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Wellness in the Workplace


It's an alarming fact that 79% of long-term disability claims in Canada are related to some type of mental imbalance.  In fact, mental illness in the workplace costs the Canadian economy a staggering $51 billion a year!


Did you know that 85% of the population feels they are not happy? 


Depression is 10X more prevalent today than it was in the 1950's.  Stress is now the number one health complaint in North America!

And a clinical study revealed that unhappy people are 3X more likely to come down with a cold (or other virus!  That's because stress lowers immune function in your body

Workplace settings pose many challenges, from everyday stress, to workplace bullying, sexual harassment, going unrecognized for your contributions, being passed over for promotions or raises, a critical boss, or even jealousy or negativity from your co-workers

On average, a single mental health sick leave costs a company about $18,000.  That is double the cost of any other type of sick leave.   Yet  84% of companies in Canada have no process to address significant changes in employee productivity or behavior.  Only 1 in 5 businesses are addressing this issue as a priority

That is primarily because employees are afraid to come forward and say they are suffering from depression, stress or anxiety.  There is a fear of being ostracized or isolated, or of losing their job or not getting a promotion.  For many people their superiors ARE the cause of their stress or anxiety 


Stress ~ Depression ~ Anxiety ~ Addiction ~ Bi-polar Disorder ~ Schizophrenia ~ ADHD


A happy, productive employee is a company's best asset and best source of profit!   Happy employees don't take days off.  They have fewer addictions, and fewer health issues or sick days.  They are more creative, more responsible, more efficient, and get along better with others.  And that translates into bigger profits for any business!


We offer fast, easy, inexpensive solutions to help ensure mental and emotional wellness in your workplace.  Our simple effective remedies for stress can help everyone in your office!   The beneficial effects of our products and services are

  • increased productivity and enthusiasm
  • improved interactions with others
  • fewer sick days
  • no side effects or risk of addiction
  • increased initiative and creative problem solving
  • deeper sense of happiness and fulfillment
  • better workplace relationships
  • better resistance to stress






*statistics from Mood Disorders Canada



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