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"Campanula"  The frequency of self-integration
Gateway for the fusion of all dualities.  Promotes self acceptance and self-integration of all aspects & elements of oneself.  Repairs disconnect that occurs when you are disowning your true self.  Stops the habit of ‘wearing a mask’ or playing a role to please others.  Releases fear of being misunderstood.  Allows you to fearlessly be your true self   

'Honesty is when what you think do and say are in complete harmony'


"Cardinal Flower"  The frequency of protective personal security
Supports root chakra.  Shields & provides inner strength from issues for those who feel weak, vulnerable, sensitive, or violated.  Allows you to feel

safe, secure and grounded.  Releases anger, fear, anxiety and impatience resulting from insecurity or fear of new challenges 


"Centaurea"  The frequency of justice
Strengthens throat chakra and thyroid.  Eases frustration for people who experience injustice or never get what they want because they won’t speak up for themselves.  Cools hot temper, harsh words, and over-reaction   



"Cherry Blossom"  The zen frequency of strength and healing through inner stillness
Zen-like energy quiets anger, inner unrest, and provide a sense of inner harmony, stillness, and connection to yourself.  Supports spine & skeletal structure & overall balance




"Cirisium"   The shielding essence of secure inner protection for empaths and ultra-sensitive people
Provides an inner shield for those who are gullible, overly compassionate, empathetic, or sensitive.  Helps you be more discerning about who to trust.  Frees you from defensive habit patterns that contribute to weight problems and eating disorders 



"Comfrey"  The comforting frequency of emotional detoxification 
Sweeps away damage to your auric field and cells caused by EMF’s or other people's negative energies.  Encircles, clears, balances & energizes your

auric field.  Helps you let go of things you are holding onto, esp toxic anger.  Can also be used as spray for space clearing or aura cleansing    


"Cranberry Peony"  The frequency for aura balance
Smooths out emotional static and defrag's the body’s electric system.  De-stresses.  Releases worries.  Highly complementary to other essences   





"Creeping Jenny"  The frequency of opening and receiving
Addresses issues of lack and delay.  Clears blocks from the auric field of anything that prevents receiving or blessings.  Opens you to receiving of money, love, compliments, luck, blessings, and benefits of all kinds.  Enables you to have more on all levels 




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