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Raise your vibration, wellbeing, inner balance, and happiness with the world's most profound and powerful live flower frequencies ... 


Inner work ... Without the work!


Choose from more than 100 different essence remedies! 

Whether you want to heal your broken heart, transcend childhood trauma and abuse, become empowered and successful, raise your spiritual consciousness, or feel more attractive and sexy, we have the perfect essence fusion for you!  

Each essence fusion is field-tested across a broad range of situations and personality types to ensure it is highly effective.  Detailed personal instructions are provided with each essence order


Read product contra-indications and FAQ's before choosing essences



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Essence Fusions to Alleviate Stress, Anxiety and Social InhibitionsEssence Fusions to Provide Protection or ClearingAbundance, Prosperity, Career & SuccessSelf Image, Self Esteem, Self Integration, Self Acceptance, Pewrsonal Power

Help for all Your Childhood IssuesHeal Trauma of all Kinds

Challenges of Relationships and Finding LoveGracefully navigating change of all kinds

Essence Fusions to instil happiness and wellbeingNurturing and SupportOvercome bad habits & vicesEssence Fusions to augment your Health & WellbeingEssence Fusions specially formulated for the needs of Children & TeensPets & Horses Essence Fusions




Testing Cards Set for Essence Fusions

If you don't know what you need, or if you need something more specialized and individual than our prepared essence remedies Custom Testing by photo is available  
Or you can order our amazing testing cards and test yourself at home!  Our testing cards are a great way to get to the source of your feelings, and are unerring in revealing the solution
Our website also offers multiple ways to pinpoint the best essence fusions for your needs 




Our products are private brand label.  They not sold in stores or other retail settings.  We welcome wholesale orders from certified or licensed health professionals who have successfully completed our course ENLIGHTENED FEELINGS IN PRACTICE



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Caveat as required by Health Canada and FDA:  For your protection and mine, the information contained on this website is provided as general and scientific information and is not intended as medical or psychological advice.  Our products are designed as self-help tools to raise your own inner vibration to a more positive state. However, our products may sometimes influence physical issues as a side effect.  Our products are not intended to diagnose or treat mental or physical health issues.  Please see a qualified health care provider



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