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The products are entirely safe and natural for pets, children and adults.  The only contra-indication we have found is that our products are not compatible with homeopathy and we recommend they not be used by those who have taken homeopathic products 

For those with religious beliefs or alcohol addictions, pregnancy, drug testing, or medical contra-indications, we recommend adding your dose to water and let it sit for 1/2 hour before drinking so that the alcohol will completely evaporate


Why our products are not compatible with homeopathy:

  ... Although our products have some similarities with homeopathy in their dynamization, attenuation, and the application of the Law of Infinitesimals, the primary difference is that we do not start with any materials listed in the General Pharmacopoeia, Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia, or Veterinary Pharmacopoeia.  We also do not match the vibration or symptoms of the malady.  Instead, we raise the frequency of the biological terrain to its optimal state  

 Homeopathy requires diagnosis of a precise and very specific set of symptoms with the goal of using a corresponding preparation to exactly match the frequency of the malady.  Homeopathic remedies work by matching the vibration of the malady in order to stimulate a healing response or to negate/neutralize it. (Nicola Tesla's law of electromagnetic fields).  This often produces Herrings Law of cure--a hyper response that stimulates a healing response by the body. (similar to a vaccine).  That's why improperly prescribed homeopathy will cause negative reactions.  Consequently, homeopathic products must be dispensed by highly trained and licensed health practitioners 

Although the creation, preparation and production of our products has some loose similarities, there are additional/different procedures and steps taken in the production and bottling of our products.  Primarily, our products do not kill, harm, or process organic materials in order to capture their frequencies.  We need their full, vibrant life force to be intact  

We do not extract compounds or constituents.  In fact, the energetic signature of a flower is often very different in application from its traditional medicinal use.  For example, mullein is traditionally used to treat the lungs.  Our verbascum (mullein) flower frequencies are used to heighten and re-enforce a sense of independence and inner autonomy

Our goal is to raise the overall frequency of the bio-terrain, bringing the body's vibration to its optimal level of function so that the nervous system operates optimally.  Our products can be safely applied over a wide range of issues and have much broader parameters in their function so that they can be useful for virtually everyone.  If improperly applied, they simply have no effect.  Above all, they do not elicit negative side-effects and cannot do harm

We do not recommend using our products if you have ever used homeopathy.  This is because our products will raise your body's overall frequency, which will expose the neutralized health condition that was addressed by homeopathy in the past.  Consequently, the neutralized symptoms of that malady may re-appear 



Our products exploit the correlation between emotional frequencies and the release of neuropeptides from cells.  This was discovered in the 1960's by Russian space scientists and eventually corroborated in the USA by Dr Candice Pert, who discovered NP's in 1972.  Dr Pert went on to discover the connection between emotions and NP's in 1998, shortly before she died

Every emotion has its own measurable frequency.  Negative emotions resonate at low frequencies, which positive emotions resonate at higher frequencies and feel uplifting

Our flower frequencies facilitate psycho-neuro harmonization through neuropeptide modulation.  They hold the body in a higher vibrational state, which correspond to the frequencies of higher positive emotions such as happiness and gratitude.  A positive state of mind and feelings naturally induces helpful neuro-peptides (NP's) that begin to induce the natural healing process.  The malady then begins to reverse naturally 

Due to the release of beneficial neuro-peptides when you feel happier, there is a scientifically documented side-effect of improvement in health when you raise your body's internal vibration. This has been extensively studied by scientists at Stanford University, in particular by Dr Bruce Lipton (author of the Biology of Belief), Dr Valerie Hunt,  and quantum physicist Dr William Tiller.  However, this is not our direct intent in the sale of our products, although we do have a legal responsibility to make people aware of this side-effect 



About our products:  

Organic and wild-crafted, natural, holistic, synergetic, non-toxic, no discernible scent or taste, bio-degradable, environmentally friendly and sustainable

Our research and holistic methodologies are based on multiple fields of science including quantum physics, neurology, cellular biology, psychoneuroimmunology, organic farming methods, and plant biology.  Our science is based on Russian space research and technology as well as 60 years of scientific study and research by pioneering scientists such as cellular biologists Bruce Lipton and Candace Pert, quantum physicist William Tiller, Dr Masaru Emoto, holistic psychologist Louise Hay, and environmental biologist David Suzuki  

We have an extensive professional background in health research and natural healing modalities, and work as advisors to health professionals of all genres in many countries.  We are cited and referenced by more than 2,000 health professionals and teaching institutions throughout the world 



Shipping and Export information:  

Our products are not Dangerous or Hazardous Goods, and are safe for air transit, since the alcohol content is just 5% and the bottles are just 15 ml, 30 ml and 60 ml in size.  This is only 50% of the E2 classification allowance of 10% alcohol 


Our labels meet all of the standards for all regulatory bodies and countries to which we export.  The frequencies that we use and the method we use to capture the botanical and sound frequencies is proprietary and is a closely guarded secret to prevent intellectual theft (Chapter 20.61).  We can say that, in the same way that natural vitamins do not contain the same frequencies or identical properties as synthetic vitamins, our frequencies cannot be duplicated artificially.  Nor can they be identically repeated, since weather, time of day and many other factors combine in the outcome of what we create.  Once ingested, our products have no biological trace and therefore do not register during drug testing   

Some of the products contain 1 single flower frequency.  Other products contain a proprietary combination of frequencies.  (Think in terms of a song played on a piano vs an entire orchestra)  






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