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"Queen Anne's Lace"  Frequency to instill women's inner strength, grace and resiliency
Helps you maintain poise, grace, resilience and a positive outlook through adversity.  Especially helpful for women who feel hollow or empty inside




"Rose of Sharon"  The frequency of positive self-image
For those who feel diminished, degraded or flawed, or feel bad about a weakness or a mistake they have made and are judging or punishing themselves.  Allows you to feel better about yourself.  Instills a lovely sense of joy, contentment and happiness 



"Salvia"  The frequency of generosity and universal flow
Promotes generosity, open willingness and universal flow.  Provides an exchange of energy to foster giving, receiving and sharing.  Helpful for those who are possessive or have difficulty sharing  




"Scarlet Runner"  The frequency of vibrant health
Promotes robust vitality and metabolic balance.  Helps you feel clear, grounded and alive.  Clears and balances all chakras and body systems   



"Sempervivum"  Replaces the missing cellular frequency of mother's love
Support for mothers & grandmothers.  Promotes gentle mothering feelings, imbuing rapport and emotional bonding between mothers and children.  Supports those who do not feel mothered 



"Spirea"  A shield of invisible protection
Protection when you have to be in places or situations that are not aligned with your spiritual or philosophical values such as your workplace or social gatherings.  Allows you to walk the higher ground with integrity but wear an invisible cloak of protection.  Also shields and protects those who are being psychically attacked 


"Spotted Touch Me Not"  The victim's antidote
For issues where trust or vulnerability have been violated, or when you no longer feel safe or secure.  For healing raw emotional pain, including verbal or physical abuse, sexual abuse, or abuse of authority.  Releases guilt & shame.  Addresses your issues surrounding abuse of authority.  Releases victim mentality 




"Stonecrop Sedum"  The antidote for control issues
Releases fear-based control issues.  Helpful for addictions and eating disorders



"Sweet Autumn Clematis"  The frequency of faith in Divine timing
Instills faith, trust and cheerful optimism, with a calm expectation that everything will turn out OK.  Allows acceptance of Divine timing




"Sweet Cicely"  The frequency of maternal love and gratitude

Infuses light to clears blockages in heart center to allow joy.  Dissolves feelings of self diminishment, grief, feeling unworthy of love, heartache, or feeling ostracized or not accepted.  Helps you feel gratitude, love, safe, nurtured   



"Sweet Solidago"  Frequency for stabilizing the body's electrical systems

Addresses fear-based security issues, anxiety, trepidation, cowardice, and timidness.  Helpful for those who tend to want to run away from uncomfortable situations.  Balances body’s electric fields and polarity.  Helps you to stand your ground and face your fears.  Neutralizes reversed polarity and stops stress response to compliments or praise  


"Sweet Woodruff"  The frequency of receptiveness
A lighter sweeter octave of receiving, acceptance and allowance





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