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"Finding an essence for children is vital for the young generation today.  Dealing with emotions is so important to me.  Educating my boys on the importance of living life with a healthy mindset is my biggest focus.   I encourage and motivate you to create MORE essences for children.  I am confident you can help so many children deal with hardships.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!"  Laura A  Toronto ON


Enlightened Feelings wants to help parents who want to help their children.  So, we have created special gentle happy essences just for children and teens!

This collection of gentle and uplifting un-potentized living essences can help address the energetic imbalances that children and teens may encounter

It is truly tough to be young in today's world.  But, we can help children to feel more secure in themselves and less affected by the unfriendly world around them    

Our gentle children's living essence fusions were created to help elicit positive uplifting feelings so your child can effortlessly let go of negative feelings--these essences simply feel good!  And that can help your child to feel more positive and happy!

Essences are administered in a glass of water.  For children under the age of 2.5 years, simply place a few drops of essence in the bathwater, or place the essence bottle in the crib with the child so the radiant frequencies can gently assist    

Don't forget ... when your child is ailing, take an essence yourself, as well!  You are upset and hurting when someone you love is in distress!  


PLEASE NOTE:  Don't give your child (or your pet) living essences meant for adults.  Children under the age of 18 should never be given essences to address psychological traumas or complex adult issues that could cause negative feelings and emotional pain to surface, even if you are working closely with a qualified child psychologist 

To better help your children safely and harmlessly process their feelings, we offer a fun and creative venting program that turns negative emotions into laughter and lightheartedness, and provides valuable insights for you as a parent    


FAQ's about flower essences  



"Abandonment Heal"  

Gently neutralizes feelings of abandonment or rejection  


21 days  30 ml @ $30



"Adapt to Change for Children"   Quells homesickness.  Helps with adjustment to change or new experiences. Ideal for first day of school, kindergarten, or college, or when moving to a new home 


Use from 3-21 days  15 ml @ $15  ~  30 ml @ $30

"I actually starting giving my older son the flower essence Social Outcast about two weeks prior to school. I then added Adapt to Change for five days. This school year, my son started off the school year seamlessly! I am just so very happy." Laura A  Toronto


"Breathe for Children"

Breathing is one of your most vital life-force acts!  It facilitates a constant exchange between you and the world around you and ensures a constance intake of life-force sustenance.  An unconscious or inherited belief such as 'I don't deserve to be here' can inhibit a child's ability to breathe

BREATHE acts quickly to dissolve and overwrite unconscious emotional thought patterns and beliefs that may inhibit breathing and contribute to impaired respiratory function and chronic respiratory issues including Asthma  

 Use as needed  15 ml @ $15  ~  30 ml @ $30




"Calm & Secure for Children"   Assists with minor trepidation issues such as shyness and fear of new experiences.  Instills greater confidence

Use as needed 15 ml @ $15 ~ 30 ml @ $30



A lovely sweet, light essence to feel happy and carefree.  Helps a child be a carefree child again!  Your 'go-to essence' to help with the widest range of childhood issues including day care centres.  Also helpful for babies and children who are fussy, colicky or cry a lot!  Add a little to bathwater or a few drops in water or juice.  Place a bottle in the crib for a more restful baby

Use as needed 15 ml @ $15 ~ 30 ml @ $30  



"Chill Out"
Instills a sense of wellbeing, contentment and relaxation

Use for 3-21 days  15 ml @ $15 ~ 30 ml @ $30


NEW!! "Focus"

Increases concentration, focus and assuredness.  FOCUS can help with studying or writing exams.  This essence remedy is also helpful for athletes who need to be 'in the zone.'

Use as needed  15 ml  $15  ~  21 days  30 ml  $30

"I Feel Blessed"
An uplifting remedy to instill feelings of happiness

Use as needed  15 ml  @ $15  ~  30 ml  $30   




"I Feel Loved"
A wonderful warm-and-fuzzy antidote when you are feeling alone and unloved.  You feel softly enveloped in positive, loving feelings


 Use for 3-5 days  30 ml  $30   



"Love Yourself"
A sweet, kind, uplifting feel-good self-hug


21 days  30 ml  $30


"Mother & Child Bond"

This gentle essence fusion is helpful for a broken or absent emotional bond between mother and child that results in rejection. The gentle frequencies of this essence can help new mothers, babies, children and orphaned pets to feel loved, nurtured and secure  

Use it for negative postpartum emotions, rejection of a child, orphaned babies, or adoption, or just to help you feel more nurturing. It instills a loving, protective urge and promotes healthy emotional bonding between mother and child

For babies and small children, simply add to bathwater of lay the bottle against them  

21 days   30 ml  $30



"Rescue & Revive"
A grounding, calming stabilizer to restore mental stability and calm balance.   Helpful when taken shortly before stressful events such as tests or exams, job interviews, or public speaking.  Helps promote a feeling of peace, grounding, wellbeing and clarity  

Use as needed     15 ml @ $15 ~ 30 ml @ $30   



NEW "Self-Acceptance"  

Helps you accept yourself and your body.  Ends being self-critical

 21 days +   30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50


"Self Esteem"
Promotes independence and self confidence.  Quells neediness

21 days  30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50   





"Shield for Children"  

Energetic protection for children who are very sensitive and bullied or easily affected by those in their environment.  Instills greater confidence and ability to set boundaries.  Helpful for children who are subjected to divorce or conflict in the home

 Use as needed   30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50

"6 days on Shield has helped my daughter tremendously. She says she doesn't feel other peoples bad energy like before. Now someone that dislikes her can stand right besides her and she won't feel the goosebumps she used to."   Domenica F  Rio Grande TX 


"Social Ease"
Promotes greater confidence, personal ease and comfort in social situations.  Ideal for those who feel awkward, shy, or introverted.  Also helpful when meeting people for the first time

Use as needed  15 ml  $15  ~  30 ml  $30




NEW!  "Social Outcast"
Neutralizes the emotional and psychological impact of mean or 2-faced people, social rejection, bullying, feeling misunderstood or like an outcast.  Fosters acceptance, confidence, and self-appreciation, and helps you be more outgoing and take the initiative 

21 days +  15 ml  $15  ~  30 ml  $30

"After just 3 days on Social Outcast, my 8 yr old granddaughter not only seemed happier and began to make more friends, but she also figured out all on her own that she needed to be a better friend to others in order to have friends.  She LOVES this essence and actually asks for it"  Wendy W  Pt Colborne ON 

"It's the best thing I have done for my 8 yr old son!  Here's why ... Peer tutor said that my son is clearly articulating himself and his sentence word structure comes effortlessly.  Where prior he was scattered and easily distracted.  His OT reported that his letter formation is neater and he is more willing.  He seems happier and much more confident.  All these recent milestones are such a blessing!"  Laura A  Toronto ON 


"Uplifting Confidence"
Instills uplifting feelings of self-worth and confidence.  Increases confidence at school and in social situations 

21 days  30 ml  $30


"My (teenage) son is taking Uplifting Confidence and there is a pep in his step...his guidance counselor told me she notices a difference in him and that makes me so happy.  Thank you for all your help"  Irene R  Connecticut



NEW!  "Zen"  Our children's version of 'Stress Buster' instills deeply calming relaxation.  May also be useful at bedtime

Use as needed  15 ml  $15  ~  30 ml  $30




Helps accelerate repair of injuries such as surgical incisions, wounds, skin grafts, dental surgery, fractures, insect bites, abscesses and skin eruptions.  AH PLUS has the frequencies of DNA repair, plus additional botanical frequencies to soothe, augment, re-balance and integrate your body's energies so that the healing process can become rapidly accelerated while pain and discomfort is reduced.   AH PLUS starts to work in minutes & feels soothing to children.  The effects are cumulative.  Convenient atomizer.  Use orally or topically as needed.  Safe and non-toxic for use on children and animals

Available in 30 ml atomizer @ $30 ~ 60 ml atomizer @ $50


 NEW!  "What Really, REALLY Bugs Me...sometimes©"

A charming children's personal creative journal that sets your child on a remarkable path of letting go of the upsets and frustrations of life in a healthy, harmless, fun way through an interactive Art from the Heart Adventure

Your child will begin to look at daily life situations from a new perspective and learn skills for harmlessly venting unhealthy negative emotions so the child does not keep these damaging feelings bottled up or expressed in aggressive ways

This valuable tool supports your children's mental and emotional health.  It's fun and easy to do, requires no art skill, and best of all, the drawings your child makes can be very insightful for you as a parent.  Each book comes with suggestions for implementing this book into your child’s life, plus a 3-week program to help children and/or parents develop this positive habit as part of their daily routine

  For children 3-12  $29.98 




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