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How do Flower Essences and Botanical Frequencies Help?


For thousands of years plants, roots and flowers have been the source of our planet's most powerful medicines and healing remedies.  Both animals and humans routinely use plants to heal their bodies

We know that constituents within botanicals can affect physical cures.  But, plants also possess energetic frequencies--their own 'life force' and genetic intelligence

Where the constituents within plants can affect your PHYSICAL body, a plant's higher frequencies can benefit your ENERGETIC body -- your soul and emotions.  These delicate frequencies are well suited to raising the vibration of your etheric body

Have you ever walked through a garden?  It feels wonderful, doesn't it?  The scents, colours, textures....the feeling of peace and serenity....the whispering hint of the divine.  Your state of rapture in a garden occurs because plants emit color and light frequencies that influence you on a subtle level.  They also inherently possess a unique intelligence and connection to the divine that you can sense and feel

Each form of life is a different facet of the jewel of creation, gifted with unique perceptions, powers, and relationships to the rest of existenceBeyond colours, textures, and scents, scientists now know that plants are alive with sentience, communication and ancient wisdom.  They speak their own language to communicate with one another and with us.  They forage, eat, and excrete waste.  They recognize their own family, and protect one another.  They respond to music, and feel love.  They pass down their learning and wisdom from generation to generation.   Rooted in a community filled with mystical creatures, plants have so much more to share with us than providing sustenance for our bodies and beauty for our eyes.  Plants can also nourish our souls

Each species of flowering plant has developed unique characteristics to enhance its ability to survive and thrive. The inner wisdom or blueprint for the forming of these characteristics is found in the flower, which is the 'womb' or reproductive organ of the plant.  This allows the plant to pass on its intelligence or information to future generations through its seeds. These messages have been found to be as beneficial to humans and animals as they are to the parent plant.  See the scientific evidence ...

Learn how you can balance your animals and raise their consciousness, too 


WHERE IT BEGAN  The concept of capturing the 'essence' of botanicals and gems has been around for thousands of years.  Shamans routinely placed gems and botanicals in water and set them in sunlight to capture their minerals, nutrients and energetic properties.  The sun's UV rays act as a catalyst to release the minerals, constituents and energetic properties of the stone or flower into the water.  Since water is a powerful solvent, it absorbs the elementsThese ancient infusions were actually our first nutritional supplements!   

Miracles are not contrary to nature, only contrary to what we know of 'nature'Australian aborigines, renowned for their uncanny atunement to their environment, were the first to show us how to use flower essences.  Hundreds of years ago, they recognized that to be able to thrive in harsh climates and adverse conditions, plants must possess amazing intelligence and adaptability.  They captured the dew on living flowers to tap into this wisdom.  Australian Bushmen's flower essences are now routinely used in hospitals, clinics and animal rescue shelters throughout Australia

And, of course Bach flowers, which originated in England, have been used throughout the world for more than seven decades.  They were the first mainstream flower essences available in North America and are best known

THE EVOLUTION OF FLOWER ESSENCES  There are more than 250 recognized flower essence producers worldwide.  The vast majority are traditional Bach-style essences.  These essences are captured by picking flowers, twigs and leaves and 'steeping' them in water to capture their 'essence', just as the ancient shamans did.  But that means the flowers are in shock, and have begun dying.  Learn how traditional flower essences work 

Then, a few special people discovered it is much more effective to capture the delicate life essence and energetic properties of beautiful living flowers without killing them or harming them in any way!  This compassionate gentle process maintains the intact, unharmed life energy of the plant and captures the full power of its essence by preserving its bio-resonance, maintaining its coherence, and maximizing its biophoton emissions

"Miracles are not contrary to nature, only contrary to what we know of nature"  St Augustine

More coherent than flower essences made using traditional methods, these highly sensitive frequencies are exceptionally well suited to balancing the souls and emotional bodies of both people and animals.  We are the only Canadian flower essence producer to use this living uncut method. 

Learn how we create our exceptional botanical frequencies.  Only 3 other companies in the world use this advanced method!  Learn what makes our esences so powerful and different ...  


How do traditional flower essences change your emotional state?  Traditionally-prepared essences such as Bach flowers harmonize discordant emotional energies within your body by introducing opposite (complementary) sine waves to cancel out the discordant frequencies and restore balance.  This is the homeopathic principle of healing

 sine waveharmonized sine wave 

The diagram on the left side above is a sine wave of an emotion.  The figure to the right shows an opposite or complementary sine wave overlying it.  The result is harmonization or balance.  (aka Tesla's Rule of Thumb)   

There are some limitations to simply neutralizing unwanted feelings.  It isn't going to change your physiology or health.  It isn't going to create feelings of joy, gratitude and happiness, unless you already feel these feelings regularly as your normal state.  It isn't going to elevate your vibration.  Nor is it going to change or elevate your consiousness


Our vibrationally enhanced living essences work in a different way ...  To understand how the energy frequencies of living essences can overwrite your negative emotions AND raise your vibration to a state of positive, empowered being, you first need to understand a bit about your feelings and how they affect you ....  

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