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These stories are about the beautiful ways we give love and support to your beloved animals, and the beautiful way you choose to honour this.  These are individual personal experiences with our testing sessions and botanical frequencies for animals

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Clark's story


Clarke's Story ..."What can I say in only a few short words except it saved my  life! I  was a rescue dog saved from a horrible situation. I had many many issues and fears. My mom had to have me on calming treats and muzzled unless home alone with her. The vet wanted to put me on strong sedatives 24/7.

One treatment was all I needed to return to the happy go lucky content guy I really am. I can never thank you enough for saving me from that dark and scary place!   woof woof!"  Clark  

Written by owner Shannon F from Niagara Falls 


Storm's story ... Storm is a rare palomino saddlebred.  As naturally high-strung breed, Diane just accepted that when Storm got upset, he would get totally wound up and out of control.  His insecurity caused him to crowd other horses, as well.  After taking our Calm & Secure ALONE separation anxiety remedy, Storm became relaxed, confident and a much more trustworthy mount.  In Diane's words  "Storm has become the horse of my dreams!"


Flash has lost his separation anxietyFlash's story ... Flash was a 14 yr old thoroughbred gelding.  He was a great trail horse.  Then, suddenly Flash began to panic uncontrollably when left alone.  This made it impossible for his owner to take him off the property for trail rides.  And, she could not take her other horse and leave Flash alone.  Shelly was at her wit's end!  After an animal communication session to discover the source of Flash's anxiety, Flash was given a custom essence remedy.  Just 2 weeks later, Flash was behaving completely normal. Shelly regularly rides him alone and even trailered him out west.


Stashin' Ashes' was a thoroughbred who showed consistently poor performance, running wide on the far turn, and always trailing last in the home stretch.  As a last resort, his trainer called me for help

After communicating with the horse I learned he had simply given up.  He was frustrated that no one listened to him or let him run the way he wanted to run.  And he had developed pain in the hip and sacral area as a result of feeling stifled and held back.  He also said no one took him seriously   

Stashin' Ashes wins big!The trainer admitted that the horse was 'off' in the back-end.  I asked for the horse's barn name.  It was 'Joker'!  I suggested they change the name to something cool like 'Stash'.  I advised that the horse was very fast and powerful and needed to be allowed to run wire to wire without being rated or checked.  I created a custom essence formula for empowerment and to ease frustration and control issues.  I treated and relieved the hip pain

The trainer gave my instructions to the jockey.  A long-shot, Stash won by a commanding 8.5 lengths widening!  He won again soon after in a photo finish (see image above)


"My vet is very traditional and never would have given me the variety of solutions you have just shown me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  Heather H  St Catharines ON


"I was treating my standardbred mare for a fractured pelvis.  After more than a year of trying every therapy I could think of, the mare still could not walk.   After  just 21 days using AH (Accelerated Healing), the mare was walking!  After 40 days, the mare was 95% improved."    Blaine K    Brantford ON


Buddy's story ... Brenda Langendoen is a polular western coach and horse trainer in Effingham ON.  She had owned Buddy for 5 years.  Buddy was tense and spooky, especially when approached from his left side.  He was very mistrusting of people.  Brenda always worked long and hard to relax and warm up Buddy before training sessions.  It was never a pleasant experience for either of them, and, as a result, Brenda found she rode the horse less and less over time.  

Vet checks could find nothing physically wrong with the horse.  Brenda called me to see if I could help  

We begain with an energy healing to relax Buddy, and then tested to discover his emotional issues.  During the treatment Buddy relaxed and stretched deeply for the first time.  He immediately became more friendly.  After Buddy had received the first dose of his custom remedy, the stable boarders immediatley noticed such a difference in the horse that they requested custom testing sessions for their own horses!

Buddy no longer shies when approached.  He is calm, relaxed, and co-operative.  Brenda is delighted that she no longer has to warm up before riding.  30 days after beginning his custom formula, Buddy began competing in reining.  He won second at his very first show, performing flawlessly!  And, the entire stable won the year-end award for most points.   


After using Calm & Secure PLUS:  "I wanted to share an exciting update on my dog Pennie!  Yesterday hunters were out shooting behind our property which has always been a huge issue.  Instead of whining and crying and trying to hide or attach herself to me she actually turned and barked towards the shooters. Thrilling!"   Claire S  Clifford ON


Theo no longer has anxiety

Theo's story ... Mixed breed dog Theo was exhibiting high-pitched anxiety barking.  After we create a custom  remedy for Theo his owner Michelle writes "Theo is doing amazingly well on the essences.  He is like a new dog.  My family noticed the difference at Thanskgiving, so it's not just me and my wishful thinking."  

Michelle says that Theo now seems to have an elevated  consciousness after taking his custom remedy.  He seems to better understand his owner and feels a higher purpose


After using "Adapt to Change" essence:  "I just wanted to let you know Karma (our dog) is doing much better. She is more calm and seems to be adjusted to the baby now. I noticed the difference by the 3rd day."  Dr A Pritchard DC  Illinois


After using "Chill Out":  "Maverick is doing good.  At the kennel two spaniels walked right by him while we were checking in and he just looked at them and played with his ball. On walks he has been really good too"  Jaclyn P--Jack Russell Terrier owner  St Catharines


Angel's story ... Angel was a champion games quarter horse.  When her performance and focus suddenly changed and Angel began running out on her barrel and pole-bending patterns, her owner called.  Following an animal communication session, a custom essence formula was cretaed for Angel.  Within minutes Angel relaxed and mentally shifted  

Her owner Ron Lee reported that Angel began performing better than ever!  More importantly, he feels the session restored Angel's trust in him and deepended their emotional bond



Gidget and train easeAfter using "Train Ease":  "My young green mare had not been ridden more than 6 times in the space of 3 years, and had not been off the property or had much attention at all for more than 15 months.  When I decided to sell her, I started giving her Train Ease for 3 days before a prospective buyer came to see her.  She behaved quietly, respectfully, and performed flawlessly even though she had not been ridden in months.  She went quietly down the road ridden by a novice.  The buyer was highly impressed and bought the horse immediately.  Wonderful essence!"  Lori D'Ascenzo   


After trying "Wean Ease""I have been breeding horses for over 20 years.  The weaning process is always a stressful one, no matter what you do or how you do it.  I discovered Wean Ease after years of breeding and I can say it is by far the best product I have tried, with no side effects.  By giving it to the mare and the baby prior to weaning (48 hours), during, and for a few days after weaning, I have noticed that the babies are more settled, less distressed, they don't call their moms as much and are more sensible (no silly accidents!)

For the mares, they are also more settled but most of all, the udder "dries up" a lot faster, at least 48 hours sooner then without Wean Ease, and that's a big plus, reducing drastically the risks of mastitis. I wish I'd had it when I stopped breast feeding!"  Candice M  Desert Rose Equine  Mt Pleasant ON


Winning Edge .... Veteran thoroughbred trainer Wendy Wolff says "There is no doubt I see a difference in the behaviour of my racehorses immediatley after they receive your custom remedies.  They become calmer, more focused, more confident ... As an experiment, I gave your equine performance enhancer to my 2 yr old throughbreds when I started to break them.  No separation anxiety.   No bucking or acting up.  They all became exceptionally confident, sensible, and reay to work hard in spite of all the new things they experienced.  All of them were ready to go to the track in just 3 weeks!  Exercise riders at the track also noted how willing and sensible those young horses were.  This was the easiest sppring breaking session ever!"  


"We just gave Winning Edge to a colt that was showing no ambition.  He is training amazingly well now " 

NOTE:  Throughout the race meet, thoroughbreds trained using our powerful  Winning Edge (performance horse essence fusion) continue to demonstrate much greater calmness, sensibility, adaptability to change, and better attitude toward work than other thoroughbreds.  We also have many top show horses and riders who use our Winning Edge.  The products contain only 5% alcohol (1 drop per dose), and we have non-alcohol formulas, as well.  So they are safe for horses that are drug-tested


Mel W. has been raising and training throughbreds for more than 30 years.  After shipping his favorite 2 yr old filly to the racetrack to start her in training, Mel found the filly's anxiety was uncontrollable.  He tried everything he could think of to no avail.  In desperation he asked another trainer for something that could calm the horse.  And that is how Mel first discovered the outstanding effectiveness of our Enlightened Feelings special blend for easing separation anxiety!  Mel now regularly gives Calm & Secure ALONE to all his horses when they first ship to and from the racetrack and swears by its effectiveness  

Mel got an outstanding win from a lacklustre thoroughbred immediately after starting the horse on our performance blend Winning Edge.  The horse ended up becoming Horse of the Year at Ft Erie racetrack!  He now gives all his race horses Winning Edge when they start training and before they race 


Joey's rescue from the animal shelter

We received an emergency plea from a volunteer at the Humane Society telling us that a stray dog named Joey had suddenly turned vicious and was going to be euthanized because he could no longer be adopted out.  Using a photo of the dog to test for the right frequencies needed, we created a custom formula and donated it to the humane society to be administered to the dog  

Five days later we received this email ... "Just want to let you know that Joey the dog who urgently needed out of Lincoln Humane, has been helped and will be going to a new home tomorrow.  Great news indeed and thanks to you, your kindness, generosity and knowledge there is a happy ending! ''


Kiriss Kiss wins on her second start!Kiris Kiss was a thoroughbred who was deemed 'crazy'.  The trainer adamantly refused to continue working with the horse.  Before giving up, the owner contacted me to see if the filly could be helped.  Using a body energy scan, I determined that Kiss was suffering from severely inflamed ovaries and a hormonal imbalance, causing her to flip over on riders, and act wild and uncontrollable.  I recommended a medical test to verify my assessment.  It did verify that I was correct.  The filly received an inexpensive homeopathic remedy to restore hormonal balance.  Within 2 weeks she was training well.  'Kiss' won effortlessly in her second start!  (see image on right)  


After using "Comfort and Solace":  "I took the grief drops immediately after I euthanized my English Mastiff a few days ago.  I have used your essences for quite some time and have always found them helpful.  But, that was the fastest your essences have ever worked for me!  It has definitely helped my memories bring me comfort instead of sorrow"   Wendy W  Pt Colborne ON


"A Unique Experience" by thoroughbred owner Lorna P.....Lorna was chatting with her friend about her husband, Trainer Jack Wilson who had died two years ago at Presque Isle Downs race track in Pennsyvania.  They talked about how much they missed him.  Lorna said "Jack had a way of always making you feel good about yourself" 

The next day I arrived at the track to treat 'Forbidden Dreams', a racehorse owned by Lorna.  I had never met Lorna or the horse, and had arrived on a referral from another trainer.  I asked what the health or behaviour issue was and Lorna said the horse just seemed off and wasn't performing well  

I entered the stall to communicate with the horse and assess him, and let him assess me.  Here is Lorna's description ... "She entered his stall.  It was her first visit to our stable.  Lori stood against the wall.  Forbidden Dreams immediately went to her.  He sniffed her, up one arm and down the other, then proceeded to do the same with her legs.  I have never seen this with horses.  Lori's remark was "He is a very sad horse."  Then she said Forbidden Dreams was telling her "He misses his trainer (Jack) because he had a way of always making him feel good about himself."  I stood in astonishment and said to Lori "I can't believe this, I just said those very same words to my friend last night."  Lori looked at me and smiled, she replied "This what I do."  The incident I just described proves to me there are many things around us that our human minds cannot understand, and things that happen that cannot be explained.  Also, I know that our loved ones who have passed away are still with us and watching over us." 

Lorna asked that I dedicate this story to her grandson Billy Cebrynski, who recently lost his best friend Jesse in a tragic accident

update ....Lorna reports that the next day when she came to the racetrack Forbidden Dreams immediately came to the stall door to happily greet her.  She was delighted, as he had not done that in the past two years since her husband had died   




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