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Each of our products comes in bottle sizes that provide the right number of drops you need to complete your personal shift 

For example:  A 30 ml bottle of living flower essence fusion provides 21 daily doses to help dissolve long-held emotional habit patterns and instill new, more positive behavior responses.  Emotional issues or unconscious behaviors that are newly formed often shift in just 1-5 days, so they may come in 15 ml size and larger.  Some essences, such as protection fusions, can be used as needed.  Some deeply-ingrained issues, such as grief or control issues, may take up to 66 days to dissolve 


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Provides an energetic shield to protect you from the negativity of others.  VERY helpful for empaths and those who are sensitive.  A must in the workplace and when visiting family!  Provides energetic protection during divorce or in unsafe situations.  Use daily as needed.  Available in 2 sizes

From $30.00

Shield for Children

Energetic protection for children who are very sensitive and easily affected by those in their environment.  Instills greater confidence and ability to set boundaries.  Helpful for children who are subjected to divorce or conflict within the home.  Not to be used by children under 8yrs.  Available in 2 sizes

From $30.00

Social Ease

Promotes greater personal ease and comfort in social situations.  Ideal for those who feel shy, awkward, or introverted.  Suitable for age 14 yrs and up.  Use for 3-5 days as needed

From $15.00

Social Empowerment


Helps to instil confidence and extroversion for those who are shy or feel awkward.  Neutralizes the emotional and psychological impact of social rejection, bullying, feeling misunderstood or feeling like an outcast.  Fosters self-acceptance, and self-appreciation, and helps you be more outgoing.  Use for 21 days and repeat for 3-5 days every 4-8 weeks 

Suitable for both adults and children.  Specify if ordering for children, as dosage will differ

From $15.00

Soul Retrieval

Reclaims fragmented or disowned aspects of self and helps you find joy in your own inner child. Helpful for those who have suffered an emotional trauma that caused an internal disconnect.  Also helpful for those who reject or disown their own 'shadow self' or negative attributes 


Spiritual Power

Places you in your own spiritual power.  Instills a clear understanding and acceptance of your own higher purpose with a realization of your value to others and a drive to fulfill your destiny  

From $15.00

Strength & Resolve

Creates an 'I can do this" determination, inner strength and resolve for helping to overcome inertia, break old habits or clear clutter.  Also helpful when you just don't have the strength or will to leave that unsatisfying job or bad relationship  

A good companion for 'Breaking Bad Habits' and 'Beat the Cravings'.  Available in 2 sizes

From $30.00

Stress Buster!

Provides rapid natural relief from the physical and mental effects of stress  

Use topically on neck and shoulders to relax tension.  Spray in mouth to relieve mental effects of stress.  Will not affect alertness  

Use at bedtime to help you relax and fall asleep more readily.  Stray on tight back muscles or cramping leg muscles to relax and ease muscles within 1-2 minutes.  Available in 2 sizes of atomizer.  Keep one bottle in your purse and one on your nightstand!

From $30.00

Stress Relief Pack

4 powerful botanical frequency remedies to energetically address the causes of stress and sleeplessness.  These formulas help you navigate daily life by providing stress relief and helping to instil inner calm and mental balance.  Save more than $20! 

30 ml Stress Buster ~ 15 ml Rescue & Revive ~ 15 ml Restful ~ 30 ml Shield

Orig.: $90.00
Sale: $69.98


Helps you feel more capable, confident and motivated.  Helps to release self-sabotage and open you to success

From $30.00


The remedy for caregivers!  Provides much-needed support when you are feeling burdened by responsibilities, overworked, taken for granted, and under-appreciated.  Helpful for those who are care-takers for ailing family members.  Supports those who work unrecognized behind the scenes, and those with a heavy workload or responsibilities.  Also supports those who want to stage a come-back.  Helpful for relief of lower back pain caused by not feeling supported  

From $15.00

Sweet Innocence

A gentle restoring of your natural child-like purity and innocence  

This essence is especially helpful after taking Sexual Abuse Release, Karma Clear, Restore, Deep Wounds of Childhood, or Womb Heal to help reclaim the natural innocence you felt as a child


Uplifting Confidence

Instills feelings of self-worth and quiet self-assurance.  Ideal for increased confidence at work and in social situations

Specify if ordering for children, as dosage will differ

From $30.00

What Really REALLY Bugs Me...sometimes

An ideal companion for any of our children's essences!  

Children's personal creative journal that sets your child on a remarkable path of letting go of the upsets and frustrations of life in a healthy, harmless, fun way through an interactive Art from the Heart Adventure

Fun and easy to do, requires no art skill, and best of all, the drawings your child makes can be very insightful for you as a parent.  Each book comes with suggestions for implementing this book into your child’s life, plus a 3-week program to help children and/or parents develop this positive habit as part of their daily routine


Worry FREE

Quells worry and anxiety.  Allows you to stay in the moment and stop fretting.  Helps you feel divinely protected and in the now.  Available in 2 sizes   

From $30.00

Womb Heal

Energetically restores both body and mind following an emotional trauma such as miscarriage or abortion.  Has demonstrated to help energetically to increase possibility of pregnancy by releasing mental and emotional blockages that prevent conception


Women's Vitality

Designed for women whose emotional issues, intense sense of family obligation and responsibility, and over-nurturing of others have manifested into the physical as thyroid issues, weight gain, low energy, edema, hormonal issues or menopause.  WOMEN'S VITALITY helps to restore energy and vitality and promotes self-care.  Available in 2 sizes

From $30.00

Young At Heart

Instills a youthful lighthearted playful feeling

From $15.00



Our children's version of 'Stress Buster'!  Zen instills calming relaxation.  May be especially useful at bedtime for fussy children who don't want to go to bed!

Zen is also helpful for adults seeking a deep zen-like peace and inner serenity.  Available in 2 sizes.  Use as needed.  Specify if ordering for a child, as directions and dosage will be different

From $15.00

Essence Remedies Testing Set

Set contains 75 different living essence remedies in 65 mm vials in a convenient table-top display.  Use to test which essence remedies are needed.  Then simply order your chosen essence fusions     


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