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Set of 76 Essence Fusions Testing Cards

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Our NEW testing cards are so amazing! The cards give you 8 different ways to test yourself and others for your hidden emotional issues, unconscious beliefs, and blockages. You'll be able to quickly and easily pinpoint the exact essence fusions you need, any time you want. The cards can also be used for a mini-rebalancing!

They are a helpful tool for health professionals, too!

These 3.5" X 5" full colour durable testing cards feature 76 of our live flower Essence Fusions.  Each card holds the frequencies of an essence fusion and has a full description on the back to help you pinpoint the right remedy for your needs   The testing cards make it effortless to test yourself or your clients.  They can also help you pinpoint which essence fusions are ideal for your own needs!

Simply hold a card against the chest and muscle test.  If self-testing, you can actually feel the energies of the essence fusions in these cards!  Choose an essence fusion based on how the cards make you feel.  

Use our cards any time you want to know which essences to order.  Or, use them when you just need a quick re-balancing or rescue.  Just hold a card against your chest for a few minutes and let its energy re-balance you.

As new essence fusions become available, you can add new testing cards to your set    



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