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Our vibrationally enhanced living essences work in a different way ...  


To understand how the energy frequencies of living essences can overwrite your negative emotions AND raise your vibration to a state of positive, empowered being, you first need to understand a bit about your feelings

"Everything is energy and that is all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  There is no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics'Each time you have a thought or feeling, an electrical current (sine wave) instantly travels throughout your body via your neural pathways.  Chemical proteins called 'neuropeptides' release to create a physical response

Your cells produce hundreds of different NP's, and they release in different combinations, creating different physiological responses.  Hormones, endorphins, adrenaline, oxytoxin are some examples of NP's



So how does your body know which NP's to release?  Our proprietary research has demonstrated that each emotion and thought has its own individual sine wave, or frequency!  

The emotions of anger, fear and shame all resonate at low frequencies. Long, low wavelengths such as this demonstrate a stronger amplitude.  (think of heavy metal music)  That's why you can actually feel them resonate like a wave throughout your body

Conversely, the emotions of love, gratitude and joy vibrate at a very high frequency.  You often feel them high in your chest.   These high frequencies feel uplifting, expansive, and joyous.  (think of harp, flute, or new age music)

As the electrical charge of a particular emotion cascades along your neural pathways, your body recognizes which specific NP's to release in response.  For example, when you experience fear, your cells release adrenalin and cortisol, which causes your heart to beat faster, your blood vessels to dilate, and your muscles to tense.  This is your body's 'fight or flight' response.  It ensures you respond quickly to danger

But, what if you experience low level fear (stress) over a prolonged period?  The effects of constant release of stress NP's becomes detrimental, doesn't it?

That's what happens when you don't acknowledge your emotions.  The energy of an emotion doesn't stop just because you ignore it.  The electrical charge keeps looping through your neural pathways, releasing NP's that eventually overtax your body.  Over time, you begin to experience pain, dysfunction, or inflammation, or disease

Learn more about how emotions affect your health ... 

Read about the research that proves thoughts and frequencies can reprogram DNA


"Illness cannot stay in a body where there is Light and Love"  Vivian Mauro


EFFORTLESS CHANGE  Our proprietary research has demonstrated that when you change the frequency of any emotion, the emotion itself has to change.  diagram of how our live flower essences workThis phenomenon opened the door for us to create significantly more effective living essences by vibrationally attuning them to higher beneficial frequencies.  In this way we raise your internal bio-terrain and ensure your body releases beneficial neuropeptides

Change the frequency of fear to the frequency of joy, and your body quickly switches from releasing adrenalin to releasing endorphins.  It's that simple ... and profound!     

"the essences response was beyond belief.  I had no idea that I could feel such emotion from holding an object (bottle).  It was truly eye-opening to another world/dimension"Our living flower frequencies are like a concert of tuning forks in a bottle!  Each of our individual flower frequencies are expertly crafted to address a specific range of emotional frequencies  

We've also created each of our unique transformational flower essence fusions using a precise concert of flower frequencies that help to address the complex jumble of emotional frequencies that result from specific experiences and their feelings.  View our essence remedies ....

These unique living vibrational frequencies act as a catalyst, creating rapid and powerful shifts in mental outlook, feelings and life circumstances.  Like a tuning fork, they cause sympathetic resonance to gently raise your vibration to the clear, unobstructed frequency that is your authentic self  

"Something in the essences being collected from  live flowers makes them sooooo much more powerful.  I am always an open-minded sceptic, but when I tried these for the first time I was absolutely blown away!"Our living floral essences possess the astonishing ability to produce an evolution of consciousness in both humans and animals.  They clear the conflicting emotional debris and lack of inner harmony that keeps you from having the abundant joyful life that is your birthright

When you are in balance, you feel greater joy, clarity, empowerment.  Your consciousness is transformed and elevated.  You become more open to life, more able to receive.  Acting without restrictions, you automatically attract more abundance, happiness, helpful people, healthy releationships, and opportunities.  You attract fewer crises and problems.  People may even begin to treat you differently, with more respect.  Your thoughts, behavior and well-being improve dramatically because you are no longer hindered by negative feelings and beliefs that have been hiding in your subconscious mind

All it takes is just a few drops of living floral frequencies in a glass of drinking water each day.  The essences begin to act within minutes.  in 3 days the difference can be profound  

Quite often you can actually see physical changes in a person who is taking living floral essences.  Tension disappears from the face and the eyes appear to soften with what is described as a 'liberation of light.'   People may notice that you aren't reacting to situations in the same way as before.  You may suddenly see situations from an entirely different perspective.  View testimonials ...

Because they contain no medicinal ingredients--only vibrational frequencies, our living floral essences are completely safe for both people and animals.  They are benevolent, tasteless, odourless, and have no contra-indications or dangerous interactions with any medications you may be taking.  See our individual essences ...See our Transformational Essence Fusions ...

*Note:  Floral frequencies do contain plant DNA and may unintentionally contain microscopic traces of pollen


What kinds of issues or problems can flower frequencies help?  You can use our live flower essences for virtually any negative habit pattern, or any emotional situation, past or present.  Use our living essences any time you feel you are out of balance or need attunement, as well as in emergencies for emotional shock or trauma.  Use our living essences when you feel stuck, when you experience anxiety or depression, or when you want to prompt change in your life

Since living flower frequencies raise your internal vibration, you can use them to dissolve all manner of negative feelings and the effects of negative energies in your environment.  They can support you when breaking habits or ending relationships.  Use our essences to attract love or prosperity, to adapt to change, to clear karma, to protect and clear your energy field.  You can also use flower essences to subtly increase your awareness of the mystical or Divine 


So, let's get started! ...    


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