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Essences to Augment Your Spiritual Awakening and Growth


We have a philosophy at Enlightened Feelings.  We believe that as you change yourself and raise your own vibration, you begin to effect others in positive ways.  You become like ripples on a pond, your grace gently but surely spreading outward into the world.  Others begin to want the happiness and inner peace that you have found .... and so they, too, begin to change in positive ways .... and so it goes

We invite you to share with those you love the peace and inner joy you have found with our amazing essences .....  We call it the 'Enlightened Feelings Effect' ...  Here is a collection of some of our highest vibration living essences to augment your spiritual journey ...



Align to Your Destiny

"Align to Your Destiny"

"You are never given a dream unless you have the capacity to fulfill it.  But, you may have to learn some things in order to do it"  Jack Canfield

Manifest your true vocation and essential identity!  To feel truly successful and fulfilled, your life has to reflect your spiritual truth.  That is why identifying your passion and purpose is so important!

Inspiration literally means "IN-SPIRITED".  It is the thought energy of the All Creator asking to act through you.  Don't hesitate to follow whatever inspires and ignites you 

This essence fusion is like an open sail that draws you to what makes your heart sing and brings true fulfillment ... your destiny and spiritual purpose.  It strengthens your will to make choices more in alignment with your highest spiritual intention.  It addresses unconscious past life issues and karma that are preventing you from stepping into your destiny, and enables you to receive on all levels.  This powerful formula can be life-altering in the shifts it gently helps to facilitate!


Use for 21 days 

30 ml  $30    

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"I absolutely loved the positive effect the Spiritual Shift (Align to Your Destiny) essence had.  It's simply amazing....I can't say enough to describe its powerful effects. The nice thing is that it also seems gentle for enabling such change.   For meditation I was blown away by how much more visual of an experience, and with how much ease I could release any blocked emotion or physical discord I had.  I am noticing I am less resistant to opportunities that in the past I would've been too shy to experience.   I am also more trusting that the outcome of things will be more positive. 
It's effective alright, and you are correct that it keeps working even after you stop using it. Between the essence and the work I did, I find things are still changing.  A lot of challenging things are happening to me, however I am going through it with a lot more grace than I would have in the past, and I also noticed I have less anxiety over really sad / traumatic things" 
 Terry M  Reiki Master  Ft Erie ON




Spiritual Power
"Spiritual Power"
Instills deep awakening to your core self, a calm inner knowing,  firm assurance, resolve, and confidence in yourself, your spiritual purpose and life path.  Allows you the inner trust to 'walk your talk' and become part of the change you want to see in the world
Use for 21 days
30 ml @ $30

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"I feel stillness and almost pure nothingness when I meditate - Super Deep ….I had a full frequency change to running on joy & beauty and BE-ing able to adjust abruptly during work... Holy Cow!  I feel the best I ever have - Collaboration of my spirited self and density for daily tasks / Work to be done - Accomplished in inspired joy with what works for me - thus better able to BE of service - My purpose expressed with delight " Jeanine B  Chicago IL





Wisdom is when what you know aligns perfectly with what you feel  
INTUITION awakens and enhances intuition and opens 3rd eye.  Allows you to trust 'knowingness'
Use for 3-5 days as needed
15 ml  @ $15  ~  30 ml @ $30


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"Self Acceptance"

One of the biggest barriers to your spiritual growth is the false belief that you must be perfect in order to be spiritual.  Trying to become your spiritual ideal leads to feeling flawed or unable to attain perfection

God's perfection is not always our own sense of perfection.   Are not children perfect just as they are, even though they may have a lot to learn?   

SELF ACCEPTANCE helps to end being self-critical and self-judgmental.  It allows you to accept yourself just as you are, without apology.  When you feel comfortable in 'your own skin', you will align with your true self, and automatically begin to express your higher spiritual self  


21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50   


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Blessings in a bottle!  Clears emotional blockages, patterns and limitations that prevent uninhibited receiving of opportunities, goodwill, luck, success and blessings.  Opens you to receiving on all levels 

Stops struggle and helps you forge ahead.  Attracts luck, goodwill from others, as well as benefits and rewards both tangible and intangible by aligning with your own personal value system

The ability to attract abundance is impeded by feelings of guilt, resentment, defensiveness, lack of forgiveness, and false spiritual beliefs.  These false negative feelings develop as we interact with others each day.  False negative spiritual beliefs include ideas such as spirituality=vows of poverty, money=greed, money makes you become a bad person, or 'you can't have money and be truly spiritual'

To remain clear and ensure lasting abundance, take your remedy for 21 days.  Then repeat Abundance for 3-5 days every 4-8 weeks 

21 days + repeat once a month for 3-5 days

30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml  @ $50

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"I purchased Abundance and Open Door to Fortune (Co-Creation) for myself and they have been amazing. They really create a sense that everything "will be just fine" financially. And, that feeling is essential for taking positive action in the world to improve one's situation"  Michael G  Bowdoinham Maine


"Within the first week, older issues in regards to money resurfaced, however with a profound and much deeper understanding, a gentle manner with ease of communication and clarity.  No struggle and no fear.  Seeing from a higher perspective.  There has been an increase in abundant support, both physical and non-physical.  A stronger willingness on my part to accept and receive with joy.
The most profound changes I have experienced are within the realm of spirit.  More visions, voices/guidance, more `miracles`witnessed.  Heightened awareness. Thanks so much..."  Tracey R  Angels Landing  Wainfleet ON
Open Door to Co-Creation"Open Door to Co-Creation"
Discover the power of manifestation through co-creating with the universe!
A high frequency essence fusion that opens the door to universal oneness.  Feel your energetic  'edges' quickly dissolve as you merge with universal oneness to co-create your future.  Your thoughts and feelings rapidly flow into manifestation with ease.  There is less resistance to obtaining your goals
This essence will quickly make you aware of the power of larger universal forces that are at work in partnership with your focus, thoughts and feelings.  This essence can be beautiful and awe-inspiring, filling you with gratitude and bliss and a sense of wonder at how quickly thoughts and desires manifest into reality once you see and feel them with clear intent 
Use with thoughtful deliberation and highest intent for what you wish to create or manifest  
Use for 3-5 day intervals every 4-8 weeks as needed 

15 ml  @ $15  ~  30 ml @ $30    

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"I used the Open Door to Co-Creation for 4 days with a very specific focus, and it worked perfectly. Then, 3 weeks later I used it with no particular focus and what I experienced was a profound gratitude "high." I had profound and deep feeling of gratitude towards everything! It's wonderful"  Michael G  Bowdoinham Maine
"I took the Open Door to Co-Creation at the onset of a migraine and it quickly went away.  Usually my migraines last for 3 days.  Is the essence releasing unexpressed energy or helping me hold my power?"  Elizabeth T  Niagara Falls  

I Feel Blessed



"I Feel Blessed"

Our highest vibration living flower frequency fusion!  An uplifting essence fusion to instil feelings of bliss, joy, blessings and gratitude, happiness, and a sense of belonging to 'The All."  Allows you to recognize and embrace the blessings present in your life with a calm expectation that things will go your way.  Life begins to have a flow, with greater serendipity  


Use before or after meditation  

Use 3-5 days as needed   

15 ml  @ $15  ~  30 ml @ $30

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"I started with Flow for 3 days. Then I moved on to I Feel Blessed for 3 days. And now I am doing Love Magnet. I took Love Magnet only one day before departing to Dubai and then I didn't resume taking Love Magnet again until after I returned home a week later. When I tell you my trip was absolutely amazing and people, things and experiences were magnetically drawn to me, I am not exaggerating. It was magical.  Even my best friend who was traveling with me was saying to me that she couldn't understand what or how but I had an energy surrounding me that has these things magnetized to me. She said whatever you are doing keep doing 'cause something is on you."  Isis T  Annapolis MD




Clear & Protect

"Clear & Protect"  

Clear & Protect balances, nourishes and strengthens your auric field from the inside out, radiating a higher frequency that clears your energy field of negative thoughts, feelings and negative energies.   Provides a buffer from the harmful effects of all types of negative energies, dissonance and EMF's that have no place in your energy field, allowing your clear energy field to radiate out to balance your environment and those around you.  It's like a constant meditation, keeping you in balance, aware, attuned and connected to your higher self

By clearing the static and energy blockages from your energy field, Clear & Protect promotes a free-flow of intuition, which provides protection and discernment in another important way.  Unimpeded, your vibration rises, allowing you to experience life from a higher perspective and a more balanced reality.  You are better able to adapt and recover from your daily challenges  

Clear & Protect offers you an effortless way to raise your vibration and the vibration of the planet!  Works in minutes and leaves a light, happy positive feeling all day


"Clear & Protect is truly amazing !! The situation at work has not changed but I am not being affected by it.   I remain happy ……   focused …... and am able to keep my team positive as they “flounder” thru the night. I was really feeling it all before. Even considered quitting."  Cyndi H  Indiana


Clear & Protect is well suited to individuals beginning to open to higher consciousness, self-healing or spiritual transformation.  It is also recommended for healers and psychics who unintentionally absorb the energies of their clients, as well as those who are sensitive or empathic and are easily knocked out of balance by absorbing the energies of those around them


Use as needed   

15 ml  @ $15  ~  30 ml @ $30 

Also available in Chakra Set  and in Stress Relief Pack

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"As a professional empath I find CLEAR & PROTECT invaluable in helping me determine which emotions are mine and what belongs to my clients.  It also enhances my ability to accurately 'read' people without my own mental 'stuff' getting in the way.  And it allows me to quickly let go of whatever I 'read' in people's energy fields without it lingering or affecting me.  I use C&P almost every day.  I always feel the difference within just a few minutes "  Lori D'Ascenzo


"I love Clear and Protect, I take it orally, also made a spray with it which is amazing and have put it with an organic lotion mixed with essential oils. I also use it to cleanse my Vogel star of David pendant that I wear."  DR  TX


"I can't tell you how grateful I am for your essences. The relief of the past 3 days has been much needed and literally what I've been praying for. You are truly gifted. Thank you so much"  Kathleen C Toronto ON




Empath Attunement"Empath Attunement"

A powerfully transforming essence that begins by clearing deep subconscious karmic weaknesses which prevent you from fulfilling your empathic gifts and fully.  The essence then goes on to prompt an inner evolution.  You shift beyond the empathic ability to feel people’s feelings and begin to move deeper to connect at the soul level where you feel and perceive people differently—with deeper compassion, neutrality, and detached understanding.  At the same time as your energy moves outward, you are inwardly stronger, more balanced and stable, and feel secure in your power and protection


"The biggest change is I'm not bombarded with the thoughts and energy of other people anymore.  I'm unaware of what they think of me.  Nice."  Evelyn R  TX 


Where previously your empathic abilities or introversion may have led you to feel insecure, anxious, or out of balance in social situations because you either sensed insincerity, were overwhelmed by sensory input, felt drained and out-of-sorts afterward, or felt no kinship with others, EMPATH ATTUNEMENT allows you to interact with others while feeling centred, confident and connected.  Your energy remains strong and you do not feel drained or out of balance    

This essence has also demonstrated an ability to clear hexes and curses   


Use as needed for up to 7 days at a time   

15 ml  @ $15  ~  30 ml @ $30

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Nurturer in Balance
"Nurturer In Balance"
Helps you hold your balance as a natural nurturer.  This essence fusion is so very helpful for alternative health professionals and spiritual healers who are always busy looking after everyone else's needs except their own!  It is ideal for those in nurturing professions, such as nurses, alternative healers and empaths, and for those who tend to be 'rescuers' and want to 'fix' or help everyone
NURTURER IN BALANCE keeps you from being overly nurturing, from taking your work home with you mentally and energetically, and from 'rescuing'.  It instills the balance needed to stop you from being a selfless martyr and prompts you to look after your own needs while you help others   
NURTURER IN BALANCE may also assist with weight issues that result from constantly absorbing the unhealthy energies of others
Use for 3-5 days as needed
30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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Shield provides an energetic shield to protect you from psychic attack, negativity, other people's emotional debris, and ‘toxic’ people.  Specially designed to protect those who are ultra-sensitive and those who need energetic protection 

It protects those who are easily exhausted or negatively affected by crowds and exposure to too many people.   Also helpful for those who are ultra-sensitive to EMF's, computers, and environmental stimulus  

Shield also helps dissipate negative thought processes.  It helps to counteract anxiety and imbalance brought on by close encounters with others, which can be a blessing for introverts  

"While taking Shield I found that I was able to stay disconnected from other people's emotions which was very nice!"  Donna S  OK

Now you can protect yourself (and your pets!) from those people in your life whose negativity leaves you feeling anxious, drained, or out of sorts.  Groups or gatherings will no longer leave you feeling so overwhelmed or drained.  You can even use SHIELD to energetically protect yourself during divorce or a bad relationship breakup

"The shield works amazingly"  Lisa L  Middletown CT

It is also very helpful when you have to spend time in workplaces or situations that are not aligned with your personal and spiritual values, or when attending group functions or funerals 

Use as needed  

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50 


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"I have really been enjoying the essences!  I noticed the effects of Shield IMMEDIATELY and I am ready to order more. I never ever want to run out!"  Chyna W  Mill Creek WA



Also available ... our more gentle versions of SHIELD for sensitive pets and children

 Shield for Children   30 ml  @ $30

Shield for Pets   30 ml  @ $30








Very helpful for sensitive spiritual beings who are traumatized by social injustice and all the wrongs in the world, and are easily overwhelmed with feelings of helplessness to change anything.  RESTORE re-balances, calms, and restores optimism and innocence that was lost  

RESTORE dissolves chaos and static within the energy field when emotional trauma is experienced, and instills a feeling of smooth, expansive wholeness and joy.  It instills supportive grounding and balance to keep you feeling solid and stable 


Use as needed for hyper-sensitivity  

Use for 21-66 days for PTSD

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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FLOW offers graceful mind-body-spirit harmony.  Restores flow of universal connection when you feel disconnected, stuck, stalled, blocked, or 'off your game'.  Helps to release resistance, frustration, fear, worry, guilt, and resulting shoulder tension and neck stiffness.  Calms your mood and creates inner balance with energy to act.  Places you in 'the zone' to use the law of attraction 

Flow is also ideal for those days you don't have time to meditate.  It helps you maintain inner balance and universal connectedness.  


Use as needed

15 ml  @ $15  ~  30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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"I have already noticed an improvement in my mindset and well being from the Flow and Restore essences I have started using."  Holly J  Sarasota FL




Karma Clear


"Karma Clear" 

A very powerful clearing and purging remedy that leaves you feeling free and unencumbered.  Dissolves the negative effects from your past  

KARMA CLEAR overwrites guilt, karmic debt, unforgiven past experiences, and unhealthy energetic ties to those from your past.  It can even reach into past lives when needed  

Karma Clear may also help to clear hexes or curses, including ancestral curses.  Leaves you feeling clear and unimpeded


Use for 21 days.  Repeat for 3-5 days once a month to dissolve new karma before it negatively impacts your life

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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"All I can say is “WOW!” This is some powerful stuff. Since day one so many changes have been happening in my life and they’re all good.  It’s like this essence was a super charged high voltage that busted through the blockage."  Daniel O  Pico Rivera CA    





Soul Retrieval

"Soul Retrieval"

SOUL RETRIEVAL helps to dissolve the feeling that you need to be perfect in order to be spiritual.  It helps reclaim fragmented or disowned aspects of self caused by accident trauma, sexual or physical abuse, deep emotional trauma, religious conditioning, perfectionism, misguided spiritual beliefs, or critical self-judgment.  Helpful for those who have suffered an emotional trauma that has caused an internal disconnect.  Helps you find joy in your own inner child 

Helps overcome negative past life experiences that are sabotaging you in this lifetime.  Helpful for those who reject or disown their own 'shadow self' or negative attributes.  Re-integrates your whole self, including negative qualities you have rejected or disownedAllows you to accept and integrate your negative qualities 

Disowned aspects of self can sometimes appear as dark shadows or attacking entities.  If shadows or entities return persistently despite repeated energetic clearing, then consider that SOUL RETRIEVAL may perhaps be what is actually needed


Use for 21 days

30 ml  $30   

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"Old memories of self, mistakes I made and would not face, have come up.  I remembered the times I was not treated with respect, and suddenly realized it was because I was giving away my power by disowning myself.  As the essence progresses, my creative self-expression and inner child have returned.  Nice"  Lori D  Thorold





Chakra Balancing Set

Set of 10 essences provides multiple benefits.  Each chakra formula addresses the emotional causes and vibrational imbalances associated with disruptions in the chakric system.  It's a convenient 'tuning kit' in a bottle when you don't have time for a Reiki or Vibro-Acoustic treatment!  Use as needed to restore clearing and lasting balance to body and mind     

Chakra System


     .Root Ckakra  Provides grounding and vitality.  Helpful for traumas or shock
     .Sacral Chakra  Opens you to pleasure and fun.  Inspires creativity.  Use with 3rd Eye to promote the ability to manifest what you envision
     .Solar Plexus  Restores internal balance and self empowerment and releases karma to promote a return to innocence
     .Heart  Fosters love and vibrant health
     .Thymus  Provides soul grounding when you want to leave your body or escape
     .Throat Chakra  Fosters release of guilt and fear.  Promotes forgiveness.  Aids in communicating your needs
     .Zeal Point  Promotes balance of central nervous system.  Promotes forgiveness of self.  Opens you to universal energies
     .3rd Eye  Expands consciousness and heightens intuition.  Use with Sacral Chakra to promotes the ability to manifest what you envision
     .Crown Chakra  Instills unconditional love and clarity.  Connects you to Divine intelligence

     .Clear & Protect  30 ml  A wonderful antidote to the negative energies around you!  Clears your auric field.  Acts as a shield against EMF's, negativity, psychic attacks, etc. and keeps you from absorbing other people's energies.  Enhances your intuition


15 ml dropper bottles + 30 ml Protection  $165 value.  $125  (save $40!)

30 ml set  $300 value  $199.98  (save $100) 


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You can also Order chakra bottles individually