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Enlightened Feelings living flower frequencies fusionsWho can use flower essences?  Flower Essences are safe for people of all ages, including babies and children.  But, please don't use our potentized living essences for children or for animals!  We have created special children's essences and pet essences that are more gentle for the delicate nervous systems of children and animals  

Children and animals are especially responsive to flower essences, as they tend to be more open energetically.  Their senses and bodies' electrical systems are more easily disrupted by noise and light pollution, cellphone and microwave signals, so they may need help and support to re-balance

Children and pets also absorb negativity from their environment much more readily.  Because they are more open, they respond very favourably to help from living flower essences.  When your child or pet is ailing, be sure to take an essence, too!  You are upset and hurting when someone you love is in distress


Do flower frequencies work for everyone? 

Our extensive product field trials have demonstrated that our live flower essences are highly effective for the vast majority of people. Everyone can benefit to some degree from living flower frequencies

However, those with control issues unconsciously try to block the release of deep emotional issues, because letting go does not feel safe.  Control issues develop in childhood when you regularly experience situations in which you don't feel safe, stable, or secure.  We have developed a special essence formula specifically to help address this problem.  Learn if you need Control Release 

Not everyone will be aware of the transformation or changes that take place within them.  It depends on your degree of self-awareness and how much your outer world changes in response.  For many the transformation is so seamless and effortless that they don't feel it.  But, those around them may notice the difference in their behavior and attitude

For others, the change is so striking that it shakes their world.  For a wonderful few, the changes are so gentle, positive, and profound that they are in awe of the process and the transformation in which they are taking part

We think your experience is based on your personal perspective of life ... Do you think life is challenging and hard? 

Custom testing to determine which specific frequencies you need will always produce much better results than trying to figure out which essences you need.  That's because emotions are a product of your subjective right brain.  Your logical brain needs to be kept out of the equation

But, we have also devised three methods to help you do-it-yourself.  Take our Happiness Quiz, or use our guide to your feelings, or our guide to your health symptoms  

We also offer a quick mini test to tell you whether the essences you have ordered are the right ones for you, or which essence fusions you actually do need.  That way you are ensured that you receive the essence fusions that will yield the best results for you.  Simply order essence fusions you want or might need.  Add 'mini-test' to your shopping cart, and then follow the instructions on your order confirmation.  It will tell you how to submit your photo to us

We recommend that you create a chart to record the shifts and improvements that occur.  Before taking your essence for the first time, using a scale of 1-10 assess the quality level and satisfaction you feel with these different areas of your life: relationships, career, family life, love, anger management, contentment, intimacy, finances, health, self esteem, and happiness.  After you take the essences for 3 weeks, cover your original results and assess these areas of your life again.  Are there any changes or improvements from your original assessment?

Also, take a picture of your face before you begin taking floral frequencies.  Then take another photo after you have been taking the essences for 3 weeks.  Do you see a difference, especially within your eyes and facial symmetry?       

"Today is day 11 of taking the essence and I am beginning to see improvement. Stress and anxiety levels are dropping, I am beginning to be a lot more positive in my thinking and sleeping better."  Alex F  St Catharines ON


Are there any contra-indications to taking flower essences? 

Flower essences are safe for people of all ages--including babies, puppies and kittens.  But, please choose only our gentle children's essences for children under the age of 18 years.  Choose only our gentle pet essences for pets

Our living essences are preserved in 5% grain alcohol.  As your essence fusion contains only about 1.5 drops of alcohol per dose, this is generally safe, even for those on medications.  However, if you are concerned about ingesting any amount of alcohol, take your essence 2 or more hours before or after medications, or place your drops in 4 oz of water and let sit for 1/2 hour to allow the alcohol to evaporate.  Pregnant women should use caution.  Cats are not tolerant of alcohol, so dosage should be reduced to no more than 6 drops

Flower essences generally reduce or eliminate the need for anti-depressants.  Feeling great can make you want to stop taking anti-depressants 'cold-turkey.'  However, these medications can only be gradually reduced under the supervision of a physician

Flower essences are not suited for those diagnosed with mental disorders or chemical imbalances, and we do not recommend using our living essences if you regularly use homeopathy.  Here's why ...

Most flower essences contain pollen and extracts from plants.  However, we filter our mother tinctures to remove any traces of pollen or plant materials, so, our essences are generally allergy free.  But, our essences do contain traces of plant DNA, so those with severe pollen or plant allergies should use caution

We do not recommend using our live flower frequencies if you have taken homeopathy at any time.     Homeopathy neutralizes the frequency of a malady so that you no longer exhibit symptoms.  Our essences raise your vibration, exposing the malady once again.  So, symptoms may re-appear.  However, exceptions are homeopathic tissue salts (minerals), and topical pain relief (arnica), which are compatible


Are flower essences like essential oils?

Flower essences, and, in particular, our flower frequencies, are nothing at all like essential oils.  Essential oils are very dense concentrations of the volatile oils and chemicals naturally found in flowers.  They are created by a heat distillation process.  Essential oils have a strong scent and a strong taste.  They are powerful chemicals that should be used only in the smallest of amounts, and can be highly toxic if used improperly or ingested

Flower essences are created by steeping flowers, leaves, and stems in water to create a sun-brewed tea.  The flower water is then diluted through a homeopathic process and mixed with alcohol to create the end product.  There is no scent and no taste, except for the alcohol

Our live flower essences are created without picking or harming the wild or organic live plants and flowers.  This ensures plant sustainability and allows us to work with rare and endangered flowers in their native habitat, without causing harm to any plant species.  We use a proprietary method to capture the living essence of the flowers, enhancing their unique energetic signature in the process.  This helps to increase the flower's life force energy and magnify the potency and frequencies.  A small amount of alcohol is then added as a stabilizer and preservative.  We use a special triple distilled grain vodka that has a very light, slightly sweet taste.  There is no scent and no taste, and no chemical or plant compounds in the end products, except for the alcohol 

Product information for government and regulatory bodies 


How do I choose which Flower Essences to use?

Deciding which floral frequencies you need is not a mental or logical process.  Your subconscious mind is much more powerful than your rational mind.  It actually controls 97% of your actions, responses and behaviors

When there is a conflict between what you think and what you feel, adverse circumstances and even health issues will begin to manifest in your life.  The beauty of flower essences is that you don't have to recall everything that has negatively affected you!  You just need to look what is happening in your life right now

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.  So, your outer circumstances best reveal what beliefs, choices, and decisions you need to transform.  Everything in your world will begin to change when you change inside

We have devised several methods to help you do-it-yourself.  Take our Happiness Quiz, or use our guide to your feelings, or our guide to your health symptoms.  Or, look at the images and see what draws you.  Do you love a particular flower or are drawn to a particular photograph of a flower?  Its energy may be calling to you.  The images of our essence fusions actually captures their energy and synergy.  You can almost feel the energy palpably when you look at each image.  Which images appeal to you the most?  Do you have a visceral emotional reaction?  Does an image make you feel good when you look at it?  Likely this is the essence fusion you need to choose. Listen to that beckoning and choose that flower essence fusion

We also offer testing card sets and testing vial sets 

Of course, our living essences offer the greatest positive impact when custom blended specifically for you or your pet. That's our specialty!  View our services for custom testing   We always ensure that you receive the exact floral essences that can most benefit YOU.  All you have to do is add a few drops of living flower essences to a glass of water each day for about 21 days.  It's that easy!  Most people begin to show progress after 3-9 days, but generally need to take their essences for about 21 days.  View testimonials

Don't despair if you don't live nearby!  We have the unique ability to accurately determine the right frequencies for you or your animals using a recent photograph and a brief description of your present feelings and circumstances, no matter where in the world you live!  So you don't need to be physically present to take advantage of a custom formula!  Allow up to 2 weeks for testing plus 1-5 business days for delivery   Learn more about photo testing

Most animals demonstrate a complete reversal of their behavior issue in just 3-23 days.  Animals don't control or judge their feelings, so they readily release negative emotions, behaviors, and experiences when supported by flower frequencies.  Learn more about floral essences for animals ...  View animal testimonials ...


How do I administer my living flower frequencies?

Our living flower frequencies are different than homeopathy and traditional flower essences.  Therefore, you administer them in a different way.  We provide detailed instructions with each order

Standard adult dosage is 30 drops per day, administered in a single dose.  Add the drops to 4 oz. water.  The drops do not have any discernible scent, colour, or taste when added to water  

Take your drops first thing in the AM (or at bedtime) on an empty stomach.  This speeds their effect, since your body is relaxed and not busy performing other functions.  Swish or hold each mouthful briefly before swallowing to allow the energy to be absorbed.  Administer the entire dose at once.  Do not eat or brush your teeth for at least 10 minutes  

Do not administer within 2 hours of taking prescription medications.  Since each dose contains about 1.5 drops of alcohol, this ensures that if you have any reaction, you will know whether the medication caused it

As each of our essence fusions are very complex, use only one essence fusion at a time, unless otherwise prescribed by us, or your health professional.  When you have been prescribed a protocol of several essences, complete 1 essence bottle at a time before beginning the next essence.  

Always start with the deepest issue first.  The process is basically this:  Dissolve any control issues --> Then release and overwrite the past --> If necessary support with a nurturing essence --> Then fill back up with positive feelings such as self-esteem, love, or happiness  

There are exceptions, Some of our live flower frequencies may be used in conjunction with one another.  Simply take them 1 or more hours apart from each other.  You can take clearing and protection essences, support essences, and feel-good essences when taking other essences.  The instructions provided with your purchase will assist you in knowing which essences you can take with each other  

Learn more details


What will I feel while taking my essences?

We do find that those who are on a more spiritual or introspective path are much more aware of how the living essences affect them.  In fact, most people can actually feel the essences simply by holding a bottle to their chest!  Very few people (mostly men) are unable to feel the frequencies of our essences

Some people won't be consciously aware of just how much they are shifting and releasing.  For the most part, it's other people who will notice that you aren't responding to situations in the same way, that you are looking and acting different

Our essences are designed to quickly raise your vibration to the optimal frequency.  If your emotional upset or trauma is severe, you may experience a temporary intensity of feelings as old issues come to the surface to be released or dissolved.  This hightened emotional state passes quickly if don't fight it or try to suppress the feelings

If agitation or upset seems too severe, try taking an extra dose of the frequencies, or take your frequencies before bedtime instead of in the AM, or place your daily dose in a bottle of water and sip throughout the day, or break your daily dose into several smaller doses throughout the day.  Or contact us for assistance

Most of our flower essence remedies and fusions are designed to be used for 21 days.  Addictions and long-held habit patterns can take up to 66 days to permanently eradicate.  That's because old habits die hard.  You need to feel the new energies long enough to ensure the old state of being is gone permanently and the new state of being becomes a habit 

About 60% of people need to take a second or third formula to completely their transformation.  Our custom testing process ensures you get the remedies you need at the dosage you require.  As a result, we achieve an outstanding measure of effectiveness with our botanical frequencies.  Most people report significant improvement in their lives, their relationships, their careers, and their self-image.  But, again, results are subjective.  In rare cases the emotional issues are just too broad in scope, or the trauma too severe for the individual to feel safe in letting it go.  Overall, we are showing a 99% success rate for people

View testimonials


Can behaviors, emotions and habit patterns return after taking living flower essences? 

Once you have completely cleared your emotional patterns with our flower essences, generally you are not as emotionally impacted by the types of experiences that would normally trigger an emotional response or 'push your buttons'.  Therefore, you respond to daily life in an entirely new way

But, life happens and you have a conscience!  You cannot be immune to having experiences throughout your daily life.  Some of your interactions will be life affirming and positive.  Some will be negative and shake you up or hurt you deeply.  But, our living essences can help you to regain balance each step of the way! 

Begin by taking your living essences long enough to permanently clear the current emotional issues and create a new habit pattern in your mind.  Then take appropriate essences periodically for 3-5 days whenever you notice you are beginning to feel off balance.  If you continue to clear issues as soon as they arise before they become ingrained or habitual, your life will flow effortlessly and you will remain free to respond, rather than react.  How amazing is that!  


What can I expect to feel during a custom testing session in person?

Come with an open mind, as no two sessions are alike.  Your emotional and physical issues are unique to you, and no one else feels exactly as you do.  Be ready to shift and change.  Be ready to trust that everything that transpires during your session will be for your highest good.  After your session you can expect to feel 'lighter', more relaxed and calm, more optimistic.   Your face may look different, often younger, and your eyes more bright


How do I prepare for a custom testing session?

Determine what you want to accomplish, achieve, or change in your life.  On the day of your appointment, do not eat or consume coffee or alcohol for 2 hours prior to your session.  This allows your body and mind to focus entirely on receiving the frequencies without interference or impediment.   If you think you might become hungry, bring a bottle of water or granola bar or fruit to eat after your session   


How will I know the essences worked for me?

There are two types of people who choose flower essences.  Those who are not concerned with spirituality or self-transformation and simply want to remove obstacles or change behaviors.  And those who are sensitive and spiritual, more aware of their feelings, and pursue evolution in consciousness

No two people respond to frequencies exactly the same way.  However, the more spiritually aware you are, the more profound the shifts are likely to be for you.  Those who meditate or practice qi gong or yoga are likely to be aware of shifts that occur, as these disciplines promote introspection and mind/body awareness

Some people will not notice a major change, even though it is happening.  We ask you to keep in touch with us while taking the essences so we can assist you as you process your experiences and help to make the transformation easier 

Living flower essences won't turn you into something you are not, so do not expect to feel anything other than your authentic self--without impediments.  That means you--lighter, without baggage or emotional clutter

The real evidence is usually what happens in your OUTER life, since like attracts like.  Are people responding differently to you?  Are you responding to situations in a different way than before?  Are situations, entanglements and relationships inexpicably shifting or healing or falling away?  Are opportunities, serendipitous events or good things starting to happen?  For those who have felt 'stuck' or at a standstill, are you suddenly resuming your favorite activities or beginning to take action?  Do you have more clarity about your feelings?  Are you experiencing periods of happiness or contentment?  Has your perspective on the past begun to shift?  Are you finding you no longer feel anger or resentment?

To measure your progress, before you begin taking your essence remedy, we recommend scoring yourself on a scale of 1-10 in the following areas of your life....  Happiness ~ Self Esteem ~ Anger management ~ Forgiveness ~ Pleasure in life ~ Relationships ~ Intimacy ~ Family ~ Career ~ Financial security ~ Health.  Put your scores away while you take your essence remedy.  After 3 weeks, score yourself again in these areas without looking at your first scores.  Now compare the two sets of scores.  Is there a change?  Improvement?  Major shift?  Does the shift correspond to the remedy you were taking?

View testimonials


How often should I take flower essences?

Flower essences are not harmful or addictive.  So, you can take flower essences whenever you need them!  Use our flower essences whenever you feel you have habit patterns, negative beliefs, or emotional traumas that still need to be healed

As a rule, you take our flower essence fusions one at a time.  Complete the entire bottle before beginning another essence formula. There are some exceptions.  For instance, you can use our essence remedies or protection and clearing essences along with custom essence formulas or other essence fusions.  But, when possible, take your essences formulas at least 2 hours apart

Most flower essence fusions are prepared to be used for 21 or more days, unless otherwise prescribed by your health professional.  Botanical frequencies begin to work quickly, but, your body must stay exposed to the frequencies long enough to break old habit patterns permanently

If a second or third formula is required, begin as soon as you complete the first formula.  You need to complete the shift completely for permanent results 


How do I care for my essences?

These are not traditional flower essences, so please don't treat them the same way!  This is a highly specialized product that needs to be treated in a meaningful way.   To avoid contamination, do not touch the dropper to anything, including your mouth.  To maintain the quality and efficacy of your essences, do not place bottles beside cell phones, electronics, computers or microwaves.  Do not refrigerate or freeze your living essences or subject them to light or heat.  When travelling, do not place your essences in carry-on luggage to be X-rayed, or leave them in a car on a hot day


Why do animals respond so favorably to flower essences?

We know that animals don't understand placebos--something either works or it doesn't.  With our botanical frequencies, the vast majority of animals demonstrate a complete and permanent transformation of their behavioral issue in just 3-21 days.   A few severe cases have required a second custom formula.  Overall we are showing about a 99% success rate

Animals don't habitually control, judge or suppress their feelings, and they change habit patterns more readily than people.  So they happily release negative emotions, behaviors, and experiences when supported by flower frequencies.  View pet testimonials  


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