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We are pleased to offer home-study training to health professionals of all disciplines, as well as life coaches and counsellors who wish to augment and enhance their services to better assist their clients.  Enlightened Feelings live flower frequencies are the ideal adjunct treatment to ensure stellar results with your therapies and services.  Our products and mentorship can help you take your health practice to the next level 
We are currently developing the first course in a series of home study courses for professional/career training and certification.  We are in the final stages and the first level course is almost ready for release
We recommend pre-registering to be among the first applicants.  We will notify you as soon as the program is available so you can place your order on-line.  Pre-registrants will receive added bonuses, such as a 10% discount, and you can opt out at any time. 
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We feel that all professionals who offer our living flower frequencies are essentially representing Enlightened Feelings in their region.  That makes you a part of our elite team!  
Our aim is to ensure a limited number of practitioners and distributors within each region all across North America, UK, and Australia.  
We want to partner with health professionals of the highest calibre and level of dedication, ethics, and service.  We look for smaller practices dedicated to building relationships with their clients.  Preference is always given to existing clients who have used our products personally
Advanced Training (Photo Testing)  ~  Masters ~ Essences for Pets
Essence fusionsEnlightened Feelings in Practice
Comprehensive entry-level home study training guide and manual for certified professional health-care practitioners who would like to use Enlightened Feelings essence fusions and topical remedies in their practice.  Ideal for counsellors, life coaches, chiropractors and osteopaths, massage therapists, vibro-acoustic practitioners, reflexologists, & practitioners with multiple energy therapies
Please note:  Our products are not compatible with homeopathy 
The course is designed to enhance your ability to assist your clients, augment your own therapies and services, attract more referrals and testimonials, maintain your own balance and clarity as you help others in need, and create a more successful, effective, and prosperous health practice.
Presented for quick study and proficiency in an easy-to-read format with sidebars and space for your own notes.  Course covers 6 detailed modules (over 300 pages) in an accelerated learning format
Overview of EF Flower Frequencies
Comprehensive Study of Mind Body Connection 
Various Testing Methods & Protocols
Detailed Insights into Each of the Essence Fusions
Business Module (to ensure success in your practice) 
On-line tests at the end of each module
Enlightened Feelings Synthesized

Kinesiology Testing

Comprehensive 3-level career-oriented in-home study course and training program for health professionals who want to help their clients achieve optimal balance and happiness using custom flower essence remedies augmented by coaching.  This training is designed to generate the highest level of income 
Choose the level of training that works best for you
Level 1  Certified Practitioner
working with single essences to create formulas + performing custom testing
Pre-requisite:  successful completion of Enlightened Feelings in Practice 
Level 2  Advanced Practitioner
expands your income potential through photo testing + specialized essences
Level 3  Master Practitioner
Take as long as you need to study and practice at your own speed.  Level 1 Certified Practitioner Program is presented in 8 modules with exam at the end of each module.  Advanced and Master Levels are conducted at our office (2 days each level) + practicum
Pet lover
Enlightened Feelings Flower Frequencies Certified Pet Practitioner
Specialized training for those who wish to assist dogs, cats and horses with both custom and prepared essence fusions  
Pre-requisites:  Successful completion of Enlightened Feelings in Practice + Enlightened Feelings Synthesized Level 1.  
Optional:  You will need to successfully complete Level 2 Advanced if you wish to expand your practice globally through custom photo testing  
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