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The Science and Research Behind Our Flower Essences


"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  There is no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics."  Albert Einstein


Our science and technology is based on a balanced blend of plant biology, cellular biology, neuroscience and quantum physics 

Both hard and soft scientific study verifies that flower essences do, in fact, contain intelligence and high energetic properties that affect biological systems, and that 'living' flower essences (the type we use) possess a greater life force and higher frequencies than traditional flower essences

Over 27 years of research at UCLA by Dr Valerie Hunt clearly associates higher bio-electric fields with greater intelligence, mature emotional balance with less stress, and overall higher states of physical health 


Traditional Bach flower essences are classified as homeopathic remedies.  They harmonize discordant emotional energies within your body by introducing opposite (complementary) sine waves to create balance.  This is the homeopathic principle of healing

Sine waveharmonized sine waves

The diagram above on the left is a sine wave of an emotion.  The figure on the right shows an opposite or complementary sine wave from flower essences overlying it.  The result is a harmonization or balance  


However, our vibrationally enhanced living essences work in an entirely different way ... 

Each time you have a thought or feeling, an electrical current (sine wave) instantly travels throughout your body via your neural pathways and the photons in your cells.  Chemical proteins called 'neuropeptides' release from your cells to create a physical response within your body

Your cells produce hundreds of different NP's, and, depending on your emotional responses,  they release in different combinations, creating a vast array of physiological responses.  Hormones, endorphins, adrenaline, oxytoxin are some examples of NP's

So how does your body know which NP's to release, and when to release them?  Our proprietary research has demonstrated that each emotion and thought has its own specific sine wave, or frequency! 

The emotions of anger, fear and shame all resonate at low frequencies. Long low wavelengths such as this demonstrate a stronger amplitude.  That's why you can actually feel these emotions resonate like a wave through your body

Conversely, the emotions of love, gratitude and joy vibrate at a very high frequency.  You feel them more in your higher chest.   These high frequencies feel uplifting, expansive, and joyous

As the electrical current of a particular emotion cascades through your neural pathways, your body instantly recognizes which specific NP's to release in response.  For example, when you experience fear, your body releases adrenaline and cortisol, which causes your heart to beat faster, your blood vessels to dilate, and your muscles to tense.  This is your body's 'fight or flight' response.    It enables you to respond quickly to danger

But, what if you experience low level fear over a prolonged period?  The effects of constant release of stress NP's becomes detrimental, doesn't it?

That's what happens when you don't properly process and release your emotions.  You might push a feeling or emotional pain from your conscious thoughts, but, the electrical charge keeps looping through your neural pathways, releasing NP's that eventually overtax your body.  Your body begins to break down.  You begin to experience pain, dysfunction, or inflammation, or disease

Learn more about how emotions affect your health ...


"Illness cannot stay in a body where there is Light and Love"  Vivian Mauro

Our proprietary research has demonstrated that when you change the frequency of any emotion, the emotion itself changes.  And the release of neuropeptides also changes.  This phenomenon was the catalyst for us to create our unique vibrationally enhanced living essences

Diagram of how our life flower frequencies work in your bodyWe realized that if we could safely introduce specific natural frequencies to the body, we could change the the existing emotional state, and that, in turn, would begin to change the physical state.  Your body would respond by releasing appropriate beneficial neuropeptides.  Change the frequency of fear to the frequency of joy, and your body quickly switches from releasing adrenalin to releasing endorphins.  It's that simple ... and profound!

What we soon went on to discover via research by William Tiller at Stanford University, is that DNA can be re-programmed by your thoughts and feelings.  In other words, with the right frequencies, it is within the realm of reason that we can begin to alter even genetic disorders! 

Read about the research that proves thoughts and frequencies can reprogram DNA   


Our challenge was to pinpoint the specific frequencies of each emotional state.  See our proprietary emotions chart 


'It's only a miracle until we understand the Science.  Then it becomes technology'


Frequencies emitted by biological systems are so subtle that highly specialized instruments are required to directly measure them.  However, the frequencies emitted by our living essences are so amplified, that many people can feel them simply by holding a bottle of essence against their body ... Think of it as akin to holding a stereo speaker against your chest


THERMOGRAPHIC IMAGING   In one experiment, we used standard thermographic imaging to measure the range of frequencies in our living flower essences.  (similar to what the military uses and the same equipment used for breast cancer screening) 

Color (light), sound, and emotions are all frequencies.  And, they can be measured in the same way

First we thermo-imaged a 1 oz amber bottle containing spring water infused with 25% alcohol.  The bottle appeared blue, indicating the frequency was in the cool range of 631-668 THZ.  Note the blue bottle in the centre of the image  

thermography image of our flower frequencies compared to plain alcohol and water

Next, we thermo-imaged a 1oz amber bottle of water and 25% alcohol with just 7 drops of Obsidian Iris botanical frequency added to it.  The bottle immediately glowed bright yellow, indicating the frequency was now completely different--in the 508-526 THZ range (see the yellow image to the left of the blue bottle)  

Then, a 1oz amber bottle of water and 25% alcohol containing AH botanical frequency was thermo-imaged.  The bottle glowed distinctly green, with tinges of yellow, showing a higher frequency than the single essence--it was in the 526-606 THZ range.  It also appeared to radiate outward and influence a short radius around it, as you can see in the photo image.  AH is imbued with the frequency of DNA repair -- 528 htz... the same frequency as the colour green--just as our thermo image measured!

The ambient temperature during our test was identical for all bottles.  They were handled only via the dropper lids to ensure body heat from our hands did not directly affect the bottles.  The bottles were photgraphed separately first and then together to better illustrate distinct differences between them


FIELD TRIALS  In addition to scientific testing, we constantly conduct field trials involving multiple test subjects.  We use field trials rather than clinical trials, as a clinical trial involves a highly controlled atmosphere with highly controlled conditions for testing.  That's not real life!  We want to know how our essences perform for a broad range of people living under a wide range of circumstances and situations and life experiences

Each test subject is given a flower essence fusion based on a questionaire they answer.  We do not test whether the essence is appropriate for them.  Test subjects are are not told the qualities of the essence fusion.  Test subjects take the essence formula daily for 3-12 days and report on a daily basis how they feel.  In some cases, we have to take an essence fusion back to the 'drawing board' and tweak it or change the formula entirely.  We do not release an essence to the public until we know the results are 100% positive and effectively address the aim of that essence formula


COMPARISON  In another experiment, various bottles of our essences and other brands of essences--both living essences and Bach flower essences--were held, one at a time, by multiple test subjects who were blindfolded.  They were asked to state any sensations or feelings they experienced

In each case, the test subjects could feel and identify strong individual energetic qualities for each of the Enlightened Feelings essences, and actually describe the sensations and specific 'note' or 'octave' of the frequencies.  Many also experienced emotional responses.  Test subjects experienced a wide range of physical and emotional sensations including heart racing, a feeling of swaying or being pushed back or drawn forward by some invisible energy, a calming or grounding sensation, or an emotional release.  No sensations were detected with Bach flowers or other living essences.  We tested multiple brands of essences  

When you ingest a regimen of harmonically blended custom flower essences that are individually prepared for you according to your own specific needs, the results are naturally going to be significantly better than any single prepared formula  

Most people have complex personal issues.  So, approximately 60% of people need a second or third custom formula to complete their transformational process.  Our approach is to shift a few core emotional issues at a time, rather like peeling layers off an onion.    Learn more about how we can customize your flower essence frequencies ...


FAQ's about flower essences and botanical frequencies



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