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The evolution of flower essences!  We've found a safe, non-invasive natural way to 'wake up' your body's own regenerative capacity and help restore your body and mind to ideal function

Organic, vegan friendly, gentle & safe, fast & effective, no chemicals or pesticides, no side-effects, highest vibration, unscented, non-allergenic, made in Canada


Are our products flower essences?  No. Our living flower frequencies are nothing like traditional flower essences.  They are loosely based on the premise, and for lack of a distinct classification by FDA and Google, we sometimes call them live flower essences.  But, our products are actually live flower frequencies. The frequencies are gently captured from living flowers without killing or harming the plants in any way

We gently capture and enhance light photons (frequencies) from live flowers rather than extracting their constituents (chemical compounds).  Unlike flower essences, we do not pick or harm the flowers or plants in any way.  We leave them as we found them.  That makes our products 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly! 


Why is this method better?  Plant compounds and pharmaceuticals prompt chemical changes in your body that cause side effects. We chose to use your body's own internal language of frequencies to subtly communicate with your body and affect positive changes naturally, without side effects  

Living flower frequencies gently and safely address the psycho-physical energetic connection in both people and animals because they are bio-identical to our body's own frequencies. They work synergistically in your body to nullify and overwrite negative beliefs, karmic influences and weaknesses in your personality that cause you to feel less than your very best.  Our products to allow you to attune effortlessly and naturally back to your authentic self and help you live more in accordance with your soul's essence



"I am about 15 days into the formula that you gave me and overall I am enjoying a lighter, more carefree feeling and twice now I have felt a noticeable, albeit short, sense of relief as if there were nothing weighing on my shoulders and I could just….be.  This is something I haven’t really felt for a long time."  Jamie P  Eastpoint FL



Our flower frequencies help shake loose stagnant low internal vibrations, release damaging negative emotions that may precipitate health conditions, and help raise your internal vibration and consciousness to its optimal state.  Our essences won’t turn you into something you’re not.  They merely take out the debris and entanglement that prevent you from being who you really are at your core  

It's an accelerated, pleasant, effortless way to achieve perfect harmony between mind and body!  As you become rebalanced, your life begins to change in positive, constructive ways, with you empowered as the creator.  We like to think of our living flower frequencies as beautiful, harmonious 'liquid music' for your soul!


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Why our products are different from flower essences ...     

Traditional flower essences begin by picking flowers and leaves and then steeping them to create a cold-brew tea.  The tea is then mixed with a fermented acid (brandy, vinegar, or shiso) at a 1:1 ratio, and succussed to create a 'mother tincture'.  To create a stock essence for use at dosage strength it is then diluted again at a 1:1 ratio, and succussed.  So, the main ingredient of flower essences is actually alcohol.  And, since alcohol releases Dopamine in your brain, flower essences will make you feel better temporarily.  Since they are homeopathic, flower essences need to match the vibration of your feeling in order to neutralize it (Tesla's Law of Electricity)    


We do not harvest, kill or harm any plants or flowers in the making of our products.  Our living flower frequencies are entirely unique because they capture the light photons--the 'living soul’ or energetic frequencies of the flowers while they are alive and growing … not the chemical constituents.  We also incorporate additional precise frequencies into the products to enhance the flower frequencies and how we want your nervous system to respond 


See images/article of light photons emitted by flowers


As a rule, living flower essences are superior to traditional flower essences.  Since they are captured without killing or harming the flowers, live flower essences will exhibit greater coherence and stronger life force energy.  They are are energetically much more alive and powerful, without side-effects or health risks  


Overall, the best products will produce the best results.   Enlightened feelings essences are made from carefully cultivated living organic flowers and selected wildflowers.  They have been vibrationally attuned to emit the highest and purest frequencies possible.  Therefore, they are fast and direct in inducing psycho-neuro harmonization. There is simply nothing like them on the planet



"I am amazed at the interesting breakthroughs I have had since starting this.  Yesterday morning I was driving and I just felt such overwhelming happiness come out of nowhere that I started to cry. It was nice."  Casey M  Salem CN



Unlike flower essences, many people can feel the frequencies simply by holding a bottle lightly against the chest.  (Think of standing in front of a sound speaker.)  

Whether or not you feel the frequencies, they do communicate with your neural network, in much the same way that music moves you.  Therefore, they do not need to be ingested to create a mild effect.  They can also be held, placed on the skin, sprayed in the air, or added to bath water or a foot soak.  They can be added to other products, such as essential oils, face creams, epsom salt, or bubble bath.  They are also food grade and entirely safe to be ingested


Why our products are not compatible with homeopathy



Rather than alcohol, we use water as a carrier for the frequencies because water has a 'memory' and can be used to store information.  Water also comprises 70% of your body and is present in all your cells and body functions.  So, it is the ideal bio-compatible delivery agent for our frequencies  

We use premium triple-filtered grain alcohol only as a preservative/stabilizer.  It comprises only 5% of the entire bottle.  Gentle and safe, our living flower frequencies have no harmful side effects.  They are fragrance-free and non-allergenic for most everyone.  They are also organic and natural, with no chemicals or pesticides 



Unlike flower essences, our products must be significantly diluted before ingesting.  They are added to water using at least a 1/85 ratio: 30 drops in 4 oz or more of water.  Unlike flower essences, each adult dose of our flower frequencies contains only 1 drop of alcohol, which is then further diluted in 4 oz of water,  Unlike flower essences, our products have no discernible taste

Doses are not administered under the tongue, as with homeopathy or flower essences.  Instead, you drink a few drops in a glass of water.  And, unlike flower essences, our flower frequencies have varying instructions for use, depending on the individual formulas and their purpose

For those with religious beliefs or alcohol addictions, pregnancy, drug testing, or medical contra-indications, we recommend adding your dose to water and let it sit for 1/2 hour before drinking so that the alcohol will completely evaporate      




Aquillegia flowersMany factors affect the frequencies of the flowers used to capture flower essences  

Flowers lovingly tended in a garden develop a 'relationship' with their owner or caretaker.   These flowers tend to 'understand' humans better and offer their assistance more readily and willingly for use in essences.  Wild flowers often have a different 'consciousness' and less energetic interference than domestic flowers.  But, they are unaccustomed to human touch or interaction and are often 'shy' when intruded upon.  However, they have much more extensive survival skills, resilience, and life experience  


Location is also important.  Flowers that live in harsh or extreme environments develop unique adaptive qualities not found in other flowers.  So, the same flower found in different regions can vary in wisdom from location to location, depending on its growing conditions


Anemone flowersFlower essences captured from sacred sites, vortexes or 'power' sites will have unique frequencies.  Flowers connected to both air and soil, or air and water, such as orchids, bromeliads and water lilies, will often have a higher intelligence as they have evolved for unique growing conditions

The essence's maker will also affect its quality, as this person's energy, intent, and consciousness will become part of the essence.  How aware and knowledgeable about flowers and energy and all the other factors effecting preparation is this person?  How spiritually evolved?  


Meet our essence maker ...     



To achieve the best product possible, we pay attention to every facet of nature that can affect our flowers ... moon phases, tidal bores, negative ions from thunderstorms, soil nutrients, time of day, environmental factors, weather, light and shade, and other natural phenomena.  We study their effects on the flowers so we are able to maximize the effectiveness of our live flower essences for you


Lori studying wild Bouganvillia in Panama

We lovingly cultivate our own organic flowers at Enlightened Feelings, and also travel to unique wild sites throughout the world to locate healthy indigenous wildflowers for our essences.  That means our products contain no chemicals, pesticides or other harmful ingredients ... only the pure and natural 'soul' or consciousness of the healthiest flowers at their peak level


Then, we take one more step that no other living flower essence company does ... To further increase the potency and vibration of our Enlightened Feelings' floral frequencies, we use specially calibrated harmonic vibro-accoustic frequencies to harmonize, balance and optimize the flowers.  These frequencies are the natural frequencies that appear in all creation



We also energetically optimize the spring water we use as a carrier.  Then we add carefully selected frequencies to each essence to instil specific qualities and healing potential.  That's how we ensure that the essence of each beautiful flower offers you its highest potential.  No one else uses this unique and proprietary method of preparation!


Learn about the scientific evidence ...



You can actually FEEL the power and frequencies of our essences when you hold them against your body!  Like the sun radiates light and positive energy, our essences actually radiate their unique frequencies into your electromagnetic field as you hold them.  They gently and subtly shift you into an elevated state of being

In fact, our essence remedies are so very powerful, that we often place them on photos of people, pets, and those in spirit, to assist with gentle healing.  Many people tell us that they suddenly felt better immediately after we complete their photo test


thermographic image of our living flower frequencies

Look at the thermography photo to the left.  All the bottles are identical except for the contents.  They were kept in the same location and ambient temperature and not handled 

The bottle in the centre appears as blue.  It contains only water and alcohol and the space it occupies is clearly defined.  It is the same as the room's ambient temperature  

But, the energy from the two bottles of living essences placed on the left and right extends far past the bottles.  Each has its own unique energetic signature that registers as a different thermal colour

Colours are actually light waves (frequencies).  The bottle on the left radiates a yellow frequency, corresponding (as intended) to the frequency of the solar plexus chakra.  It contains a single essence  

The bottle on the right radiates green.  It has an especially large electromagnetic field extending from it.  That essence fusion is  AH (accelerated healing)--The flower frequencies have been augmented with the frequency of DNA repair--528 hertz--which is within the frequency of the colour GREEN (500-530 hz)!   



"The essences response was beyond belief.  I had not idea that I could feel such emotion from holding an object.  It was truly eye-opening to another dimension"It doesn't end there!  Our essence fusions synergistically blend individual essences together using 'energy-field formulations'.  (This is the quantum science created by Harmonic Innerprizes of measuring the interaction of the energy fields emitted by each essence to ensure the elements support and maximize one another's life-force potential.  Competing energy fields will diminish one another) 

We know that just because two essences seem similar or complimentary in purpose doesn't mean they like to be combined together any more than flowers do out in the wild.  Different plants grow better in harmony or symbiosis, while others are toxic or overpowering to each other.  Since we are capturng the 'intelligence' and DNA programming of the flowers we must respect this 


We then conduct extensive field trials on our essences, essence remedies, and essence fusions, to ensure they achieve maximum results for the broadest spectrum of people or pets.  Drop for drop our essences are 20X more potent and effective than Bach Flower Essences!  They carry greater life force and elicit faster and better results than other living flower essences.  And they integrate seamlessly with many other products and enhance their potential, too! 



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We know that animals don't understand placebos--with an animal, something either works or it doesn't.  With our botanical frequencies, the vast majority of animals demonstrate a complete and permanent transformation of their behavioral issue in just 3-21 days.  In some cases the transformation begins in minutes.  Overall we are showing about a 99% success rate 


Our exceptional living essences are a premium product designed for discerning people looking for evolution, transformation, and a truly meaningful experience.  We invite you to test our living essences against other flower essences.  We've conveniently placed our extensive collection into categories to help with your selection...



Try them for yourself and see what they can do for you!   




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We always do our best to ensure you get the right products for YOU.  That's our policy.  Once we review your order, we may offer recommendations or request a recent photo so we can test to see that you have ordered the right products for your needs.  There is no charge for this personal service when it is requested by us

If you are not sure you've chosen the right products, or don't feel comfortable ordering on-line, please call us!  We'd be happy to answer all your questions and offer recommendations.  We are here to help you!




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