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"Pansy"  The frequency of overcoming fear
For those who have a disabling fear or apprehension in some aspect of their life.  Infuses love and light, compassion, trust, and faith into fear to transform and subside it.  Helps you look past the fear or obstacle to focus on what you want to achieve.  Ideal for overcoming stage fright, fear of animals, fear of trying something new, etc  



"Papyrus"   The frequency of resilience and positivity
Provides strength, resilience, and adaptability to bounce back from failure, adversity or illness and learn the positive within what happened.  Stops struggle.  Breaks down walls of feeling ’stuck’.  Helps you forge ahead.  Releases self-perpetuated illness   



"Cranberry Peony"  The frequency for aura balance
Smooths out emotional static and defrag's the body’s electric system.  De-stresses.  Releases worries.  Highly complementary to other essences   




"Pink Peony"  The frequency of appropriate assertiveness
Helpful for those who over-assert or are not assertive enough.  Promotes right use of assertiveness for both men and women.  Also assists those who have an aversion to assertive or masculine people 


"White Peony"   A nudge toward lighthearted fun
Sweet feminine energy that encourages your playful inner child to emerge.  Helps you express your inner beauty and feminine qualities.  Activates the 5th chakra to enable enjoyment of pleasure & fun.  Promotes spontaneity, playfulness & enjoyment of daily life  



"Peony Trio"  The frequency of open receptiveness
Promotes a shift in attitude to help you become open, willing, co-operative and forward moving.  Enhances other essences 





"Periwinkle"   The frequency of contrition
Balances solar plexus and heart chakras.  Promotes acceptance and inner peace.  Helps you stay in the moment.  Allows forgiveness and grace (not having to be right).  Complements other essences




"Phaleanopsis Orchid"   The frequency of self reconciliation  
A unifying essence to dissolve the dichotomy between thought and feeling.  Presides over and balances your negative attributes.  Neutralizes negative feelings about yourself and dissolves duality to help you radiate your true core of peace and light   Reconciles your personality vs who you are at the soul level 



"Pink Cloud Gaura"  The frequency of carefree
Dissolves anger and control issues into lightness, joy & happiness.  Instills optimism and feels carefree when you are too serious or emotionally 'stuck and need to 'lighten up!'  Assists with blocked/defensive sexual energy and blocked solar plexus. 

Teaches you to avoid unpleasant experiences  



"Prunella"   The frequency of positive action
An excellent motivator that provides inner strength, willpower, courage, and a positive attitude.  PRUNELLA helps to break the bonds of an outgrown way of being to allow you to move to the next level.  It helps you overcome guilt and fear to forge ahead or bounce back from adversity or illness quickly & easily without malice or blame.  Good antidote for stress or overwhelm   



"Pulmonaria"  Frequency for the release of trapped energy in the chest
Releases grief, sadness, hopelessness, despair.  Releases trapped, blocked energy below and at thymus and in chest, lungs and thoracic region.  Helpful for anxiety, grief, and for those who have lost their desire to live





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