped you heal, regain balance, and flow with life? 
Well, we really want you to have that feeling again!  It is more important now than ever!  What are you waiting for?

We have so many new products we are excited for you to try!  So many positive changes and enhancements to our website!  So many new and effective flower essence solutions to problems you may have in this challenging time!

It's easy!  Simply place your order for essences.  
 If you qualify to receive 20% off use the code VIP2018.  
A 20% discount will be applied.

(Once we receive your order, our database will tell us the date of your first order so we will know whether you do qualify)  


Our loyal long-time regular clients can take advantage of this 20% discount, too! 

If you don't know whether you qualify, send us a quick email and we'll check for you!

If you forget to use the code, that's OK!  We'll apply a 20% credit for you!

No minimum or maximum order restrictions  

Sorry--shipping costs and testing services are not discounted  

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