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How Emotions Affect You


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Emotions are a VERY important part of your survival mechanisms.  In fact, it takes just seconds for the frequency of an emotion to wash through your entire body and change your physiology by prompting the release of neuropeptides (NP's).  In effect, each emotion 'speaks' to you in a very tangible way through this chemical physiological response  


Your heart emits a much stronger electro-magnetic force field than your brain.  So, your brain entrains with your heart, and matches its biological rhythm  

This means if you feel love, appreciation and gratitude in your heart, your brain will entrain with that and enter a coherent pattern.  If your heart feels anger, frustration, grief, or fear, your brain will entrain with that and go into an incoherent pattern

 This may be a cause of heart attack, and is likely what causes a loss of facial symmetry.  Facial analysis by analyzing your photo is how we are able to accurately assess your emotional issues  Learn more about photo testing



"Under the sustaining influence of love, the physical body is always at its best.  It is probably true that more people are sick from lack of love in their lives than from all other causes put together"  Eric Butterworth



Healing your past isn't about what happened.  It's about how it made you feelNegative emotions such as depression, anxiety, frustration, anger, resentment, stress, guilt, fear, abandonment, judgment, grief, sadness, victimization, and hopelessness are how your mind and body tells you that your needs are NOT being met

If you don't pay attention and listen to what these negative states are telling you, then you will become disempowered and unhappy.  You may feel victimized or powerless.  Your life begins to spiral downward, or you feel stuck



Scientists can now measure the physiological effects of emotional states Your body actually becomes weaker or stronger depending on your mental state!


Instinctive reactive emotions such as anger and fear resonate in a long, low frequency that can be correlated to the color red.   That's why we use the term 'seeing red' when we are angry!


Low frequency emotions have a strong amplitude to ensure you can't ignore the feeling.  This is important with low frequency emotions, because feeling anger and fear is integral to your safety and survival.  The tailbone/genital area, or root chakra resonates at this frequency.  The liver and kidneys collect and store these low frequency emotions

According to Dr David Suzuki, condensed molecules from breath exhaled from verbal expressions of anger, hatred, and jealousy, contain toxins. Accumulated over 1 hr, these toxins are enough to kill 80 guinea pigs!  Anger damages the liver and gall bladder.  So, anger toward another person is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die!

Powerful emotions such as pain, fear, grief, disappointment, panic, anxiety, anger, and longing, also shock your nervous system, causing lesions along the neural pathways which inhibit your body's natural energy flow



This chart maps the emotional frequencies from lowest frequencies to highest  (the exact frequencies are proprietary) 



Spectrum of Emotions



Emotions in the lower range on the chart (below the horizontal mid-line on the chart) are described as 'negative' emotions.  These emotions flow FROM you into the world  

In short bursts, these emotions are very helpful, as their purpose is to prompt you to take action to get your needs met.  But, prolonged release of these low-frequency neuro-peptides can cause health issues, as well as impact your relationships and daily life.  These low frequencies also contribute detrimentally to the chaos of mankind

Shame resonates at the lowest vibration and has the most devastating effect on your body and psyche, followed by guilt, anger, hate, loneliness, grief, fear, resentment, stubborn inflexibility, anxiety, and craving or longing  



Emotions in the upper frequencies are beneficial for your health and your well-being.  They flow THROUGH you from the universe, which means they are intrinsic and beneficial both for you, and the world around you

Trust, optimism, willingness, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, love, reverence, joy, serenity and enlightenment strengthen you.  Unconditional love resonates as a lovely pale aqua crystaline colour.   Your Thymus (located just below your throat) resonates at this frequency  

Still higher than unconditional love in frequency are the emotions of faith, gratitude, and joy.  They resonate in the same range as deep violet or ultra-violet light, which is the highest visible frequency.  In your body, the pituitary is thought to be a conduit for these high-frequency universal energies.  It is sometimes called the 'third eye'





We all carry emotional baggage to varying degrees--painful childhood memories of abandonment or bullying, grief over the loss of a loved one, the devastation of a marriage or relationship break up, the trauma of physical abuse or sexual violation 


It's easier to believe there is a way around experiencing sorrow, that we can avoid pain and lose nothing of the fullness and joy of living.  But, it is not pain that hurts us most.  It is resistance to pain that wears us out.  We fear it, fight it, run from it, ignore it or try to bury it 


"A wound not fully felt consumes from the inside.  We must run very hard if we want to stay one step ahead of this pain"  Oriah Mountain Dreamer



It it actually harmful to hold back or deny your emotions.  The very nature of energy is movement.  It takes a lot more energy to store emotional pain than it does to confront it

If an emotion isn't expressed (outward movement), it is suppressed (inward movement).  The result of controlling or stifling emotional energy is frustration, anger, depression, physical pain, control issues, emotional 'shut-down', or self-sabotage    

Self-judgment, low self-esteem and unworthiness begin to develop.  Chronic pain in the form of arthritis, bursitis, joint pain, or back pain sets in.  This inhibits your ability to create or receive what you really want in life.  You learn to expect little joy in your life and settle for less than your soul needs to flourish


As this happens you become unable to connect mentally with what you need, and therefore cannot get your needs met.  So, the energetic message of that emotion stays in a loop within your body, continuing to release damaging neuropeptides and waiting to be heard

Suppressing emotions also uses up a lot of energy, which robs your body of energy that should be used for vital functions.  Negative emotions tax your spleen, liver and adrenal glands and use up nutrients the body needs to sustain itself.  The result is fatigue, auto-immune disorders, and lowered vitality


So, negative emotions really DO cause disease, illness and pre-mature aging!



In fact, each type of neuro-peptide creates such specific biological responses, that physical symptoms can actually pinpoint what is really happening in your unconscious mind!  


For instance, happiness, joy, laughter, and orgasms cause the release of natural opiates called endorphins.  These powerful opiates a feeling of wellbeing.  They boost your immune system, relax muscles, elevate your mood, and dampen pain

Adrenaline and cortisol are released through feelings of fear, anxiety or stress.  Adrenaline places your body in a high-alert rapid-response fight-or-flight state. This causes your heart to beat faster, and blood vessels to dilate, making your skin flush.  Rapid, shallow breathing ensues.  Muscles tighten, especially around the stomach and shoulder area.  A slight sweat may break out  


So, as you can see, you do have a very physical responsive to feelings!  In emergencies, this is beneficial, as it aids escape.  But, over a long period, NP's such as adrenaline and cortisol can be very damaging to your body.  They suppress your immune system, impair digestion, eats up up vital vitamins and minerals, cause pain and stiffness, make your body acidic resulting in inflammation or body odor ... and they drain vitality 

No wonder so many people feel tired, listless, and in pain all the time!  When you live with pain and low energy long enough, it begins to feel normal and you lose all memory of how to feel great.  But, the good news is, you don't have to stay this way!  We're here to help you regain your joy and vitality!





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