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"Dandelion"  The strengthening frequency of support
Provides strength and support when you feel unappreciated, undervalued, need to face issues or face the facts, need support or nourishment, or when you feel depleted from maintaining a supportive role to others (such as caregivers).  Allows you to be cheery, resilient, humble, and persevering when others take you for granted.  Assists with lower back pain.  Also helpful for those who want to stage a come-back 



"Day Lily"  Offering gentle support through transitions and endings
Grounds you in your body to assist with facing endings loss, transition or death of all kinds.  Helps you to move on, appreciate the value of living in

each moment, and not get stuck mourning your loss or what you no longer have  


"Dianthus"  The frequency of freedom judgement and perfectionism
Releases judgment and perfectionism.  Allows acceptance and helps you be OK with things as they are.  Good for those who are too serious or who focus on the negative, and for those with excessive discipline or mental and emotional rigidity.    Promotes flexibility.  Adds sweetness to life 



"Dicentra"  A loving frequency for healing broken hearts
Opens and heals the heart.  Heals grief and a heavy heart.  Helps you love without attachment or possessiveness.  Instills the feeling ’I’m going to be OK’ 



"Eupatorium"  Strengthening and unifying frequency 
Mends, unites, balances, supports and heals in all areas--relationships, psyche, body.  Balancing effect helps to strengthen the immune system.  Helpful following surgery when your body needs to re-unite and mend, or when having relationship problems   




"Eupatorium Maculatum"  The stabilizing frequency of mental and emotional balance
Very grounding, stabilizing soothing essence that helps to balance your mental and emotional mind.  Decreases hypersensitivity.  Ideal for those who are either overly analytical or overly emotional or hypersensitive, or following an emotional trauma.  Helpful for making decisions, studying and practical matters.  Also useful following arguments or disagreements.  Aids with integrating information and sensory input when you tend to become overwhelmed.  Brings unproductive behavior patterns into conscious awareness



"Euphorbia"   The frequency of empowerment and self-friendship
Promotes self-protection, self-mastery, and blissful self-acceptance and self-friendship for those who are weak and allow others to dominate or control them or for those who give up too easily.  Ideal for issues resulting from parental dominance or over-mothering.  Helps to release self-perpetuated illness

"Absolute freedom, grounding.  Feels like I have a huge bucket of love to experience, share, notice in things and people. It's like I have finally made friends with myself. That I'm not torn in two, or of two minds about things. A real clarity about energies of others and myself...Very moving for me.  Feels like I'm going deeper with in myself. Love this! So gentle and loving and SAFE!"  Laurie W  Thorold ON


"Euphorbia Polychroma"  The frequency of competence
Brings together scattered energies.  Helpful for making decisions, studying and practical matters.  Promotes self-appreciation, self-respect, and self-acceptance.  Helps you appreciate and understand your value to others.  Allows you to feel safe, confident, capable.  Brings unproductive behavior patterns into conscious awareness. Good for those who need organization, focus, and self-discipline.  Assists shyness 



"Evening Primrose"   The frequency of joy and enthusiasm for your work
Supports the solar plexus area.  Helps you feel joyous enthusiasm for your work and embrace it fully.  Helps you balance emotional fulfillment with practical details.  Nudges you to seek work that is more heart-fulfilling.  Provides grounding, practicality, fortitude, determination, enthusiasm 



"Forget Me Not"  The frequency of being fully present in the moment
For those who have a hard time staying fully present in the moment.  A lovely augment for meditation.  Complements and supports other essences  




"Foxglove"  The frequency of emotional intimacy
Promotes intimacy and heart to heart rapport.  Assists with heart problems resulting from unfulfilling love   


"Gaillardia"  The frequency of audacious, bold confidence
Promotes calm confidence and helps you stand your ground.  Especially helpful for those who are bullied at school, at home, or in the workplace   




"Goddess Lily"  The frequency of feminine receptive strength
The yin energy of the universe, fertile, receptive, compassionate, wise, and nurturing is anchored in the body through this essence.  Goddess Lily holds the soul and keeps it from dissipating or becoming lost.  It opens you to compassion, unconditional love and spiritual healing  





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