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STANDARD SHIPPING RATES  rates as of January 2022      

NOTE:  0-1 lb = up to 110ml total    1-4 lbs = up to 450ml total 

(bottle sizes are 15ml ~ 30ml ~ 60ml)

Your credit card is processed on the day of shipping.  A detailed invoice with your package tracking number and shipping cost will be emailed to you


Shipping now available to USACANADA incl HST ~ varies by postal code  Expedited (1-7 days) @ $15.75-$27.50  ~  Express (1-5 days) @ $15.75-$29 

USA 2-4 days Air Express  0-1 lb  @ $27.50   ~  1-4 lbs @ $30.50

UK & EU 2-6 days Air Express  0-1 lb  @ $42.15   ~  1-4 lbs @ $53.10

Australia  4-7 days Air Express  0-1 lb  @ $66.30  ~  1-4 lbs @ $77.25   (*To avoid $30 surcharge for remote delivery please choose an urban address)      

Rates are in CDN currency  eg:  $20 CDN = approx $15 USD


About the International Shipping costs:  You chose the best flower essence products in the world.  Why would you expect that we would not take the same care and concern with getting those superior products to you with the best and most cost-effective shipping courier available during the pandemic?   

Shipping costs have risen sharply across all of North America due to fuel surcharges, emergency charges, and lost-package claims during the pandemic.  But, OUR prices are in CANADIAN currency.  Your credit card will reflect the overall 35% lower US currency cost.  
So, to be fair you must compare USD vs CAD—the actual shipping cost for 1 lb translates to about $16 USD—which is comparable to what you pay to ship within USA via US post or cheaper couriers such as UPS.   
More importantly:  UPS, Fed EX and US postal shipments are sent by truck and train.  During the pandemic, those trains and trucks are being regularly looted and millions of packages are dumped by sides of tracks.  So, the chances are currently about 60% that your package would NOT arrive if we used those types of transport.  And, if you want insurance, express service, signature required or delivery guarantees, you would have to pay a lot more.  
Our courier emails regular updates on your package so that you know exactly when to expect it, requires a signature to ensure your package is not 'porch-pirated', and insures your package for up to $100.
We can’t ship via post and expect that your products are going to arrive in the same condition they leave here, as they would be undergoing huge temperature changes such as freezing etc. over a prolonged period of time, and shipping takes a minimum of 2 weeks.  Our products are liquid.  They would freeze solid in winter, or overheat in summer.  
In addition, it is against US Post regulations to ship products that are liquid and/or contain 5% alcohol.  Alcohol-based products require special treatment and permits. Plus, as soon as the package crosses the Canadian border into USA, US Post does not guaranty delivery AT ALL, and we have no legal recourse if the package is lost or is not delivered.  Once the package leaves our hands, it becomes YOUR loss.  
DHL International Air Express takes greater care with our products, which are sensitive frequencies.  When you receive your package you will see that our products are wrapped in special shielding packaging to deflect EMF’s, Xrays & scans, and temperature changes.  DHL constantly gives us updates on your package, and provides guarantees we don’t get from other couriers.  The packages travel by air in temperature controlled compartments, rather than via ground exposed to the elements.    
85% of US clients who try our products re-order.  So, we know when you try our products you will love them and feel they are well worth the cost!    

Thank you for choosing Enlightened Feelings!


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