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Are you looking for a safe, effective catalyst for positive change for your clients?  These premium quality single living flower frequency essences can be used individually or combined together to create your own custom formulas.  Our living flower frequencies are wonderful tools for promoting clarity, transformation, equilibrium, transcendence, healing, integration, and unification

Enlightened Feelings living essences cannot be defined by a brief description.  Their complex nature must be explored and experienced directly

Our single living flower frequencies can be used individually, or up to 8 individual essences may be combined to create a custom formula.  Each single living flower essence captures the light photon frequencies from one live species of flower to target a specific emotional issue   

Each 30 ml bottle of essence provides 20 daily doses to permanently overwrite long-held habit patterns and instil new, more positive behaviour responses.  New issues and behaviours can often be shifted in just 3-5 days


Custom mix our practitioner-grade living essences as often as you need them!  2-6 essences can be combined together.  Experiment and sample essences individually, or custom create your own remedies according to your clients' individual needs.   Instructions included

Order a self-customized essence remedy and we will prepare it for you!




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Order Single Essences


Save 20-60% with our do-it-yourself essence sets for professionals!  Our convenient essence sets allow you to experiment, sample one by one, and custom-mix remedies according to your clients' individual needs.  Create your own custom formulas as often as you need them!  Gain the power to help yourself or your clients to effortlessly create life shifts and achieve lasting happiness and freedom 

Practitioners:  Please email us or call 519-586-2983 for wholesale rates on our practitioner essences and essence fusion remedies


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To Order:  Simply click on an item to order

Wholesale prices are available to certified health professionals.   Email or call 519.586.2983  We would be please to assist you.

Shipping charges are added and applicable discounts are calculated AFTER we receive your purchase order.  They do not appear on the shopping cart receipt

Orders generally ship within 3 business days.  A detailed invoice/receipt will be emailed to you with your package tracking number, shipping cost and any discounts applied.  Please view our shipping rates



To help offset shipping costs, we offer a 10% discount on orders of 3 or more individual bottles of essences in any size.  To activate your discount use the code 3 PLUS

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Practitioner Basic Set of 36
Practitioner Basic Set of 36

Orig.: $933.00
Sale: $440.00

Practitioner Professional Set of 63
Practitioner Professional Set of 63

Orig.: From $1,575.00
Sale: From $776.00

Set of 14 Complementary Essences
Set of 14 Complementary Essences

Orig.: $350.00
Sale: $168.00

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