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One of the most important things you can do for your pets is to take steps to ensure their emotional health.  Just like humans, animals do feel emotions  
In fact, your pets suffer from all the same stressors and challenges that cause you to feel anxiety and stress .... moving to a new home or family, introduction of a new pet or family member, fear of thunderstorms or fireworks, learning new skills, the loss of a companion or loved one ... insecurity and loneliness


Stress and anxiety in an animal can cause annoying or destructive behaviours, loss of appetite or sleep, whining or barking, vices, neediness, and separation anxiety


"My dog Casey has turned into a lovely, sweet, obedient (mostly!) companion. She really turned around with your help! Thank you again for all you do to help heal the world!"  Kelly B Wilmington NC 


Emotional wellbeing is just as important as physical health.  It is particularly important if you want your pet to be well behaved and free of health issues.  Bad behavior and many health issues result from emotional imbalances and unhappiness


Dog Testimonial


Dogs and horses are social animals.  They live within groups and learn from one another.  All social animals have more evolved or complex emotions because they must bond with one another and form relationships in order to care for each other.  They depend on one another, trust each other, feel affection and emotional attachment, and work together to ensure their survival


So, when you bring a pet into your life to love and care for it, the animal will bond with you as part of its 'family' or pack, and quickly learn about emotions and interaction from you.  That means if you aren't in balance, your pet won't be either.  

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We offer safe, gentle, effective living flower essence fusions especially created for animals!  Our advanced protocols and powerful live botanical frequencies are carefully formulated and field tested to effortlessly balance your pet's psyche and quickly eliminate undesireable behaviours

Our revolutionary products improve attitude and personality ~ calm aggression ~ ease separation anxiety ~ release memories of trauma and abuse ~ eliminate bad behaviour ~ improve performance ~ promote a deeper bond with you ~ and help your animal feel happy, confident and serene 


Helpful behaviour-balancing remedies for horses, dogs and cats


Custom testing for your horse or pet's unique emotional needs



Do animals REALLY have feelings? 

Science has verified that animals feel all the same emotions that people feel!  Research has identified the limbic region as the 'feeling' and sensory part of the brain.  All mammals possess a limbic brain.  But, the 'feeling' part also extends far beyond the brain  

We now understand that every atom in the body carries consciousness in its valence electrons (what we call the 'aura').   Each CELL responds to 'feeling' and releases neuropeptides in response to the frequencies of those feelings.  

In 2006 Lori D'Ascenzo was able to prove that the presence of neuropeptides is what determines sentience ... not brain function as conventionally believed.  In fact, even a single celled organism experiences fear and pleasure

This means that all mammals and birds are sentient beings, with a full range of emotions and reactions to experiences.  In fact, since the limbic region is one of the most primitive parts of the brain, we now know that humans and animals have ALWAYS possessed emotions.  Feelings are an innate part of our sensory system and survival strategies.  Many social animals, such as apes, elephants, and whales also possess spindle cells, which help to process complex or higher emotions.  These special cells are found in social or pack animals and are linked with social organization, learning from one another, empathy and intuition.  ... 



Animals are actually more emotional than people ...

Where humans tend to rely on logic and language to interpret the world around them, animals rely on their senses to survive.  They 'feel' their way through the world, sniffing, seeing, tasting, touching, feeling, listening.  To communicate, they use subtle body language instead of voice, because in the wilds your voice gives away your location, and that makes you a target for unwelcome attention  

The limbic brain governs how we relate and interact with our world by extrapolating information via our senses--taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight and feeling.  It also governs related faculties such as emotions, learning, memories and our spiritual connection to something larger than ourselves.  In fact, emotions are really our 7th sense ... Learn more about our 7th sense



The limbic brain is much more powerful than the rational (cortical) brain.  It actually dictates 97% of your behaviour!  As an example, in humans, the limbic brain processes about 1200 thoughts per second, compared to the rational mind at 100 thoughts per second 

That means animals are not just 'feeling' beings.  They are much more so than humans, who tend to over-ride 'feeling' with logic!



Our Human-Animal Bond ...

Animals survive by using all seven senses to identify subtle nuances in their environment.  This includes body language within their own species, as well as the body language of other species including plants.  Interpreting body language helps them to know how to act or react to you ... as friend, prey, boss, or predator.  In this way, pets can often interpret the thoughts and feelings of their owners, simply by using their senses 


We have noticed a big improvement in Aero ...


Animals that naturally live in social groups, such as dogs and horses, tend to adopt complex human emotions more readily because they learn cues for proper social behaviour from their peers--their 'pack' or 'herd' members.  When people comprise their social group, humans become their role models

Animals that spend a lot of time with humans are even more likely to develop complex emotions, since we learn the higher emotions such as compassion and altruism by example from others.  As a result, pets often begin to act a lot like their owners!    


A sensitive, nurturing animal will also tend to energetically absorb the emotions of humans with whom it is interacting.  It will actually feel what you feel

Hence, we often find that many domestic animals mirror some of the subtle body language, feelings, and behaviors of their owners or caregivers.  That can make them change behavior, develop health issues and vices, or become depressed or neurotic  


Learn how emotional and behaviour issues can cause health problems



You don't need to neglect or abuse your pet to make it become sick or neurotic.  You just need to neglect or abuse YOURSELF or choose not to heal your own emotional issues!  Pets often become a mirror or catalyst for you to see what is out of balance within YOU



My dog has shifted so much over the past couple of days...

It's no accident that you have chosen a particular animal to become your companion.  Humans seek to validate their feelings, and therefore will generally choose human and animal companions that mirror their points of view

Your animal's personality plays an important role in teaching you lessons that may seem too threatening when presented by a human companion.  It is a gentle but firm prodding on a day to day basis that creates the opportunity for change.  Animals also help you to become aware of your priorities and motivations



End those negative behaviours effortlessly!    


For the love of your pet .... Learn the true cause of the problem behaviour while we quickly, gently, profoundly restore balance with our revolutionary protocols.  Our astonishing living floral frequencies offer a gentle, profoundly effective way to restore optimal performance and joy to your dog, cat or horse.  No stress to you or the animal!  The effects are rapid and lasting.  your pet becomes serene and happy.   And that will make YOU happy, too! 

Whether you want a prepared remedy or a custom testing and formula to ensure we get to the root of your pet's problem, we can easily release trauma, stress, long-standing health problems and emotional issues, while enhancing attitude, behavior, performance and well-being

You simply give a few drops of living flower essences to the animal daily for 3-21 days.  You'll see changes almost immediately! 

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Here's some of the ways our living flower essences can help your dog, cat or horse...

  • eliminate 'bad' behaviours
  • improve attitude, enhance performance, and increase calm confidence
  • balance the psyche of abused, injured, or rescued animals (including wild animals) to restore healthy behaviour
  • stop separation anxiety
  • overcome panicked fear responses from fireworks or gunshots
  • promote stress-free weaning
  • rapid recovery from shock or trauma
  • help animals cope with stress and change with travel, a new home, the introduction of a new animal, person or baby, or visits to the vet
  • eliminate aggressive behaviour
  • promote deeper bonding and understanding between pet and owner
  • lift depression and improve overall happiness, wellbeing and sense of security
  • help shy animals gain more confidence and social skills



Before and after photos of a client

Clarke before essences


Clarke after taking our essences

Before testing, Clarke (photo left) was highly aggressive and needed to be muzzled when around people, especially men.  He couldn't be trusted.  His vet wanted to give him sedatives.  But, that really wouldn't change Clarke's trust issues 


After 3 weeks....Note the relaxed happy demeanour of Clarke after completing his custom essence remedy.  His eyes are bright and shining. Clarke no longer has to wear a muzzle.  Life is so much happier now for both pet and owner! 


Pet Remedies   ~   Photo testing



Here are just a few of the problems we have effectively assisted 

separation anxiety ... panicked fears (fireworks, etc) ... aggressiveness ... whining (anxiety) ... depression ... timid or fearful ... weaning ... barn-sour ...  unfocused attention ... stubborn resistance to training ... anti-social ... jealousy ... adapting to change (new baby, new location, etc) ... loss of companion (grief) ... hospice (terminal illness) ... lameness ... recovery from injury ... human-animal bond ... soured performance horse ... lack-lustre performance (competition animals)


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