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Make Your Most Important Relationship the one with YOURSELF!

"Under the sustaining influence of expressing love, the physical body remains at its best.  More people are sick from a lack of feeling and expressing love than from all other causes put together"

As we evolve spiritually we try to adopt a more loving, accepting attitude toward others.  It is a difficult process, one that few ever master

Whether or not we admit it, most of us have an agenda behind loving someone ... to be loved in return ... to be nurtured and looked after ... to escape loneliness or abandonment ... to receive validation of our worth

Life's everyday experiences teach us that it is selfish and vain to put ourself before others.  We experience conflict and dissention when we make demands without consideration for those around us.  And, gradually we become conditioned to believe that we must put our own needs aside in order to make those around us happy or, more importantly, in order to be loved by others.  We compromise our dreams, our needs, our desires, and often even our individuality in the spirit of co-operation and in the name of love

But, that is not what love is about at all!  Experiencing the feeling of love is, in its truest sense, a bliss connection to our universal Source.  Everyone strives to attain it because it is the essence of who we really are.  We come into this life as love and joy.  We learn to be less than that

Loving really is the ultimate gift to ourself much more than a gift to the object of our affections.  When we love we feel alive, expanded, potent.  We experience a heightened sense of connection to the material plane through our senses and a deeper connection to the Divine and the universe

But, it isn't long before that little voice inside our head begins to murmur ... what if I get hurt ... what if I am abandoned ... what if he doesn't love me back ... what id I am treated the same way as before ... what if it doesn't last ... what if I can't meet his expectations ...

We begin to behave in ways that will elicit the response we desire.  We offer gifts, do thoughtful things, bargain for love.  We may even try to change ourself or adopt a role, becoming the person we think our lover wants us to be

As a result, we begin to feel insecure and vulnerable within the relationship. 

Vulnerability only exists is you are offering your love with a motive ... something you want in return.  If you love without expectations, you cannot be hurt.  And something magical happens.  Since unconditional love is your essence and and the essence of the Divine, the universe responds to you with generosity, beauty and abundance.  Like attracts like

Loving has to begin with self--understanding, accepting and appreciating yourself fully.  That does NOT mean trying to be perfect of ideal.  It means getting to know your real self intimately and honestly

You will never really experience fulfilling love until you go within and deal with those murmuring voices.  First, you must heal your past--all the hurts, experiences and thoughts that are shaping your attitudes and beliefs.  Let your past be the tool for personal growth rather than a blueprint for your future.  Learn how our flower essences can help you achieve this effortlessly ...


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"You cannot leave a situation until you have done so with love.  Those situations that you leave in anger will be there for you to resolve in the future.  It may not be with the same person, but you will create another situation and similar person to allow you to resolve it with love"  Sanaya Roman

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