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Winning Edge

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"Winning Edge" 

The secret of top equine athletes of all genres!  Create the winning edge for your performance or competition horse!  Increases boldness, confidence, enthusiasm, poise, and heart while reducing stress.  Helps your horse want to perform its very best.  

Our live flower frequencies also help to promote the release of nitric oxide to increase blood circulation.   If your horse has lost its edge, has soured, has unrealized potential, has changed his attitude, or really should be performing better, this is the formula you need! 

Use as a training aid to promote ambition, enthusiasm, positive attitude, and positive mental shifts in just 3 days.  Use for 3-5 days just prior to race or competition to ensure your horse's best performance.  Use for 21 days for horses that lack ambition or are soured/burned out.  Drug test safe for race and competition horses

Use starting 3 days before competition or race   

30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50 for multiple horses



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