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"Helianthus"  The sunny essence of co-operative, inspiring leadership
For those who have challenges with others regarding assertiveness, dominance, or authority and therefore are reluctant to be assertive, authoritative or step into the limelight.  Promotes personal power and inspired leadership 



"Hesperis"   Neutralizes an overdeveloped conscience and sense of duty
For those with an overdeveloped conscience and resulting deep guilt feelings of blame or responsibility for whatever seems wrong around you.  Releases old prejudices and concepts that no longer serve you.  Helps you get things ‘off your chest’ and lets in fresh new concepts.  Helpful for Asthma.  Helps to release self-perpetuated illness  



"Ruffled Hibiscus"  The essence of uninhibited daring and adventure
This exotic ruffled wild Hibiscus essence was captured in the highlands of Panama.  It opens and clears congestion and fear from the hips and pelvic region, as well as the chest.  Hibiscus quietly instills a sense of adventure, boldness and daring, allowing more confidence, enthusiasm, and open willingness in trying new experiences.  Hibiscus can help you get out of a rut and free of attachment.  Fear and tension dissolves into a sense of safety, as though God is holding your hand



"Hops"  Pituitary activator

Hops activates and balances the pituitary, right brain, and upper areas of the head.  It smooths static within the aura to allow universal connectedness




"Hosta"   The Frequency of motivation  
A powerful push/nudge for those who are lethargic, bored, depressed, overwhelmed, or lack ambition.  Breaks inertia and procrastination.  Provides energy to act 



"Hypericum"   Anti-stress frequency
Ideal for chronic stress.  A daily stress-antidote for workaholics and those who are intense or uptight.  Use as needed for those times when you must endure stressful situations such as moving, change, travel, or your job. 

Releases worries and emotional tension and provides a deep sense of well-being.  Helps you feel calm, relaxed, at ease  


"Hyssop"   The essence of connecting with your feelings
Promotes clarity for those who have shut down or are running away from their emotions.  Balances mental and emotional to help you see through illusion & gain a new perspective. Stops resistance to change by shifting your perspective.  Releases trapped energy in chest 




"Jack in the Pulpit Transfiguration

Helps with realization and completion following struggle.  Allows re-birth in some area of your life.  Re-codes or re-sets your DNA to erase that which you have learned.  Integrates a new way of life and moves you into the light 




"Jacob's Ladder"  The frequency of self-respect
Promotes respect for yourself, promotes greater respect from others, and helps you feel good about being individual, unique or different from others   




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