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Product Information for Media and Government Regulatory Bodies

Our products are created in such a unique and revolutionary method that they are entirely unique in the world.  That can make it challenging for regulatory bodies such as Customs Border Agencies to understand or categorize them.  For lack of an alternative, our products have been classified with an HS Code of 3303.00.3000 by US Border Customs (perfumes, toilet waters and essential oils).  This is because they do have a botanical origin, and they do contain alcohol.  That is the only similarity 

Shipping and Export information:  The products are not Dangerous or Hazardous Goods, and are safe for air transit, since the alcohol content is only 5% and the bottles are just 15 ml - 60 ml in size.  This is only 50% of the E2 classification allowance of 10% alcohol 

Manufacture information:  We do not process, pick, damage, or harm any flora, botanicals, or living materials in the making of our products.  We simply capture the unique and measurable living frequencies of flowers in a carrier of spring water.  (These untra-violet light photon frequencies have been photographed)  Think of it in terms of capturing the sound frequencies of music.  In fact, we do also add specific sound frequencies to our products.  We then add 5% triple filtered grain alcohol as a preservative and stabilizer.  That is all that is contained in all of our products.

FDA and Health Canada Information:  Health Canada and FDA have ruled that these products are not food and are not a health product.  Frequencies are not regulated.  

Our labels meet all of the standards for all regulatory bodies and countries to which we export.  The frequencies that we use and the method we use to capture the botanical and sound frequencies is proprietary and is a closely guarded secret to prevent intellectual theft.  We can say that, in the same way that natural vitamins do not contain the same frequencies or identical properties as synthetic vitamins, our frequencies cannot be duplicated artificially.  Nor can they be identically repeated, since weather, time of day and many other factors combine in the outcome of what we create   

Some of the products contain 1 single flower frequency.  Other products contain a proprietary combination of frequencies, similar to an orchestra of sound  

Many people can feel the frequencies simply by holding a bottle lightly against the chest.  (You may liken it to standing in front of a sound speaker.)  Whether or not you feel the frequencies, they do communicate with your neural network, in much the same way that music moves you.  Therefore, they do not need to be ingested to create a mild effect.  They can be held, placed on the skin, sprayed in the air, or added to bath water or a foot soak.  They can be added to other products, such as essential oils, face creams, epsom salt, or bubble bath.  They are also entirely safe to be ingested

Our science is based on the correlation between emotional frequencies and the release of neuropeptides from cells.  This was discovered in the 1960's by Russian space scientists and eventually corroborated in the USA by Dr Candice Pert, who discovered NP's in 1972.  Dr Pert went on to discover the connection between emotions and NP's in 1998, shortly before she died

Due to the release of beneficial neuro-peptides when you feel happier, there is a scientifically known side-effect of improvement in health when you raise your body's internal vibration. This has been extensively studied by scientists at Stanford University, in particular by Dr Bruce Lipton (author of the Biology of Belief) and quantum physicist Dr William Tiller.  However, this is not our direct intent in the sale of our products, although we do have a responsibility to make people aware of this side-effect 

The only contra-indication we have found is that our products are not compatible with homeopathy.  Homeopathy works on the principle of neutralizing a malady by introducing its identical frequency.  However, our frequencies raise the overall vibration of the body, which then exposes the dormant malady.  Our frequencies then continue to hold the body in a higher vibrational state, which corresponds to the frequencies higher positive emotions such as happiness and gratitude.  As proven by the placebo effect, this naturally induces helpful neuro-peptides (NP's) that begin to induce the natural healing process.  The malady then begins to reverse naturally

We do have an extensive background in health research and work as advisors to qualified health professionals in many countries, as well as directly with the public.  We are cited and referenced by several thousand teaching institutions throughout the world 










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