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"Lady's Mantle"   The frequency of honesty
Promotes loving, gentle, heart centered core honesty.  Dissolves the need to play roles to gain acceptance and allows you to act naturally to say what you think or feel.  Clears perception to allow the truth of any situation to reveal itself effortlessly 



"Lamb's Ear"  Nurturing frequency to heal childhood wounds 
Releases ALL types of childhood trauma including abuse, neglect, adoption, abandonment, bullying, lack of nurturing, or birth trauma.  As the past traumas surface and release you are able to examine them at a higher level of understanding to achieve peace.  Especially helpful for all types of issues with your mother or parents.  Also releases fear of mothering or becoming a mother.  Allows you to be strong without losing softness.  Provides your inner child with a safe, neutral space  



"Lamium"  The soul-purifying frequency of Karmic release
Purifies, releases Karma, guilt, & all that makes you feel less than perfect. 

Releases self-rejection of your negative attributes and allows you to accept yourself as part of God’s perfection


"Lavender"   The essence of healthy boundaries
Helps you set boundaries & not let people take advantage of you.  Helps you speak your truth gently but with strength, secure in yourself.  Releases resistance to your true feelings.  Stops the feeling of being 'burned' by others 




"Ligustrum"  The essence of personal freedom
For those who feel trapped, restricted or obligated and unable to change the situation.  Releases resentment and that trapped feeling.  Shifts you into bliss to help you feel at ease 



"Lilac"  The frequency of rapport with others
Expands your connection to others, allowing you to engage with life. Promotes self-acceptance, well-being, ease.  Helps you feel more understood by others and improves rapport.  Dispels dissention.  Helps transcend personal prejudices  



"Lily of the Valley"  An enchanting essence to restore faith, hope and trust
Releases despair and hopelessness.  Helps you find beauty and sweetness in life, despite hardship.  Protects and maintains strength through abuse and keeps you from becoming jaded.  Quells anger and harsh words.  Instills compassion, understanding, sweet kindness




"Lollipop Vervain"  For dissolving self-criticism
Releases grudges, judgements and recrimination against self and others.  Helps those who feel they are undeserving or have difficulty accepting nurturing or accepting themselves.  Fosters self-forgiveness and self acceptance.  Releases and clears futility, despair and hopelessness and instills euphoria.  Helps you to be your own nurturer 


"Lysmachia"   The essence of social ease, comfort and rapport
For those who are shy and insecure when with others.  Helps create social ease and a sense of personal security.  Allows you to be more outgoing, open, and comfortable with attention.  Helps you set boundaries.  Builds tolerance for people that annoy you  




"Lythrum"  The essence of neurological balance
Balances and resets the nervous system.  Aligns spine and balances craniosacral system.  Assists with "stuff’ you are carrying in your back.  Clears the aura.  Provides a sense of well-being & happiness.  
Also assists those who are clairsentient (empathic) or hyper-sensitive to stimuli.   Helps with assimilating new earth energies and supports indigo and autistic children 



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