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"Marguerita"   The frequency of feeling lovable just as you are
For those who give away their power to others by seeking approval or being accommodating in order to be loved or accepted 



"Meadow Rue"   The essence of forgiveness
Aids in forgiveness of self and others.  Helps you transcend issues related to breach of trust, hurt feelings, and feelings of regret or remorse.  Releases resistance to forgiving caused by fear that if you forgive you will allow it to happen again.  Builds self-trust 



"Meadowsweet"   The frequency of clarity and understanding of your feelings
Opens the heart & emotions for those who have shut down.  Helps you feel with greater clarity & understanding of your feelings without feeling victimized by your emotions.  Enables trust.  Instills loving kindness and compassion 



"Monardia"    The frequency of calming support
Calming support to push through fears, anxiety, stress, or when security is threatened  




"Moss Phlox"   The heart-healing frequency of unconditional loving acceptance of self and others
Helps to reverse the persistence of a broken heart.  Quells anxiety lodged high n the chest.  Opens your heart to love self and others.  Instills bliss, warm-fuzzy feelings of belonging and cnnection, and freedom to love without condition.  Helps you love and accept your flaws and negative characteristics (shadow self).  Attracts affection



"Narcissus"  Frequency to neutralize fears relating to abandonment
Infuses light to neutralize feelings of abandonment, betrayal, neglect or rejection and their resulting control issues   




"Nepeta"   The uplifting frequency to expose and encourage your soul purpose   
Helps you discover and act on your soul purpose.  Helps you realize your talents so you can express them.  Strengthens the will to make choices more in alignment with highest spiritual intention to fulfill spiritual destiny.  Helps you follow your own path to find greater harmony in life.  Attracts opportunities to follow your heart




"Obsidian Iris"  The frequency of heart-cleansing and re-purification 
Purges the heart and body of long-held hurts, emotional wounds and emotional baggage.  Provides courage to keep your heart open even when those around you are insensitive.  Helpful when you are being too uncaring or critical of yourself 



"Oregano"  The frequency of graceful liberation
Helps you adapt to change.  Releases resistance and attachment to allow you to let go of things that no longer serve you to create space for something new.  Quells homesickness.  Ideal for those who move or are transplanted to another place or culture—helps you put down roots and find your place within the community.  Helps you feel like you belong wherever you go  



"Oriental Poppy"  The frequency of power to manifest
Connects sacral and 3rd eye chakras to help you create or manifest what you envision.  Helps ignite your creative passion.  Balances sexual energy through pituitary, adrenals and gonads.  Assists other essences when your issue originates from past life 



"Ornithogalum"  Frequency to restore trust, faith and hope
For those with the over-guarded belief that they can only count on themselves, that others will let them down.  Restores faith, hope, and trust and releases the need to control situations.  For those who feel hopeless or lost, this gentle essence helps to remind you there is something ‘bigger’ watching over you and all things are possible  



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