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"I feel incredible on the emotional level. Life happens with more ease and I really am able to enjoy each day"  Dara W

Are you ready for a 'life makeover'?  For most people, how you WANT your life to be, and how it IS may be far apart.  Everyone has things they's like to change about their life or self.  But, if you don't know how or don't have the right tools, you'll feel stuck and unable to change. 

Longing and wishing for something better achieves nothing.  You need to take ACTION ... and this is your first step ....


"One step in the right direction is worth 100 years of thinking about it"  T Harv Ecker


No matter where you live in North America, our unique services are designed to help you discover your own valuable insights, to open a door that allows you to choose daily living that is for your highest good, to support and empower you, and to open your heart and mind to a positive future and unlimited possibilities 


Our Services:   Custom Testing in person   ~   Custom Testing by photo (ideal when you live at a distance and can't come to our office)  


"I have tried many things.  But to be honest your essences have helped me the most.  They have changed my life"  Elizabeth H

"I believe the 3 most important words anyone can say are not 'I love you", but "I hear you."  Oprah Winfrey


For many people our personal one-on-one custom sessions are life-altering, profoundly nurturing, Divinely loving, and deeply memorable.  For possibly the first time in your life you will feel heard and completely and unconditionally understood at both your personality and soul level--the 'you' that you have been afraid to let anyone else see 

Our custom potentized living flower essences are helpful for depression, anxiety, anger, stress, trauma or abuse, negative attitudes, unhealthy attachments, relationship breakups, loneliness, financial limitations, career confusion, life's mission, or just feeling 'stuck', stalled, or unable to move forward in life

We have captured more than 100 different live flower frequencies to ensure we accurately pinpoint the exact source of your issues and infuse just the right frequencies you need to restore balance and inner harmony


"Since taking the essence and the shift in energies I have noticed that I no longer spend time thinking and worrying about the past relationship. (Yeah!) This new peace about that part of my history feels wonderful."  Nadine W  Toronto ON
We are able to by-pass your intellectual defence system by letting your body tell us what is really going on in your mind.  Your unconscious feelings control 97% of your actions, motivations and desires.  So, deciding which frequencies you need is not a mental process.  To get the right answers you've got to let your body do the talking.  We use Kinesiology to accurately test for exactly what you need to achieve balance 
We also offer testing for emotional issues in animals.  Quite often your pet will mirror your own emotional issues.  Or, your pet may have experienced a trauma or unhappy situation.  Just like us animals can lose their emotional balance or get stuck and unable to work through their feelings.  Learn more about animal feelings
"I would highly recommend this type of treatment for your pets if they are having any type of problem. Lori and Pam are fantastic at being able to help in the healing and adjusting your pet's life."  Charlotte W  Welland , ON


Custom Testing  ~  Custom Testing When You Live at a Distance  ~  Follow-up Sessions


Custom Testing Sessions 

Kinesiology testing for your ideal living flower essence fusion


We offer a uniquely uplifting 1.5-2.5 hr private session that is designed to easily uncover your elusive core emotional triggers. Our custom living flower essences can effortlessly dissolve the invisible blocks that are challenging you so you can experience life in a fresh new way.  Our private personal sessions allow you to effortlessly shift into a sustained state of balance and joy.  You'll feel deeply relaxed, vividly enlightened, and emotionally uplifted!  It's not necessary to remember, re-live, or talk about your past or how you got to where you are now.  You just have to be willing and ready to release it and let it go

Personal Custom Testing sessions are available in beautiful Long Point Beach Ontario Canada.  Please email our office or call 519.586.2983 for an in-house appointment  

Too far to travel? ....


Custom Testing is available no matter where you live in continental North America! 


People have traveled from all over the world for our private testing services.  But, we know there is added cost and scheduling issues when you have to travel to our office.  Or you may live far away and can't take time to see us in person.  Our accurate Photo Testing is a great option!  Learn more about custom testing when you live at a distance

  *Photo testing will be available outside of North America when our international training program commences


"I have noticed a difference with the flower remedies.  I feel more clear and calm in the mind"  Stacy POur protocols have been developed through a 2-decade process of extensive case studies and scientific research to create maximum benefit.  It is unlike anything you've ever experienced 

No two sessions or personal experiences are alike.  For some people, the shift is rapid and quite profound.  For others it seems subtle or on-going.  Nevertheless, your world will begin to open and shift in unexpected ways, within weeks, sometimes within days.  Negative habit patterns you have formed over the years will begin to drop away effortlessly.  The effects are generally permanent.  Learn more about emotional re-balancing with living botanical frequencies


“I’ve noticed very significant changes in my resiliency.  It’s quite profound how much more calmly I’ve been able to respond to things that would normally throw me way off base emotionally. I also feel I’ve been much more compassionate towards myself - MUCH MORE!!  Instead of beating myself up, I’m having more realizations and insights. WOW. Much love and appreciation!! ” Alexandra G  California USA


I am amazed at how great I feel"  Monique B

see more testimonials ...


Some people are more resistant to opening up and releasing, or personal issues may be complex or deeply rooted.  So, you may require a subsequent follow-up session. Learn more


Book your custom testing session:  Private Custom Testing sessions are available in Long Point Beach Ontario Canada.  Please contact our office or call 519-586-2983 for an appointment

If you live beyond Norfolk County ON request a remote testing .... 


2 hr private testing session  $185  

Over 2 hrs :  add $35 per 1/2 hour or part thereof

30-60 ml custom botanical essence formula  $60-$90


Budget restraints?  Photo Testing will save you time and money



Follow-up sessions 

Sometimes you require a second or third session after taking your initial formula.  This happens when issues are multi-faceted and complex, or stubborn control issues surface, or when deeply rooted trauma or childhood issues create fear and resistance to the initial process of releasing.  In this case you will need 1 or 2 subsequent sessions.  These mini sessions take 20-45 minutes.  The cost includes your custom frequency formula

Re-testing  $45  plus custom formula


"You were right, this second batch feels a lot less emotional, though I did have two emotional breakthrough days where it was as though insight poured right through me.  It was a feeling of release.  I feel eager every morning and for instance, this past week was the busiest I have been in months and I wasn't frazzled at all!  Fear has seemingly evaporated.  In the past few days especially I feel like blinders have been removed and I am realizing that I don't have to wait to act in terms of some creative projects I have been meaning to tackle."  Casey M  Salem CT USA


"Thank you SO much for spending the time with me today! I really value your wisdom, knowledge and genuine concern for my health and wellbeing! ... You truly are a Guru and a Goddess! lol"  Diana I  Oakville ON


Applied Kinesiology is a simple hands-on screening that ascertains changes and responses in your body's electro-magnetic field by testing muscle strength.  Similar to a lie-detector test and some types of allergy tests, it monitors galvanic skin response.   The object of Applied Kinesiology is to discover which frequencies enhance and strengthen your body, and which frequencies weaken it.  Using this principle is is easy to ascertain when something is good for you (strengthens your body/field) or is not beneficial for you (weakens your body/field).  This allows us to step away intellectually and let your own 'body' tell you what is best for it



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