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WomanWe offer gentle essence fusions to address the energetic imbalances that women uniquely encounter 

Energetic imbalances begin with emotional imbalances which can lead to physical symptoms.  Think of it as your body's way of alerting you rather loudly when you haven't been paying attention to your thoughts and feelings and have been neglecting your own emotional needs.  Learn more ...


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Unsure which essences are right for you?  We offer accurate mini testing by photo.  We'll pin-point the essence fusions that will be most helpful to you. We also offer custom testing by photo and custom essences for those whose needs are unique or more complex



Self Acceptance



"Self Acceptance"

A helpful essence fusion for women with body-image issues.  This lovely gentle essence can help you love and accept yourself and your body just as you are.  SELF ACCEPTANCE helps you to feel entirely comfortable in 'your own skin'.  Ends being self-critical or overly sensitive to what others think about you


21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

(21 days)  30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml $50  


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Be Kind To Yourself

"Be Kind To Yourself" 

Have you been neglecting yourself?  Self-nurturing is important at any age!  BE KIND TO YOURSELF prompts self-kindness and self-nurturing when you are too busy looking after others.  It encourages you to pay attention to your own needs, to take time for yourself and set some boundaries  

This essence fusion is also very nurturing and supportive when you are choosing to heal your past with any of our heart healing essence fusions.  It provides an uplifting feeling of comfort and nurturing that is so vitally important 


Use for 3-5 days whenever needed   

30 ml @ $30


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Are you a full-time caregiver for others who works tirelessly without thanks or recognition?  Whether you are caring for a beloved spouse or other family member, or your career is in caregiving, this supportive essence relieves the heavy burden and overwhelm you feel at times. It replenishes energy levels, instills resilience and resolve, and provides comforting support while restoring inner balance


Use for 3-5 days as needed  

15 ml @ $15  ~  30ml @ $30  ~  60 ml $50


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Nurturer in Balance"Nurturer in Balance"
This essence fusion is so very helpful for loving nurturers and caregivers who are always busy looking after everyone else's needs except their own!  It keeps you from being overly nurturing in an unhealthy way, such as taking your work home with you mentally and energetically, helping others to the point of depletion or exhaustion, or always trying to rescue others  
NURTURER IN BALANCE instills the inner balance needed to stop you from being a self-sacrificing martyr and prompts you to create more balance in your life by look after your own needs while you help others.  It is ideal for women who are self-sacrificing, especially for their family, as well as those whose careers are in nurturing professions, such as nurses, alternative healers and empaths, and for those who tend to be 'rescuers' and want to 'fix' or help everyone  
NURTURER IN BALANCE often helps with weight issues that result from constantly absorbing the energies of others
30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50
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"I found the Nurturer in Balance helped me tackle “stuff” around the house without getting negative, resentful, and annoyed at everyone and not getting overwhelmed"  Carrie P  Welland ON



Self-Care PackSelf-Care Pack  

Use whenever needed for self-nurturing, replenishment and support!    

    .Nurturer in Balance  to help you nurture and care for yourself as much as others   30 ml
    .Be Kind to Yourself  to promote self-nurturing and self-care   30 ml
    .Support  replenishment, strength, and support for caregivers   30 ml


$90 value  $80  (Save $10) 




*Individual bottles of your favorite remedies may be re-ordered in any size




Self-Love Pack


Self-Love Trio 

An effortless way to restore balance in your life by promoting self-nurturing, self-love, inner balance, and emotional replenishment!   

     .I Am Deserving  to help you feel worthy of having more  30 ml
     .Be Kind to Yourself   Instills feelings of self-nurturing and self-care   30 ml
     .Self Acceptance  Feel comfortable in your own body and with who you are   30 ml

Learn more about these nurturing essences


$90 value  $80  (Save $10)  

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*Individual bottles of your favorite remedies may be re-ordered in any size





A yin essence fusion to support and strengthen your feminine energies and qualities.  A blend of the frequencies of fragrant, highly feminine flowers  

Become the essence of Venus, Aphrodite, Gaia, Goddess and Mother Earth combined.   Deeply grounding and receptive, an opening of subtle enticing sensual femininity that others can sense and feel within you.  Feels like Gaia with undertones of sensual 'femme fatale' ...seductiveness but with resilient strength

Use for 21 days.  Repeat when desired for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50


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"I love how it makes me feel. Very seductive and free and adventurous"  Denise A  Catawba NC 


"I am truly enjoying Goddess Essence. In my case, I would not describe the feeling as flirty, I feel more the Femme Fatale or quietly seductive. And although I look exactly the same as I did last month, men are staring at me! Now I can't wait to try Love Magnet."  Mychelle W  San Diego CA

"The last time you sent me Goddess Essence I knew I was on to something. This is my second batch and it seems to be having an even stronger effect … I feel attractive and intriguing!!  But I’m not trying to feel this way, it’s coming from inside of me"  Mychelle W  San Diego CA



Father Issues"Father Issues"

'Daddy issues' can negatively impact the lives of women in particular, because a father is a girl's first experience with male love.  So, when you experience abandonment, feel unloved, rejected, or ignored by your dad, or witness how your mom is treated by your dad, or if you have conflicts with your father, it can impact the way you view relationships and men 

Your childhood experiences can teach you to accept abuse, feel unlovable, become a victim. or have challenges with male authority figures such as your boss.  Unresolved father issues can also cause you to unconsciously transfer your daddy issues to all the men in your life.  So, you'll keep choosing unsuitable or 'unavailable partners' such as married men, 'troubled' men, or older men

This profound essence fusion can be life-altering as it helps you process and understand your relationship with your father and the men in your life  It prompts the release and healing of all types of pain surrounding your father (including abuse, abandonment, and rejection)

Try a lovely self-love essence to follow this essence fusion


Use for 21-42 days.  Repeat if needed  

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50

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Mother Healing"Mother Healing"

Heals all mother issues as well as all the unhealthy female relationships in your life.  Also eases your own struggles and insecurities as a mother and nurturer  

Releases, heals, and overwrites long-held emotional pain, anger, resentment, unwillingness to forgive, unrequited love, rejection, abandonment, lack of nurturing, and other negative feelings associated with unhealed mother or mothering issues, or other important female relationships in your life such as sisters or lesbian relationships  

When you are unhealed with respect to your mother, you will feel unlovable and unable to accept or receive nurturing and love from others.  You may not know how to nurture yourself or others in healthy emotionally fulfilling ways  

Breast cancer and miscarriage commonly manifest from unhealed mother issues.  Mother Healing allows you to transcend your past and see your challenging feminine relationships from a higher perspective


30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50   


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"With this essence I do not get burdened with thoughts and anxieties with all the balancing I am doing.  I am able to face it all calmly and with an intuitive know how.  As this remedy has made such a huge impact in my life, I am confident that others will have miraculous results, as well "  Laura A  Toronto ON


I began taking the remedy with the idea that despite working on my relationship with my mother, who was abusive in my childhood, that I still had old feelings and responses to her to clear.  Soon after taking the remedy I noticed that she was being a lot softer with me and I felt really happy rather than nervous or anxious talking with her. When I finished the remedy it was almost as if a magic spell had been cast on both of us as there was no longer any animosity or tension in our communication and relationship. The changes here are dramatic and striking. Most importantly, what seemed impossible before in our relationship had now become possible! Thank you for making this incredible shift in my life take place"  Kristina P  Bellingham WA



Women's Vitality

"Women's Vitality"

Designed for women whose emotional issues, intense sense of family responsibility, and over-nurturing of others have manifested into the physical as thyroid issues, weight gain, low energy, edema, hormonal issues or menopause.  WOMEN'S VITALITY helps to restore energy and vitality and promotes self-care

Use for 21 days.  repeat if needed

30 ml  $30  


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"I know it's thyroid as we have discussed, but the difference between the essence and no essence is profound. Prior to taking the essence I could not, ever put myself first under any circumstances, now I am doing so without guilt. "  Mychelle W  California





Sexual Abuse Release

"Sexual Abuse Release"

Promotes gentle psychological healing after traumatic physical and emotional violation such as rape, incest, assault or abuse of authority.  Suitable for any kind of physical trauma to the body (including traumatic accidents), where emotional trauma becomes energetically 'stuck' 

Effectively releases trauma 'memory' from tissue in the body where it is being stored.  Overwrites the emotional trauma to gradually restore wholeness and well-being

Long-held or childhood physical trauma requires at least 42 days to dissolve completely.  Because of the intensely physical experience of the emotional trauma, we want you to know that you may  actually feel where in your body you have stored your trauma as it releases

Recommended to use contraceptives following this essence.  Has demonstrated to help energetically to increase possibility of pregnancy by releasing mental and emotional blockages that prevent conception

We recommend taking Sweet Innocence or Be Kind to Yourself after completing this remedy

60 ml  $50

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"On the very first night I felt other energies leaving me (felt like they had been feeding off and taking my energy).  On the 6th day my body started to ache and would return over and over. Took a while for this to leave.  Boundary issues kept visiting me again and again giving me adequate practice!"  Meghan D  SC
"I have just finished the Sexual Abuse Release and over the 7 weeks have experienced a significant and what feels like miraculous reduction in the bladder pain, soreness, burning, frequency, cramps and urgency. I would say it's about 90% better now. I still have to keep acidic drinks to a minimum, but can go about my life much more normally and sleep. Bless you for the work you do."  NL UK




Womb Heal

"Womb Heal"

Promotes gentle psychological healing after miscarriage, hysterectomy, or abortion.  May promote menses.  Do not use if pregnant or nursing


"I feel a lot lighter than I did at the start and a lot more comfortable in my own skin.  I let go of a lot of guilt, pain, resentment, self-loathing and fear during the process...I'm so glad I did it."  Carla W  UK


Try Sweet Innocence after completing this essence.  It will leave you feeling as fresh and happy as when you were an innocent child


Use for 21 days.  Do not repeat

  30 ml  $30

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 "Today was the first day after using Womb Heal (yesterday morning and this morning) and Forgiveness (last night and about to use again tonight before going to bed)...I have to say that even though today is the first day of my monthly cycle, I feel a deep sense of relaxation and a certain kind of "well being" that I can not explain both in my core and in my abdomen  Anna C  White Plains NY




Deep Wounds of Childhood"Deep Wounds of Childhood"

Are you afraid of becoming a mom?  Or are you afraid of becoming just like your mother?  Did you feel you didn't receive nurturing or love you really needed from your mother?  Are you unable to have children?

This essence addresses all the issues surrounding motherhood and maternal nurturing

If you also experienced constant insecurity and fear or a critical, perfectionist parent during your childhood, we recommend Control Release prior to beginning this essence 

Try 'Be Kind to Yourself'  or Sweet Innocence after this essence


Use for 21-66 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml @ $50   

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"I took the drops in the morning as directed.  The next morning I woke up with a dream still in my mind, where I was standing in a long hall, my goal was at the other end of the hall, and there was a mountain of junk between me and my goal.  The next minute the mountain of junk had been parted like the Red Sea, junk on either side, some of it gone, but a clear path from where I was standing to my goal, and the understanding that I could just walk the path to my goal, or I could let the junk distract me, I could let the junk pull my focus back to it, and not be focused on the goal, free will, my choice.
Every morning that week I woke up with dreams that were stuff to be cleared, which I sent into the Sacred Fire, and the next week the dreams were no longer clear in my mind, like they were just being cleared themselves, as I had built up some momentum.  Happier now than 2 weeks ago for sure ..."  
Heather H  Allan Sask




Sweet Innocence



"Sweet Innocence"

A gentle restoring of your original childlike purity and innocence.  Supports your inner child  

This essence is especially helpful as a positive final step in restoring your original self after completing a trauma-release essence fusion such as Sexual Abuse HealDeep Wounds of Childhood, or Womb Heal 


Use for 21 days

30 ml  $30 


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A general fortifier and womb heal that energetically opens up the pelvic region and releases congested 'cellular memory' that may be preventing you from becoming pregnant or carrying a baby full term  

This essence fusion may energetically help to reset endocrine balance and promote menses.  But, it will not reverse the effects of age or injury, or restore fertility if you are close to menopause.  Do not use if pregnant or nursing


Use for 21 days.  Do not repeat  

30 ml  $30

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Mother & Child Bond

"Mother & Child Bond"

The gentle frequencies of this essence can help new mothers, babies, children and orphaned pets to feel loved, wanted, cherished, and secure

Instills a loving, protective urge and promotes healthy emotional bonding between mother and child.  Ideal for adoptions.  Also helps with post partum, or when mother and infant have been separated, such as hospitalization, parental visitation order, or foster care

This gentle essence fusion also helps counteract postpartum emotions, or rejection of a child.  Assists with forming new emotional bonds such as with adoption  

For babies and small children, simply add a few drops to bathwater


Use for 21 days  

30 ml  $30

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