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"Any fool can run towards the light. It takes a master with courage to turn and face the darkness and shine his own light there."-- Leslie Fieger


There is an inseparable inter-relationship between all aspects of your being -- mind, body, emotions and spirit.  There is also an inseparable relationship between you and the world around you.  At all points in time you are either affecting or infecting others

Everything and everyone around you affects you in a subtly profound way for better or worse, as you, in turn, affect your surroundings.  You are continually bombarded by energies that move through and around you, or are refracted ... colour, light, heat, thought, movement, sound, touch, emotions, words, actions, intent

Not only are your physical senses assailed, but your sensibilities, as well.  Such are the physical and psychologically detrimental challenges of sharing a living space with others.  It is hard to maintain balance and inner harmony.   You become so de-sensitized by the on-going sensory onslaught that you begin to tune out to what it is doing to you.  We have protective and clearing essences to help you
According to scientists William Tiller and Dr David Suzuki, each of the billions of atoms in your body holds the memory of every experience, every thought, every feeling you have ever had.  You are constantly exchanging atoms with everything on the planet, just as you exchange air when you breathe.  That means you ultimately affect the energetic properties of everything around you, while everything around you affects you
So, unless you heal your past and the negative thoughts and feelings you harbor, you affect the world around you in a negative way.  Healing yourself is the ultimate way to contribute to the health of the planet as well as your future relationships.  He have heart-healing essences that can help
That doesn't mean you have to be perfect!  The art of living is the gift of becoming yourself and of loving yourself just as you are.  That simply means reconciling and healing your memories so they do not continue to energetically impact you and all around you.  Our flower essences can help you achieve this effortlessly ....
"Love is the miracle cure.  Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives"  Louise Hay
We often see our most intense emotions as an aspect of our dark side.  We believe emotions such as sadness, fear, failure, and longing are negative and unproductive and will push others away from us.  But, to fully experience the richness and wonder of physical being you must love yourself enough to joyously embrace all aspects of who you are and stop seeing emotions as positive or negative.  Let go of fear and the need to be what others expect 
"Within everyone there is light and shadow, good and evil, love and hate.  In order to be truthful, you must embrace your total being.  A person who exhibits both positive and negative qualities, strengths and weaknesses is not flawed, but complete"   Deepak Chopra
Who you think you are ...the age, nationality, profession, status, wealth, education and skills are only the most shallow parts of you.  They may reveal how long you have lived, but not what you have made of the time on earth you have been given.  These things have no meaning if you want to truly connect with someone on a deep level
Become aware of those things in your life that do not contribute to your overall happiness in a positive way.  Then you can begin to consciously create a life that is filled with harmony.  That, in turn, benefits everyone around you

Would you like support with shifting your life, your beliefs, and your emotional state of being?  That's why we're here!  View our services


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