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18+ Hidden Reasons You Can't Lose Weight ...


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Every day we receive amazing testimonials about the results people achieve using our essence remedies and custom formulas.  So, you can imagine how disconcerted we felt when we discovered our weight loss remedy was rather 'hit and miss'.  With some people it would achieve great results.  With others, nothing at all

That meant our remedy wasn't addressing ALL the issues surrounding an inability to lose weight.  So, we put out a request on Facebook for volunteers to participate in a field trial study for a new weight loss remedy

We tested lots of individuals to find a better remedy ... and uncovered startling information.  We found at least a dozen different reasons why a person retains weight and is unable to lose it.  Or is able to lose weight but then quickly regains it again


EIGHTEEN different unconscious beliefs!!  WOW!

Our weight loss formula addressed defensiveness and over-nurturing--what we thought were the two main causes of weight gain in a person who was making healthy food choices and exercising.  No wonder our remedy didn't always work!



Here are some of the common issues we found ...

Survival ~ Scarcity ~ Defense ~ Control Issues ~  Fear of Intimacy  ~ PunishmentEmotional Starvation ~ Spiritual Starvation ~ Reward ~  Martyr Syndrome  ~  Over-nurturing ~ Lack of Nurturing ~ Negative Self-image ~ Nursing Old Hurts ~ Suppressing ~ StressInvalidation ~ Self-indulgence


Were we to create a different remedy for each individual cause of weight gain?   We realized that maybe we already had remedies that could work ... remedies we had already created for other purposes.  These remedies were already addressing the very issues we are finding in people with weight loss problems  

We simply have to correctly identify the mental pattern(s) a person holds, and then apply the appropriate remedy to overwrite it.  When combined with healthy eating and exercise, the weight will gradually diminish without regaining it again

For example...

Eating for any reason other than nutrition is emotional eating.  So eating can be both a physical and emotional survival strategy

     Your body tells the truth even when you don't.  Whether it is saying "I am not fine" by over-eating, or manifesting pain, or health issues, the truth is revealed through your body



When you experience starvation, even for a short time, your body switches to 'survival mode'.  Your body might be remembering not enough mother's milk as a baby, neglect or scarcity as a child, hunger from constant dieting, feeling starved for emotional connection, or maybe even death by starvation in a previous incarnation

     Your brain cannot tell the difference between physical starvation and emotional starvation.  Both states release the same neuro-peptides that tell your body to begin packing away fat ('saving for a rainy day') to stave off future starvation.  Fat cells are specifically designated to be a sort of 'pantry' where your body stores sustenance for times of dire need  

     Perhaps you are eating food, but not receiving nutrition from it.  Eating foods that are 'empty' of nutrition can make your body and brain feel starved!  These include processed (packaged) foods and non-organic produce.  These foods also lack enzymes to help you digest them, which can compromise your ability to absorb what you eat.  That's why 'empty calories' such as junk food can cause you to gain weight
     When your body experiences starvation and then receives food, your cells now want to store it in the form of energy-rich fat, to save for future scarcity.  Fat cells form a layer underneath the skin and act as a cushion to the surrounding body tissues and organs. As your body stores more and more fat, the number of fat cells remains the same. Each fat cell simply expands!  Hence, weight gain can occur even when you eat very little.  In this case, an essence remedy such as 'Abundance' or 'I Feel Blessed' might be helpful   



So, fat cells protect you by literally forming a cushion between you and the world.  It's rather like using bubble wrap to protect your delicate china! 

     This is a useful defense mechanism when you are very sensitive, easily hurt, or feel bullied, verbally, physically or sexually abused, or unsafe.  Another person's energy can affect you in a multitude of ways.  It can leave you feeling very vulnerable, drained, or off-balance.  And that can make you obsess about staying in control and holding your own space.  Food may feel like the only thing you can control.   Try Control Release followed by one of our Empowering Remedies     

     An essence such as Shield or Clear & Protect can effortlessly provide the feeling of safety and protection you need.  Social Butterfly can help you to feel open and receptive so you can engage with others comfortably in social activities



Do you have a fear of intimacy or distaste for sex with your partner?  Have you been sexually abused or assaulted? 

     Becoming unattractive to a partner, or setting a physical barrier can be a way to maintain distance and autonomy when you feel helpless to prevent violation.  Sexual Abuse Release can remove the emotional trauma that causes you to keep your distance from partners.  Respect Me!  and I Am Not A Victim instil inner strength and self-comfort that promotes respect from others and helps you stand your ground

     Perhaps you've had your heart broken and now are more distrustful in relationships.  You've now created a physical 'wall' as well as an emotional one to keep others at a distance.  Heartbreak Heal or Love Empowered or Unrequited Love Heal or Divorce Heal are helpful for releasing emotional defensiveness 




A fat 'shield' is very useful when you are unable to set healthy boundaries or speak up about what you want or need, or about what you don't want.  Mothers--especially new moms--tend to fit this category.  'Martyrs' are very loving gentle souls with an overly-developed sense of responsibility or duty.  They want to nurture others and ensure everyone gets their needs met.  But, it happens at their own expense

Women's Vitality addresses the emotional issues related to weight issues, disfunction of the thyroid, lack of self nurturing, and inability to ask for your needs to be met

Be Kind to Yourself essence remedy can help to restore healthy self-care

Support helps to replenish you when you everyone else but you is receiving nurturing  

Nurturer in Balance helps you to hold your loving energy without losing your balance and becoming over-nurturing or a rescuer   



Using food to suppress or avoid negative feelings   Sometimes feelings are so painful, raw, or shameful and embarrassing that we try to avoid them, suppress them, or numb the pain.  We do this with 'feel good' nurturing things such as food or alcohol.  Weight becomes a way to hide your feelings

     Until you heal the wounds of your past, you will continue to bleed emotionally.  You can assuage the pain with food, alcohol, drugs, etc, but eventually the emotional effects of your past will leak out and stain your life.  Only when you decide to step out of your history by healing it, can you become free.  We have many essence fusions to help you effortlessly heal the trauma of your past 



Invalidation  Perhaps you don't feel you have the courage or feel the right to express anger, or speak up about what you perceive as a lack of fairness.  This is often learned in childhood, when you were punished for speaking up or expressing your thoughts and feelings.  Instead of venting, you learned to eat, swallowing your feelings, stress, shame, or frustration.  Invalidation becomes the root of your need to eat.  You begin to use food as a substitute for not getting your own emotional needs met 

     Holding energy back in your throat area can result in thyroid malfunction (metabolic and hormonal imbalance) or even more severe disorders such as Lupus or other autoimmune diseases.  Thyroid disorders, in particular, are common in women who nurture and care for others, but abandon themselves or do not nurture themselves in healthy ways

     In fact, 1 in 4 women in North America have a thyroid problem resulting in a struggle with weight gain, exhaustion and lethargy, depression, hair loss and anxiety.  Thyroid problems are most often diagnosed as nutritional deficiencies.  But, if nutrition is key, why are thyroid issues more more prevalent in women than in men?

     Since the thyroid controls hormone function, it is logical that weight gain could be caused by improper thyroid function.  However, after the age of 40, hormone production switches primarily to the liver, so we have to look for a deeper explanation in older women 

     Women tend to be very self-sacrificing for their family and loved ones.  Busy nurturing and caring for others, they neglect to nurture themselves in healthy ways, or to speak up and ask for what they need and want.  We have found that virtually every woman who is self-sacrificing and who does not speak up for her own needs, ends up with thyroid problems.  Try Women's Vitality  

     The throat area is an area of energetic power...it is the seat of your voice.  A restriction of energy within an area of the body lowers the temperature, activity, and life force in that region, causing a breakdown in function.  So, when you hold back your words and do not speak up and ask for what you want and need, or for what is fair, you create a blockage or constriction in the throat area


Our antidotes to help promote self love are Love Yourself ~ Self Acceptance ~ Be Kind to Yourself  ~ I Am Lovable or Self Esteem  


Try Heart Speak to open up and communicate honestly about your feelings and needs



Inability to receive  Cells nurture and care for your physical body and life force by taking in energy and nutrients to burn as fuel, and then releasing 'waste materials' into the lymph system for elimination.  Potassium on the inside of the cell reacts to saline (salt) on the outside of the cell, causing an electrical arc that opens the cell wall allowing a transfer of nutrients and waste materials.  In essence, this the the microcosm that illustrates your ability or willingness to receive at the most basic cellular level

     If this process is interrupted or stopped, the cells will begin to withhold rather than risk starvation.  From an emotional perspective, when you are not nurturing yourself in healthy ways or receiving emotional nourishment, you are starving yourself emotionally.  Your cells will compensate by withholding.  The result is weight gain or oedema  



A physical 'fat barrier' can also result from negative self image or lack or personal empowerment. A physical barrier becomes a shield to hold people at a distance, or a way to punish or castigate yourself, or even a way to prove that you are unlovable  

Weight gain related to self-image tends to collect in the stomach area.   Try one of our essence remedies help to increase self-acceptance and self-empowerment



Control or punishment of others  Excess weight can be an unconscious way to punish parents or a spouse for not giving you what you need.  ("Look what you have done to me!"  "This is your fault")  Or, you might set up a physical 'fat barrier' against control or dominance by a parent, boss or spouse.  Try Control Release



Rebellion against control  Food and what you put into your body may feel like the only thing you can control or that gives you a sense of autonomy.   This can result in eating disorders.  The antidote is Control Release  or try one of our Empowering Essence Remedies




Some people have learned to use food such as sweets as an 'emotional cookie' after they have been hurt.  When you were a child, perhaps your mother or grandma gave you a treat to stop you from crying

     The aim was to distract you from your emotional pain.  But, what it inadvertently taught you was, "you shouldn't acknowledge your feelings", "find ways to distract yourself from your feelings', or "you will find nurturing and comfort from food"  

Deeply ingrained negative beliefs from childhood such as these need the power of a essence remedy such as Deep Wounds of Childhood ~ Trauma Release ~ Beloved Inner Child or Forgive My Past




Yearning causes emotional starvation.  Your cells are telling you that you are missing something on an emotional level.  What are you starved for? ...  Love, belonging, affection, acceptance, nurturing, safety? 

The type of food you crave can give you clues ... 

     Cravings for dairy products such as cheese or ice cream often relate to feeling un-nurtured or unloved.   Cravings for chocolate or sugar can mean there is not enough pleasure or happiness in your life.  Salt cravings can mean you unconsciously want to hold onto your feelings as an unhealthy way of nurturing yourself.  Cravings for sweets can mean that you have experienced prolonged stress or fear and your body now craves an energy boost via adrenaline 

Try one of our Inner Child Rescue remedies


Or, is your heart and mind starved for fulfillment, excitement, or growth?  Failing to follow your heart causes spiritual starvation.  Try Align to your Destiny



Unhealthy self-nurturing  Fat cells act as a thermo-suit to your body, helping to maintain optimal body temperature.  Fat is also important in energy metabolism--it feeds your body in times of need  

     So, wouldn't your fat cells try to compensate to nourish and feed your energy in another way?  Cells expand with fat to nurture you, when you aren't feeling nurtured or aren't nurturing yourself in healthy ways.  Your cells tell your body "Honey, I will love you, I will feed you, I will nurture you". Try one of our self-nurturing essence remedies to provide healthy self-nurturing




Are you nursing old hurts, emotional wounds, or holding onto the past or negative ideas and beliefs that aren't serving you?  Are you 'weighed down' or 'enveloped' by guilt, the past, and all the emotional burdens and hurts you are still holding onto?  The energetic 'weight' of these burdens accumulates in your auric field and translates to your physical body.  It's like layers of energetic clothing--an old wardrobe you are refusing to discard 

Your lymph system, which nourishes your cells and carrries toxins away for elimination, will become become stagnant, holding onto toxins instead of releasing that which you no longer need.  A symptom is retaining water--swelling in your legs, ankles, torso, or hands (oedema), or around your heart (congestive heart failure).  Helpful essence remedies:  Abandonment HealDeep Wounds of Childhood ~ Mother Healing ~ Forgiveness ~ Divorce Heal ~ or Heartbreak Heal 



Those who are empathic or overly nurturing, often take on the emotional debris and energies of those around them.  If you aren't protecting or clearing yourself constantly, you may gain weight in proportion to the emotional and energetic extra weight with which you are unintentionallyy burdening yourself  

     If you are a nurse, counsellor or emotional healer of any kind, an energy worker or a psychic, your natural nurturing tendancies may be the reason you can't lose weight.  Clear & Protect and Shield are essences that can be very helpful in clearing the energetic debris of others from your own auric field.  Support helps to replenish you when you aren't receiving nurturing



Stress is a very common cause of weight gain.  Stress releases adrenaline and cortisol--stress neuropeptides which are our natural defence mechanisms.  Stress occurs when a problem or situation feels bigger than you.  That's why stress weight gain tends to centre on the belly.  Stress is why men often gain weight in the stomach area.  Try any of our amazing stress relief remedies



Has life has lost its joy and sweetness for you?  Are you just going through the motions?  Are you denying yourself pleasure and beauty and not doing things that make your heart sing?  In that case, you may be rendering your body unable to enjoy or utilize sugars properly (diabetes) ... weight gain!

When you fail to follow your heart or enjoy what brings you pleasure and joy, obesity or diabetes could be how your body compensates.  You must feed your soul as well as your body.  Are you starved for fullfillment and purpose?  Have you abandoned your dreams or longings?  Have you been denied those pleasures or activities that make your heart sing?  Try Align to Your Destiny




Self indulgence is an emotional substitute for a lack of joy, excitement, fulfillment, enrichment, or purpose.  You long, crave, or yearn for something intangible ... and mood-altering drugs or foods become the closest your body can relate to this feeling.  Junk food, chocolate or sugar cause a quick 'high', so they can become an emotional substitute for happiness, excitement, or spiritual fulfillment.  Try Beat the Cravings or Align to Your Destiny

Junk foods and sugar cause a hyper-adrenal response in the body--a quick 'rush'.  Unfortunately, adrenaline is addictive.  And it quickly overtaxes your metabolism  

Drama Free helps counteract adrenaline addiction and stops over-reactions.  One of our stress-relief formulas such as Stress Buster, Flow or Chill Out can also help calm the adrenals. 

Beat the Cravings or Breaking Bad Habits can help to calm cravings or addictions.  If you need extra strength and willpower, add Strength and Resolve with one of these supportive essences.  These essences are also available as a set to save $  

Restore some joy to your life with I Feel Blessed, Young at Heart, Beloved Inner Child, or Carefree  

Save $ with our Self Care Pack




Why you can't keep to your diet or exercise regime?  When you diet or starve your body, you use up the supply in your fat cells, which automatically triggers your body's mechanism to replenish or replace in order to avoid starvation.  So, starvation on any level--physical, mental or emotional--will always signal your body to shift into survival mode and store more fat for future, even if you are eating very little     

      When you diet or exercise to lose weight, you are telling your body and brain "I am flawed.  There is something wrong with me."  Your brain then sees dieting as punishment and deprivation for your flaws  

     That's why you quickly lose your ability to maintain a diet or exercise program.  Your brain sees it as punishment and self-criticism, not reward or something that is helpful and loving toward yourself.  Try our Breaking Bad Habits Protocol


The only way to counteract fat storage is to supply your body with everything it needs.  High levels of nutrition tell your body that it has enough to survive.  A fulfilling life tells your body you are already full.  Confidence and self esteem tell your body that you are strong enough to be safe.  Healthy self-nurturing tells your body that you are looking after its needs


Still confused about what is causing your weight issues?  With so many potential causes for weight gain, and a strong reason not to maintain your diet, you may continue to be unsuccessful in losing weight permanently until you establish the exact emotional cause or causes.  We can assist  

Our custom testing protocol will quickly find your deeply held issues and unique emotional triggers.  A custom remedy will be designed just for you.  And we will work with you through the entire process.   We offer photo-testing services for those who live at a distance 


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