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Are you looking for a safe, effective catalyst for positive change for your clients?  These premium quality single living flower frequency essences can be used individually or combined together to create your own custom formulas.  Our living flower frequencies are wonderful tools for promoting clarity, transformation, equilibrium, transcendence, healing, integration, and unification

Enlightened Feelings living essences cannot be defined by a brief description.  Their complex nature must be explored and experienced directly

Our single living flower frequencies can be used individually, or up to 8 individual essences may be combined to create a custom formula.  Each single living flower essence captures the light photon frequencies from one live species of flower to target a specific emotional issue   

Each 30 ml bottle of essence provides 20 daily doses to permanently overwrite long-held habit patterns and instil new, more positive behaviour responses.  New issues and behaviours can often be shifted in just 3-5 days


Custom mix our practitioner-grade living essences as often as you need them!  2-6 essences can be combined together.  Experiment and sample essences individually, or custom create your own remedies according to your clients' individual needs.   Instructions included

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Save 20-60% with our do-it-yourself essence sets for professionals!  Our convenient essence sets allow you to experiment, sample one by one, and custom-mix remedies according to your clients' individual needs.  Create your own custom formulas as often as you need them!  Gain the power to help yourself or your clients to effortlessly create life shifts and achieve lasting happiness and freedom 

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Single Essences--Pansy-->Pulmonaria

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"Cirisium"   The shielding essence of secure inner protection for ultra-sensitive people

Provides an inner shield for those who are gullible, overly compassionate, empathetic, or sensitive.  Helps you be more discerning about who to trust.  Frees you from defensive habit patterns that contribute to weight problems and eating disorders  30 ml 



"Clematis"  The frequency of manifesting inspiration in practical ways

Creative empowerment through instilling exhilaration for potential with creative pragmatism and perseverance.   Helps you manifest inspiration in practical ways.  Allows for choice and possibility.  Helps you to keep your eyes on your own goals and stay disciplined and present on personal goals rather than on global drama.  Prompt you to try something new to solve old problems

This essence is helpful for creative people, and those who are ungrounded, scattered or unfocused  30 ml   



"Comfrey"  The comforting frequency of emotional detoxification

Sweeps away damage to your auric field and cells caused by electro-magnetic fields (EMF’s) or other people's negative energies.  Encircles, clears, balances & energizes your auric field.  Helps you let go of things you are holding onto, especially toxic anger  

Can also be used as spray for space clearing or aura cleansing



Cranberry Peony

"Cranberry Peony"  The frequency for aura balance

Smooths out emotional static and de-fragments the body’s electric system.  De-stresses and  releases worries.  Highly complementary to other essences  30 ml  


Creeping Jenny

"Creeping Jenny"  The frequency of opening and receiving

Addresses issues of lack and delay.  Clears blockagess from the auric field of anything that prevents receiving or blessings.  Opens you to receiving of money, love, compliments, luck, blessings, and benefits of all kinds.  Enables you to have more on all levels  30 ml 



"Dandelion"  The strengthening frequency of support

This humble little flower knows what it feels like to be overlooked and unappreciated!  It provides resilient strength and support when you feel unappreciated, undervalued, need to face issues or face the facts, need support or nourishment, or when you feel depleted from maintaining a supportive role to others (such as caregivers).  Allows you to be cheery, resilient, humble, and persevering when others take you for granted.  Assists with lower back pain.  Also helpful for those who want to stage a come-back  30 ml


Day Lily

"Day Lily"  The frequency of gentle support through transitions and endings

Grounds you in your body to assist with facing endings loss, transition or death of all kinds.  Helps you to move on, appreciate the value of living in each moment, and not get stuck mourning your loss or what you no longer have  30 ml



"Dianthus"  Frequency of freedom from judgment and perfectionism

Releases judgment and perfectionism.  Allows acceptance and helps you be OK with things as they are.  Good for those who are too serious or who focus on the negative, and for those with excessive discipline or mental and emotional rigidity.  Promotes flexibility.  Adds sweetness to life  30 ml 



"Dicentra"  A loving frequency for healing broken hearts

Opens and heals the heart.  Heals grief, broken heart, closed heart, and a heavy heart.  Heals rejection.  Helps you love without attachment or possessiveness.  Instills the feeling ’I’m going to be OK’   30 ml



"Eupatorium"  A strengthening and unifying frequency 

Mends, unites, balances, supports and heals in all areas--relationships, psyche, body.  Balancing effect helps to strengthen the immune system.  Helpful following surgery when your body needs to re-unite and mend, or when having relationship problems  30 ml



"Euphorbia"   The frequency of empowerment and self-friendship

Promotes self-protection, self-mastery, and blissful self-acceptance and self-friendship for those who are weak and allow others to dominate or control them.  Helpful for for those who give up too easily.  Ideal for issues resulting from parental dominance or over-mothering.  Helps to release self-perpetuated illness  30 ml

"Absolute freedom, grounding.  Feels like I have a huge bucket of love to experience, share, notice in things and people. It's like I have finally made friends with myself. That I'm not torn in two, or of two minds about things. A real clarity about energies of others and myself...Very moving for me.  Feels like I'm going deeper with in myself. Love this! So gentle and loving and SAFE!"  Laurie W  Thorold ON


Euphorbia Polychroma

"Euphorbia Polychroma"  The frequency of competence

Brings together scattered energies.  Helpful for making decisions, studying and practical matters.  Promotes self-appreciation, self-respect, and self-acceptance.  Helps you appreciate and understand your value to others.  Allows you to feel safe, confident, capable.  Brings unproductive behavior patterns into conscious awareness. Good for those who need organization, focus, and self-discipline.  Assists shyness   30 ml


Evening Primrose

"Evening Primrose"   The frequency of joy and enthusiasm for your work

Supports the solar plexus area.  Helps you feel joyous enthusiasm for your work and embrace it fully.  Helps you balance emotional fulfillment with practical details.  Nudges you to seek work that is more heart-fulfilling.  Provides grounding, practicality, fortitude, determination, enthusiasm  30 ml


Eupatorium Maculatum

"Eupatorium Maculatum"  The stabilizing frequency of mental and emotional balance

Very grounding, stabilizing, soothing essence that helps to balance your mental and emotional mind.  Decreases hypersensitivity.  Ideal for those who are either overly analytical or overly emotional or hypersensitive, or following an emotional trauma.  Helpful for making decisions, studying and practical matters.  Also useful following arguments or disagreements.  Aids with integrating information and sensory input when you tend to become overwhelmed.  Brings unproductive behavior patterns into conscious awareness  30 ml


Forget Me Not

"Forget Me Not"  The frequency of holding fully present in the moment

For those who find it challenging to stay fully present in the moment.  A lovely augment for meditation.  Complements and supports other essences  30 ml



"Foxglove"  The frequency of emotional intimacy

Promotes intimacy and heart to heart rapport.  May assist with heart problems resulting from unfulfilled love



"Gaillardia"  The frequency of audacious, bold confidence

Promotes calm confidence and helps you stand your ground.  Emboldens.  May assist those who are bullied at school, at home, or in the workplace  30 ml   


Pink Cloud Gaura

"Pink Cloud Gaura"  The frequency of feeling carefree

Dissolves anger and control issues into lightness, joy & happiness.  Instills optimism and feels carefree when you are too serious or emotionally 'stuck and need to 'lighten up!'  

Assists with blocked/defensive sexual energy and blocked solar plexus.  Teaches you to avoid unpleasant experiences  30 ml   


Goddess Lily

"Goddess Lily"  The frequency of feminine receptive strength

The yin energy of the universe becomes anchored in the body through this essence.  Fertile, receptive, compassionate, wise, and nurturing, Goddess Lily holds the soul and keeps it from dissipating or becoming lost.  It opens you to compassion, unconditional love and spiritual healing  30 ml



"Helianthus"  The sunny essence of co-operative, inspiring leadership

For those who have challenges with others regarding assertiveness, dominance, or authority and therefore are reluctant to be assertive, authoritative, or step into the limelight.  Promotes personal power and inspired co-operative leadership   30ml



"Hesperis"   Frequency to neutralize an overdeveloped conscience and sense of duty

For those with an unhealthy overdeveloped conscience and resulting deep guilt feelings of blame or responsibility for whatever seems wrong around you.  Releases old prejudices, adopted beliefs, and concepts that no longer serve you.  Helps you get things ‘off your chest’ and lets in fresh new concepts.  May be helpful for asthma.  Helps to release self-perpetuated illness  30 ml


Ruffled Hibiscus

"Ruffled Hibiscus"  The essence of uninhibited daring and adventure

This exotic ruffled wild Hibiscus essence was captured in the highlands of Panama.  It opens and clears congestion and fear from the hips and pelvic region, as well as the chest.  Hibiscus quietly instills a sense of adventure, boldness and daring, allowing more confidence, enthusiasm, and open willingness in trying new experiences.  Hibiscus can help you get out of a rut and free of attachment.  Fear and tension dissolves into a sense of safety, as though God is holding your hand  30 ml



"Hosta"   The Frequency of motivation  

A push/nudge for those who are lethargic, bored, depressed, overwhelmed, or lack ambition.  Breaks inertia and procrastination.  Provides energy to act  30 ml



"Hypericum"   Anti-stress frequency

Helpful for chronic stress.  A daily stress-antidote for workaholics and those who are intense or uptight.  Use as needed for those times when you must endure stressful situations such as moving, change, travel, or your job. 

Releases worries and emotional tension and provides a deep sense of well-being.  Helps you feel calm, relaxed, at ease  30 ml



"Hyssop"   The essence of connecting with your feelings

Promotes clarity for those who have shut down or are running away from their emotions.  Balances mental and emotional to help you see through illusion & gain a new perspective. Stops resistance to change by shifting your perspective.  Releases trapped energy in the chest  30 ml


Jack in the Pulpit

"Jack in the Pulpit"  The frequency of transfiguration

Helps with realization and completion following struggle.  Allows re-birth in some area of your life.  Re-codes or re-sets your DNA to erase that which you have learned.  Integrates a new way of life and moves you into the light  30 ml


Variagated Jacob's Ladder

"Jacob's Ladder"  The frequency of self-respect

Promotes respect for yourself, promotes greater respect from others, and helps you feel good about being individual, unique or different from others  30 ml    


Lady's Mantle

"Lady's Mantle"   The frequency of honesty

Promotes loving, gentle, heart centered core honesty.  Dissolves the need to play roles to gain acceptance and allows you to act naturally to say what you think or feel.  Clears perception to allow the truth of any situation to reveal itself effortlessly  30 ml 


Lamb's Ear

"Lamb's Ear"  Nurturing frequency to heal childhood wounds

Releases ALL types of childhood trauma including abuse, neglect, adoption, abandonment, bullying, lack of nurturing, or birth trauma.  As the past traumas surface and release you are able to examine them at a higher level of understanding to achieve peace.  Especially helpful for all types of issues with your mother or parents.  Also releases fear of mothering or becoming a mother.  Allows you to be strong without losing softness.  Provides your inner child with a safe, neutral space   30 ml  


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