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"Red Trillium"  Releasing of father issues
Red Trillium goes deep into your darkest wounds to clear unhealthy patterns resulting from father issues and other childhood learned patterns.  It heals your heart and self esteem from rejection by your father and replaces the missing frequencies of father energy.  Its masculine healing gifts restore generosity, expansion, security, and family cohesion and mutual support.
Red Trillium is helpful for those who attract or are drawn to troubled men, unavailable men, older men or married men


"White Trillium"  The essence of rescuers and ‘fixers’
The essence of White Trillium is allowance, acceptance and profound peace.  It quells betrayal, shame, humiliation, invalidation by others and all emotional energies that cause you to lose your power.  White Trillium stops the need to rescue or fix others



"Trout Lily"   Essence to instill freedom from self-imposed limitations
Promotes freedom from self-limitations and inhibitions.  Provides the courage and ability to act appropriately.  Helps you adapt and move forward or rise

above circumstances.  Lightens up those who are too serious or complicate things 


"Verbascum" The frequency of healthy independence
Balances one's social nature.  Quells loneliness, neediness and insecurity.  Promotes independence and lets you be comfortable in your own company.  Also stops the tendency to be too solitary, self-contained, introverted or a hermit, not needing of others   





"Veronica"  Instills the soul essence of love and joy and belonging that is your real self
Transforms instinctive sexual desire into metaphysical communion.  Allows you to gracefully ‘soul dance’ with another.  Helps you find yourself within another.   Helps you be more true to your soul, return to joy and happiness





"Viburnum"  The frequency of tolerance  
Releases blame, bitterness, resentment, indignation, perfectionism, annoyance, and irritability resulting from your expectations of others.  Helps you find peace through forgiveness.  Releases shocks, trauma,  and blockages to your root chakra.  Helps you feel safe, secure, blissful 



"Viola Noir"  The essence of loving yourself to become able to love others
Releases ‘blackened’ heart, heartache, despair, and negative feelings about yourself.  Heals and frees karmic love.  Allows you to love your negative side.  Reduces edema and lymph blockage





"Violet"   Love for your inner child
Opens your heart and helps you be more self-nurturing, gentle with yourself and find your own specialness to increase your sense of self-love and self-appreciation.  Removes heartbreak or heartsickness and allows forgiveness when you have been hurt or traumatized emotionally




"Virgin's Bower"  A celebration of change   
A celebration of change and constant reminder of joy and fulfillment.  It is gentle calming essence that is ideal for those entering life changes such as menopause, puberty, or approaching transition to spirit 



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