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Enchanted Garden Experience 1-day workshop!
It's 'happiness therapy' for your heart and soul!
smell the flowers!
1-day workshops (dates currently unavailable) ....
Have you ever wondered how Shamans know how to go out into nature and find the exact element they need to heal body, mind or soul?  Everything we need to heal ourselves of every disease or negative emotional state already exists within nature.  It is universal law that everything has it's counterpart to ensure balance within the universe.  For every disease there must be a natural cure.  Shamans find these remedies within living plants  
"What a re-enchantment of the world that would be, to look around and see that the plants and trees of knowledge grow in the garden still"  Michael Pollan
We invite you to explore the wisdom of ancient shamans and tap into your own inner 'plant whisperer'.
Feel soul-expanding awe and reverence as your connection to nature blossoms while you find profound healing and inner harmony for your own heart and soul!
Experience for yourself the Enlightened Feelings workshop that people from all over the world have raved about ... 
We'll take you on a fascinating journey of self-discovery into a deep and profound oneness with the living sentient world around you ... with a garden of wildflowers and our own Enlightened Feelings living flower frequencies as your wise and gentle guides
It's an adventure for your soul ... the perfect antidote when you are feeling stressed, lost, stuck, or without purpose ... a regenerative boost when city living has caused you to lose your connection with nature ... revitalizing and restorative when you need a health boost ... and profoundly spiritual as you connect deeply to the earth and a loving universal wisdom higher than your own self
 communing with flowersYou'll spend the morning in the gardens quietly and reverently exploring your senses, intuition and deepest heart with our guidance
and a world of elementals and flowers quietly speaking to you,
sharing their wisdom
feel the frequencies of the essence
...  Then we'll head indoors.  
After a fresh vegetarian lunch followed by a profound guided meditation, you'll be immersed in a serene Bliss and Balance experience.  One by one, our living flower frequencies will caress the hidden recesses within your heart and soul, soothing and restoring inner harmony while they help you rediscover and love the real you  
The Enchanted Garden Experience is a full day of
unique and profound sensory mind-expanding experiences
that will forever change you!
The investment is just $99 including vegetarian lunch!
"Loved Every part of it!  I will recommend it to others"  Megan K  St Catharines ON
Workshops take place rain or shine!  (Remember when you were a kid and loved to play in the rain?  It was so freeing and fun!  Flowers, frogs and faeries are delighted when it rains so your experience may become even be more special!)  Bring an umbrella and a change of clothes, just in case!  
bliss in the garden  
Bring a friend or two, or come alone and make new friends! 
getting to know the flowers "Your workshop was such an amazing experience for me. I loved learning more about what it is that you do and how you do it. I look at every flower differently now and wonder what lessons it has to teach us. But more so than any of that, your workshop helped me connect with myself again. It validated some of the feelings that I was having and helped to name some of the other feelings that I hadn't been able to identify yet. I've told all my friends what an incredible, life-changing experience it was for me and recommended that they check out your website"  Chalcea H  Wichita Kansas
intimately connecting with flowers
"The information of flowers' wisdom telling us messages through their body languages was totally new to me and changed my way of looking at them ... I randomly selected flowers in the garden and flower essence bottles but all was 'no accident', it was surely telling me a story of me... I will definitely recommend.  It's worth travelling from Japan"  Ami K  Japan 

intuitively connecting with plants and flowers

"I would recommend this class and the experience.  The class will heighten your abilities to intuitively select flower essences that speak to you in a delightful and encouraging way.  It makes you feel like you are truly contributing to shifting yourself, people and animals to a new level."  Pam M  Pt Dalhousie ON
Won't you join us for this amazing experience combining a wild garden of living flowers and our amazing living flower essences?
$99 includes lunch  Register
Redbud in bloom in the forest
The amazing health benefits of an
Enchanted Garden Experience
One of the biggest benefits of spending time in beautiful organic/natural or wild gardens may come from breathing in phytoncides.  These are health-enhancing chemicals emitted by trees and plants.  Among other benefits, they cause a surge in cancer-fighting white blood cell activity and decrease stress hormone levels
Multiple benefits of our Enchanted Garden Experience includes:
  •    Gentle effortless healing of your heart and soul 
  •    Improvement in mood and sense of happiness
  •    Boosted immune system functioning
  •     Reduced blood pressure
  •     Reduced levels of stress hormones
  •     Accelerated recovery from surgery or illness
  •     Improved sleep
  •     Deeper and clearer intuition
  •    Increased flow of vitality
  •    Increased awareness and capacity to communicate with and understand the world around you
  •    Deepening of your ability to focus and to stay present in the moment
  •    Greater self acceptance
  •    Enhanced connection to the Divine
Bliss and Balance
Bliss & Balance ...
Melt into gentle serenity as you effortlessly dissolve all that is not in balance within your soul ...
  • Deeply relax into a soul-connecting meditation
  • Be amazed at your own wisdom as you begin to recognize and 'feel' the frequencies of living flowers
  • Connect with your inner heart and intuition to discover what you need for balancing and wellness  
  • Feel, sample, experiment.  Let the amazing energies of our essence remedies instill whatever your heart and soul needs right now.  Discover how effortlessly they will assist, heal and uplift you
  • Find healing and balance in a profound way that may change your life

our showroomFlower essence fusions that your soul uniquely aligns with will be available for purchase after the playshop


What stood out most for me was the individuality of each flower and the wisdom each and every flower contains... I see flowers differently now... The way I look at them has changed... It was a unique and wonderful opportunity to immerse myself into and connect personally with the process that has shifted my life. To be able to experience that with the wisdom, experience and support that Lori brings was an amazing experience that I continue to carry with me"  Wendy P  Salt Lake City Utah

Register onlinestudying flowers in the Enlightened Feelings gardens
or by phone  519-586-2983
 Join the Workshop
Lori D'Ascenzo studying Bouganvillia in Panama
or register by phone...
OR ... YOU be the host and invite us to come to YOUR area to present a workshop!
Located 1 hr from Hamilton airport or London ON ~ 2 hrs from Toronto or Niagara Falls ON ~ 2.5 hrs from the Peace Bridge in Buffalo NY
Extend your stay for a weekend and enjoy the scenic beauty and spectacular beaches of Long Point Beach, Turkey Point, and Port Dover ON!  Stay at local B&B's or cottages

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