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"Bearded Iris"  The frequency of healthy responsibility
For those who tend to sacrifice themselves for others or be a martyr.  Gently nurtures and protects the innocence of those who are weak, gentle, delicate, vulnerable or spiritual.  Instills a sense of balanced family and social responsibility.  Provides a sense of belonging, safety, family and protection for those who feel alone 



"Bergamot"  The frequency to awaken sensory pleasure
Eases depression and stress.  Helpful for those who are overly intellectual and have become separated from their body.  Helps to release ‘stuck’ state & reconnect you to enjoyment of your physicality 



"Birdsfoot Trefoil"   The frequncy of releasing to God
An important essence to release thoughts and feelings you cannot let go or drop that cause obsession, control issues or hoarding.  Fosters acceptance.  Helps you let go of the past.  Helps you surrender to 'Let go and let God' 




"Black Cohosh"  The frequency of quiet self-assurance
Instills calm self-assurance





"Black-Eyed Susan"  Confident individuality and bold uniqueness
For those holding on to old hurts, old beliefs, and negative self-judgment about being ostracized, different or not belonging or fitting in.  Dissolves false or negative self-images.  Helps you accept that it is OK not to fit the mold or conform.  Helps you stand strong and boldly shine your uniqueness. Especially helpful for artists and quirky or creative individuals  



"Black Swan"  Unification between mind, body and soul
An extraordinary rare exotic black flower from the cloud forests of Panama, Black Swan unifies, anchors, stabilizes, and balances all chakras, promoting total integration and unity of mind, body and soul.  Captured in misty rain at highest mountain elevation, this unique essence is a botanical shaman, seeking out deepest hidden recesses.  It is well-suited to highly sensitive individuals, autism, those who tend to focus on the upper chakras, and those who may be suicidal



"Borago"  Supportive frequency for loving nurturers and healers
Balances over-nurturing tendencies. Helps you restore and hold your balance while extending your nurturing outward.  Instills self-nurturing. Provides euphoric joy and an open heart.  Especially helpful for those who are nurturers and for those in nurturing professions 



"Bouganvillea"  The essence of loving self-acceptance
A peaceful, joyous embracing of love.  Bouganvillea heals heartache caused by mistakes, regrets, self-doubt, and self-judgment.  Its energy of encircling love, open receptivity, pleasure, and generosity promotes inner peace, self-love, quiet self-acceptance and inner strength.  Bouganvillea can feel like you are wearing a cloak of love.  It invites others to love you 

"I believe it goes very deep and makes one feel strong and quietly powerful. I am more appreciative of (my husband) and more kind and loving... The hard shell is softening. As well as expressing it with a flow that was not there before.  I am doing more for myself ..... I feel like I have more energy!!!  A wonderful and powerful essence!!!  Thank you,"  Pam M  St Catharines ON


"Brassica"  Transcending failure, neglect, rejection and invalidation
An important essence to strengthen and support the solar plexus, your seat of personal power.  Brassica instills quiet inner strength and self-sufficiency to help you transcend hardship and draw your power from self rather than others.  It helps with overcoming denial, failure, rejection, and neglect. Brassica quells embarrassment to allow acceptance and integration of the situation.  It provides protection from the judgments and invalidation of others 




"Bugloss"  The soothing essence of inner grace
Mends damage to the bio-electric field caused by physical or emotional abuse.  Soothes and dissolves the uncomfortable inner turmoil caused by people you cannot trust, betrayal, meanness, 2-faced people, stinging words, or those talking behind your back.  Helps you to hold your poise and stay in balance, neutral & even-minded without need for self-righteousness




"Burwash"  Neutralizing frequency to transform victimhood into self-responsibility
Neutralizes self pity, weakness, and feeling burdened or struggling.  Helps you find inner strength  





"Butterfly Ascepias"  The frequency of personal transformation and growth
Helps you find joy in transformation and growth.  Nourishes you through transition so you can handle it more gracefully





"Butterfly Flower"   The essence of freedom to change and grow
Gently elevates your frequency to removes fear and resistance to change or changing.  Addresses fear-based anxiety.  Instills a sense of adventure, playfulness, freedom, allowance, and adaption that allows personal change 





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