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Finding JOY

The greatest driving force in everyone's life is the desire to be happy.  But, how we seek happiness and the ways we express it or share it is highly individual.  Our possibilities are limitless

Joy is an emotion most people never experience.  It constantly eludes them.  In fact, 85% of people say they are unhappy.  That's because they believe joy is something they have to earn or achieve

But, joy is your natural state.  You are born happy.  You learn to be unhappy.  It is something you have been taught

Many people never really understand that happiness is something intangible that is born on the inside of us.  We have come to believe that we must search for happiness, or earn it, or buy it, achieve it, or suffer to attain it, as though it is a rare and elusive jewel

Do you spend your days working hard so you can buy the lifestyle and possessions you believe will make you happy?  Are you trying to become what others want and expect so you will feel loved and accepted?  Does your church tell you that you are a sinner and must suffer for it?  Do you see happiness as something outside of yourself, something you need to acquire?  You see, these are all false beliefs that you have been taught.  Take the HAPPINESS QUIZ to see how your life rates

If it doesn't bring you JOY why are you doing it?Ironically, happiness does not come from your outer circumstances.  Nor can it be purchased or owned.  It isn't found in any lifestyle, relationship, church, or possessions.  And yet we all stubbornly continue to search for happiness within these places

We come into this life as happy little souls, believing we are the centre of the universe.  But, by the age of 5 we have already decided what we must do to survive.  

From this decision, this 'belief' about how the world is, most of our fears, inhibitions and self-limitations grow.  As we grow up, we learn to feel unworthy, we are taught that life will not supply us with our needs unless we suffer or work hard and earn it, and we are taught to be unhappy

It took me quite a while to figure out that joy was my birthright, that I only had to choose joy in order to find it.  You see, most of us spend our lives making excuses for not having the things we want

Instead of saying "This is what I want so I must figure out how I can make it happen.", we say "I want this, BUT, I can't have it because...."  "I wanted to be an artist, BUT I have to earn a living." ... "I wanted a career, BUT, I had to look after my kids." ... "I wanted to travel, but my husband wouldn't let me."

IT'S ALL JUST YOUR POINT OF PERSPECTIVE  I once dated a cop who believed the world was filled with evil, that everyone has a dark side.  He said he knew it to be true because he saw so much of it every day 

I told him that those observations were only HIS reality.  I worked in a flower shop.  Every day, all I ever saw were people who cared about one another.  Whether it was for a birth, a death, or an anniversary, the people who came to me wanted to share their love and concern for someone else.  All I ever saw was the very best in people.  That was MY reality

Each one of us has evolved from a past filled with experiences and learning that has shaped our attitudes, beliefs, and molded us into who we are in this moment.  Your OUTER world is really just a reflection of your INNER world.  Your circumstances, your experiences, and your situations aren't the cause of your unhappiness or lack of satisfaction.  They are a symptom of what is going on in your emotional field

You've chosen your life circumstances and environment based on your subjective interpretation of life--what you feel somewhere deep inside about yourself and the world.  Your choices are made because of the judgments about life you have adopted as a result of your experiences and what others teach you.  So, if you really want to change the results, you have to change the CAUSE.  We can help!

Understand that happiness is a feeling you choose in every moment, regardless of your circumstances.  It is a perfect alignment between personal will and Divine Will.  It is more an awakening, a rememberance, or a surrender to your natural state, than it is a state you must strive to achieve.  Focusing on outer things may, in fact, complicate your life and keep you too busy and distracted to experience the simplicity of achieving happiness

If it doesn't bring you JOY why are you doing it?"

There is a true story about a blind elderly lady who was moving into a nursing home.  As the orderly wheeled her to her room, he tried to make the woman feel more comfortable by describing how her room looked.  "No need", she said. ' I know it is just beautiful!"  Then he tried to describe her meals and what daily life would be like at the nursing home.  The old lady enthusiastically said "I know it will be just wonderful!"  Used to hearing complaints and disappointment, the orderly asked "How can you already know that?"  She replied "I choose to see beauty.  I choose to be happy.  So, it can only be wonderful!"        

YOU AFFECT YOUR FUTURE  All creation begins with a thought.  Nothing can exist unless someone first imagines it and then moves to create it.  Think about the power in that!  The supreme power of an intangible substance called INTENT ...

HERE'S HOW THOUGHTS CREATE ...  Your brain is roughly divided into 3 hemispheres.  Your brain's left hemisphere or cortical brain governs logical, rational thought and controls the right side of your body.  It processes about 100 thoughts per second ...that's right!  PER SECOND 

Your brain's right hemisphere or limbic brain governs your emotions, memories and senses.  It is interactive with the world, taking in sensory impressions and then interpreting them subjectively.  Your right brain is 5-dimensional, allowing imagination, the ability to envision, the capacity to create.  The right brain controls the left side of your body as well as your memories and unconscious mind.  It processes about 1,200 thoughts per second, making your subjective mind and your unconscious memories much more powerful than your rational mind.  Are you left-handed?  You are right-brain dominant 

The human brain resonates at 12-14 htz during conscious rational thought.  But, during meditation, dreaming (REM sleep), day-dreaming, prayer and creative endeavours, your brain waves slow to 7.8-11 htz and your right brain takes over.  This is called an Alpha State.  This is the same wave-length at which the earth normally resonates

That means placing your brain waves in sync with the earth's vibration allows you to become one with the universal energies of creation.  The result is the ability to manifest what what you envision.  The earth responds to you as if you are the earth itself, in all its creative capacity to bring things into form and make life grow and expand.  Learn how to access Alpha State  


BUT, here's the secret ... The real energy behind your vision is how you FEEL about it. So, it's really your FEELINGS that drive creation

Doesn't it make sense that when you are happy, you attract more positive things into your life?  You make more positive and life-affirming choices

Think you can't change your circumstances?  Think you can't change your beliefs or behavior patterns?  Think you are too old to try?  That's part of your limiting belief system! 

"Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they're yours."  Richard Bach

You can start today .... When you heal your unconscious mind, you'll find your circumstances, your reality will change as well.  All things change when YOU change within.  Let us help you ...


Simple Ingredients for Creating Happiness ...

  • Decide you want to be happy
  • Feel you deserve it  (our amazing essence I Am Deserving can help erase low self-esteem and instill bold receptiveness)
  • Accept yourself completely.  You must accept both light and dark sides, flaws and qualities.  Your uniqueness and your idiocyncracies are really your best gift to this world  (our powerful transformational essence My Authentic Self will help you become your authentic self)
  • Decide what you need in order to feel nourished, complete and happy.  Most people aren't in touch with what they truly need.  They only know what they want or desire.  Search for this at the soul level.  What does your SOUL need to be happy?  Align to Your Destiny may help
  • Keep it simple.  Travel light.  Unload your emotional baggage!  You cannot change the past.  You cannot change anyone else.  The only thing you can change is how you feel about it.  When you change yourself, everything else will change  (we recommend Forgive My Past, Karma Clear, Forgiveness)
  • Share yourself.  Don't isolate yourself.  Reach out to others by placing your focus on how THEY feel, not on how YOU feel.  When you isolate yourself you separate from your own essence, as well.  Try Social Butterfly
  • Make a difference.  At the end of your life there are only 2 questions that will count ... Did you love well?  Did you make a difference?  Leave a footprint.  The world should be a better place because you walked in some small corner of it.  Wisteria, Nepeta or Align to Your Destiny may assist
  • Grow.  Every experience, each problem has gifts for you.  Recognize these gifts and you will see your experiences in a much different light.  Try Flow or  Clear & Protect
  • Play, laugh, and love ... without reserve.  Without excuses  We have many feel-good essences from which to choose
  • Create your own reality.  Your thoughts and beliefs are your view of the world.  They draw you to certain circumstances, to specific experiences, to particular people.  Choose your thoughts and beliefs carefully.  Choose Abundance, Open Door to Co-Creation, I Feel Blessed, or Love Magnet

Happiness is one of the easiest things in the world to experience.  Just let go of the concept that you have to earn or find it.  Embrace the truth that it is what you really are.  Happiness has been inside you all the time, just waiting for you to re-discover it

Let us help you erase the emotional habit patterns that are keeping you from re-discovering happiness.  Our unique testing protocol allows us to pinpoint exactly what you need.  Our amazing living flower essences will help shift you effortlessly into a state of beautiful grace, balance and freedom ... We can help you no matter where you live ...




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