October 11, 2018 @ 5:03 PM

Love, gratitude, joy and other positive, high vibration emotions flow through you from the universe.  They energize you and leave you feeling expanded, lighter, fuller, and complete

But, negative feelings such as anger and grief come from within you.  They are fueled by your own substance, so they wear you out and leave you feeling like you are less than you are  

Negative emotions can be helpful because they can make you realize or see clearly where your needs are not being met.  But, if you ignore, suppress, or disown your negative feelings and they stay inside of you unresolved, they will continue to prompt the release of harmful neuro-peptides that can detrimentally affect your physical health  

Are you ready.........

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October 5, 2018 @ 7:20 PM

We have found an amazing new way to clear your house of office of negativity!  It is based on a Feng Shui salt water cure.

Place 1/4 cup epsom salt in a small clean open-mouth glass mason or jam jar.  Use a jar that has a screw-on lid, and is inexpensive, because you will throw it away in 3 months' time.

Add 1 cup spring water.  (Don't use tap water, as it contains chlorine)

Add 15 ml Clear & Protect directly from the bottle (1/2 of a 30 ml bottle)

Leave the lid off, but keep it with the jar for future use.  Place the jar in an inconspicuous spot (such as behind books on a shelf) in an area of your home that feels 'dead' or negative, or needs clearing and protection, such as under stairs, in the ......

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October 1, 2018 @ 9:00 AM

To manifest your wishes and desires more readily, your vibration has to be as light and high as possible.  As Benjamin Disraeli said, “You will never go any higher than you think”

This means your health should be optimal, the food you eat healthy and nutritious, and you must practice forgiveness

Organic food carries a much higher vibration than commercially farmed produce.  Vegetarian diets free the body of heavy digestion.  Fresh live foods naturally possess more life energy than meat (dead animals) or processed foods

Supplement your diet with quality nutritional products, particularly super-food supplements.  It is important to ensure plenty of minerals in your body as calcium ions promote .........

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September 26, 2018 @ 3:20 PM

Many people have come to believe that we must search for happiness, or earn it, or buy it, as though it is a rare and elusive jewel 

Do you spend your days working hard so you can buy the lifestyle and possessions you believe will make you happy?  Are you trying to become what others want and expect so you can feel loved and accepted?  Do you see happiness as something outside of yourself, something you need to acquire?  Take our Happiness Quiz and see how your life rates

Happiness is one of the easiest things in the world to experience.  Just let go of the concept that you have to earn or find it.  Happiness has been inside you all the time, just waiting for you to throw out the avalanche of 'emotional.........

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September 18, 2018 @ 9:00 AM

Animals that show up in your life are very special.  They are your teachers as well as your students

All animals feel emotions.  But, from you, an animal learns about complex or evolved emotions such as compassion, as well as about self-awareness.  By opening themselves up energetically to us, animals literally experience our feelings

It is no accident that you choose a particular pet or that an animal has chosen you.  You are drawn to what the animal has to teach you.  Humans seek to validate their feelings.   Therefore, they generally choose human and animal companions that either mirror their points of view, or are diametrically opposed 

Your pets express certain personality characteristics.........

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September 12, 2018 @ 9:00 AM

The art of happy living comes from success at becoming your true self and then loving your true self just as you are
"Love is the miracle cure.  Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives"  Louise Hay
We often see our most intense emotions as an aspect of our darker human side.  We mistakenly believe intense emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, and longing are negative and unproductive and will push others away from us.  Sometimes it does
But, that is because how people choose to 'hear' what you say and interpret what you do, is always ALWAYS filtered through their own experiences, perceptions and beliefs
So, .........

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September 5, 2018 @ 8:09 AM

"Be the change you want to see in the world"  Mahatma Ghandi


There's a wonderful side effect of taking our potentized living essences!  It's the positive effect you have on others!  We call it "The Enlightened Feelings Effect!"

As your vibration raises and your consciousness expands from taking our essences, you begin to see the world in a more positive, life affirming way.  You respond to situations differently.  And that will change all your relationships

You'll also become a role model ... Someone that others want to emmulate.  They'll ask how you got to be so happy ... and you will want to help them to choose happiness, just like you did

When you use our .........

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August 20, 2018 @ 8:30 AM

You have within you the potent power to manifest anything you truly desire.  It happens when you align the energy of your thought with the power of your feelings

Your present reality is, in fact, created entirely by your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes, whether or not you are conscious and deliberate with these thoughts and feelings

Manifesting is a natural biproduct of pure, uninterupted, unrefined thought aligned with feeling.  FEELINGS are the secret ingredient




First a thought.  Thought becomes activated by a feeling, a desire.  Unencumbered, uninterupted thought and feeling begin to ...............

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August 6, 2018 @ 8:00 AM


Control issues and perfectionism develop in childhood, generally around the age of 5 years.  This is when you first become aware of yourself in the context of your environment and other people.  You begin to develop social awareness and learn about yourself in relation to your family and others  

When you grow up in an environment that does not feel safe or secure, you quickly develop coping mechanisms to maintain a feeling of safety and security.  If you have experienced dysfunctional family situations such as a perfectionist parent, criticism, abuse, an alcoholic or mentally ill parent, abandonment, or foster care, you will very likely developed control issues

As an adult, the need to be in control to stay .........

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August 1, 2018 @ 8:00 AM


What if everything you learned, experienced, and came to believe as a child is secretly sabotaging you now?  ....


"life is a struggle' ... "I am not OK just as I am" ... " I am not loveable" ... "I don't deserve ..." .... "I can only count on myself" ...


How did you come to have beliefs that are harmful to your happiness?  Why would you adopt these beliefs if they don't make you happy? 


You have 7 basic needs.  These basic needs will motivate and color every action and decision you make throughout your life

safety/security ~ belonging ~ love ~ self-esteem ~ happiness ~ fulfillment ~ challenge/growth


But, what if you .........

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