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Lead with your heart




Use this general guide to your feelings to provide assistance in selecting appropriate flower essence remedies for your needs.  It is not meant to replace the diagnosis, advice, or protocols of qualified health professionals

The effectiveness of our products depends on how closely you pinpoint the root emotional issue ...


If you are unable to pinpoint your root issue from our list below, or if you need addition clarity to be able to narrow down the best choice, we offer 4 additional ways to help you choose the right products for your needs ...  


      1)  Take our Happiness Quiz!  It will help you pinpoint the area of your life most needing to be addressed right now 


      2)  Self-test with our Testing cards.   These amazing testing cards can provide in-depth insights by pinpointing the emotional issue, the causal factors, and the ideal remedy


      3)  Ask us to assist you with accurate testing services. We will pinpoint the emotional root and your ideal essence fusions

      4)   Check physical symptoms to reveal the emotional cause



Abandonment, Rejection  Abandonment Heal, Unrequited Love Heal or Mother Healing followed by I Am Lovable, Love Yourself, or I Feel Loved



Addictions   (see also  CRAVINGS)

      OPIATES  Most substance addictions, including alcohol, result from emotional pain that you are trying to evade, suppress, or ignore.  Our products can effectively enhance counselling and addiction programs and make breaking the habit easier

      Begin with a stress-relieving control release essence such as I Am Flexible or Control Release.  Then choose an appropriate essence to release thr causal factor of emotional pain such as Abandonment Heal, Mother Healing, Sexual Abuse Release, Trauma Release, etc.  You may also need a supportive essence to provide greater fortitude, such as Strength & Resolve, Breaking Bad Habits and Beat the Cravings


     SMOKING CESSATION  Smoking is a multi-facted addiction--chemical addiction, hand-to-mouth habit, emotional satisfaction, and social rapport.  So, it it very challenging to overcome.  

      Use an herbal detox protocol to release metabollic toxins.  Try our Breaking Bad Habits protocol followed by an empowering essence remedy such as Empowerment, Success, Support, or Social Empowerment.  Our products can re-enforce other protocols such as Nicotine patches, hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, etc


     ADRENALINE  The #1 addiction!  Are you addicted to the energy or stimulation adrenaline provides?  Do you consume caffeine or sugar daily, starting with your morning coffee?  Adrenaline is as addictive as opiates, and can be harder to overcome

Adrenaline addictions often originate in childhood when a child is subjected to ongoing stress, insecurity, and fear.  Your body becomes very readily conditioned to this stimulation.  Eventually, you feel like something is missing when there is no drama or crisis to give you an 'adrenaline fix'.  So, you crave stress-inducing foods such as coffee or sugar.  Or you become a 'drama queen', attracting crisis, over-reacting, or focusing on the negative

      The protocol consists of 3 weeks of Drama Free to start, and then 2 weeks off and 2 weeks on Drama Free spanning at least 15-20 weeks in total.  A liver cleanse is also helpful and supportive in the process        

IMPORTANT!  When breaking substance addictions (including addiction to adrenaline), a metabolic detoxification protocol is recommended.  Living flower frequencies are not suitable as the main protocol for overcoming drug or alcohol addictions.  But, they can augment counseling and addiction recovery programs



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Anger, Resentment, Animosity  A healthy natural emotion, anger is considered to be negative or socially unacceptable.  But anger is a VERY important emotion!  It is simply raw or unharnessed assertiveness.  That is why it is so often expressed inappropriately  

Anger is meant to alert you to a violation of some kind--a boundary that has been crossed.  You feel anger when something isn't fair or ethical, especially if the unfairness is about not feeling heard or validated.  Anger compells you to speak up or take action

When you repress or suppress anger, or when you express anger inappropriately, it becomes disempowering.  You can't set things right or act to get your needs met.  Your self esteem and personal power diminishes.  This can lead to depression and emotional shutdown

      Helpful flower essence remedies:  Dissolving Anger, 
Respect Me!, Divorce Heal, Serenity, I Am Flexible, Flow 




Anxiety     4 common causes:

      Type 1)  Butterflies or tightness in the stomach or solar plexus indicates an underlying fear of something new and unfamiliar.  It stems from a lack of confidence

Examples are fear of public speaking, anticipated events or changes in your life, a pending test or exam, a job promotion.  Stress is a similar type of anxiety, but at a lesser level.  Exposure to EMF's can also anxiety and stress 

     Helpful flower essence remedies: Courage, Rescue & Revive, Worry Free, Zen, I Am Flexible, Empowerment, Self Esteem, Uplifting Confidence, I Am Flexible, Adapt to Change, Support, EMF Shield, Clear & Protect, Brave New Future 


      Type 2)  Chest area--may be caused by grief, rejection or abandonment.  Grief also results from disowning parts of yourself, or bottled up love that has nowhere to express itself.  The onset of a heart attack can also feel like this

      Helpful flower essence remedies: Restore, Soul Retrieval, Broken Heart Heal, Unrequited Love Heal, Love Yourself, Be Kind to Yourself 


      Type 3)  Thymus region-(high in the chest).  Sometimes feels like a panic attack, strangulation, or overwhelming anxiety or grief.  Symptoms may include agorophobia or feeling suicidal.  It is often improperly treated with medication

The most common cause is potassium or iodine deficiency.  If you can eliminate this as a source of the problem, then look for an energy restriction 

The thymus is where your soul enters and leaves your body.  So, restricted energy here can cause panic or anxiety.  The emotional cause may be that you feel unloved or unwanted, or you no longer see a reason live 

As energy travels up your body through the meridians, it reaches the narrowest point at your neck.  When energy is bottlenecked and cannot flow freely ito your crown, congestion builds in the thymus region at the base of your throat.  A thyroid imbalance or goiter may develop.  You could feel as though someone is strangling you

The emotional root of of blockage in the throat and thyroid region is inhibition--a fear of speaking up for yourself. Your boundaries may be vague so people  take advantage of you or treat you with disrespect.  You may have an exaggerated sense of duty and feel responsible everyone around you.  But, you aren't getting what you want or need. You may become a martyr, sacrificing yourself to gain love or acceptance from those you love, yet feeling misunderstood and alone.  Eventually you may lose your desire for living

      Helpful flower essence remedies:  Control Release.  Heart Healing remedies such as I Feel Loved.  Self-Nurturing remedies such as Nurturer in Balance or Women's Vitality.  Empowering remedies such as Soul Retrieval, My Authentic Self!, Respect Me!, Self Esteem, Self Acceptance. 


      Type 4)  PTSD  A trauma can create a lesion in your nervous system that causes a loop-back.  The emotional impact of the event involuntarily plays over and over, whenever there is a trigger

      Helpful flower essence remedies:  Restore, EMF Shield, Drama Free


      Type 5)  EMPATH  Your 6th sense picks up negative psychic energies around you, which can trigger low-level 'fight or flight' adrenal response.  Or, you may feel other people's thoughts and feelings, but, not recognize when these feelings are not your own.  This can cause anxiety, sadness, and moodiness

Sensitive or empathic people can also be easily traumatized by other people's negativity, or by violent television shows or movies, world events, heavy metal or rap music.  The trauma does not need to be your own   

      Helpful flower essence remedies:  Clearing protective remedies such as Clear & Protect, Shield, Empath Attunement, Restore, EMF Shield




Betrayal   One of the 7 life-altering emotional wounds.  Betrayal creates self-protective emotional walls and defensive behaviors that block happiness, closeness with others, and ultimately prevents abundance from entering your life

     Helpful flower essences remedies:  Heartbreak Heal, Love Empowered, Forgive My Past, Forgiveness, Respect Me!, Be Kind to Yourself     



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Bullying  Social Empowerment, Deep Wounds of Childhood, I Am Not a Victim




Childhood Issues   What you experience as a child colors your entire outlook on life.  Challenging relationships with parents or siblings, neglect, lack of nurturing, criticism, abuse, bullying, sexual abuse, incest, adoption, abandonment, rejection, foster care--these experiences teach you to believe that you are unlovable or flawed

Sometimes painful memories can bubble to the surface as the flower frequencies begin to raise your internal frequencies.  This normally only lasts for a day.  As you release your emotional baggage and shift into a happier, more balanced state, you begin to see your past from a higher perspective

     Helpful flower essence remedies:  Deep Wounds of Childhood, Father Issues,  Forgiveness, Sexual Abuse Release, Karma Clear,  Family Karma, Forgive My Past, Dissolving Anger, Respect Me!, followed by Be Kind to Yourself, Beloved Inner Child or Sweet Innocence




Cravings can be a sign of nutritional deficiencies.  But, cravings often result from unfulfilled needs, longings or desires such as escape ... excitement ... reward ... belonging ... punishment  

Craving dairy products can be a substitute for nurturing and belonging.  Sugar can add sweetness and pleasure when life is dull or painful, or it can feel like a reward.  Caffiene can stimulate an adrenaline fix when your nervous system has been overloaded by stress and you can't find energy from within.  Eating chocolate produces the same neuropeptides as love.  Craving salt can indicate that loving nurturing and self-care is missing.  You aren't effectively releasing emotional toxins       

The live essence of flowers can reconnect you to your core self, restore inner balance and harmony, and re-connect you to something larger than yourself, thereby eliminating the need for escape   

     Helpful flower essence remedies:  see our Breaking Bad Habits page 


"I am enjoying this essence.  It feels satisfying ... and I feel that I do not want to stop taking it. It keeps me away from the sugar. Passed up on hot chocolate today and cake yesterday. I do not feel as anxious. My thoughts are clear and I am enjoying the shifts in my body"  Pam M  St Catharines ON




  Depression   Do not confuse sadness, grief, or despair with depression.  Depression is numbness resulting from emotional shutdown.  You shut down because you are either escaping from deep emotional pain, or feel powerless to get what you need or want.  Depression can also result from chemical (neuro-peptide) imbalance caused by nutritional deficiencies, shock, emotional trauma, or a physical accident or head injury 


Recent medical studies prove that depression is a greater cause of heart disease than smoking.  In depressed people the blood platelets became more 'sticky', clogging arteries and veins.  Interestingly, your blood has the same agglomerating effect when exposed to electromagnetic fields and ELF EMF's (cell phones and WIFI signals)


Flower essences restore your ability to feel.  And that can be uncomfortable at first.  But, it is the first step toward becoming happy.  Learn why ...


     Helpful flower essence remedies:  Restore, Soul Retrieval, Respect Me!My Authentic Self, Empowerment, I Am Deserving, Heartbreak Heal. Be Kind to Yourself

We recommend custom testing for optimal results
IMPORTANT:  Our living flower essences can help you to feel wonderful.  And that can make you want to stop taking your anti-depressant medication.  Do not stop taking medication suddenly or without your doctor's supervision. Do not use flower essences as a substitute for qualified medical care



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Despair, Hopelessness  Faith Hope & Trust, Restore




Eating Disorders  (see Weight Gain)  Eating for any reason other than nutrition is emotional eating.  Bulemia and other eating disorders often have their origins in feeling powerless in your life.  This often begins with a domineering, controlling parent.  Eating disorders can also stem from an unhealthy self-image

      Recommendations:  Always begin with Control Release before taking another essence fusion.     




 Family Dynamics Challenges  Assistance with coping with family members, setting boundaries, caregiving, or gaining greater autonomy and self empowerment

     Helpful Flower Essence Remedies:  Family Karma, Deep Wounds of ChildhoodForgive My PastForgiveness, I Am FlexibleClear & Protect, Shield, Karma Clear, Stress Buster!, Serenity, Open Heart, Trauma Release, Sexual Abuse Release, My Authentic Self, Be Kind to Yourself, Holding My Own Space, Empowerment, Support, Dissolving Anger, Divorce Heal (helps with all contantious relationships), custom testing      





Grief  (see also Heartbreak)  There are so many different components to grief, depending on what you have lost--a spouse, a pet, a child, a relationship, a loved one, a job, a marriage (divorce or separation), a limb, or a lifestyle.  The common element is a sense of loss, a feeling of separation or isolation, and a sense of fear and trepidation due to impending change

Grief is highly damaging to your physical body, so address grief as quickly as possible.  The longer you hold grief, the more it becomes a habit in your mind and body, and the longer it takes to dissolve it   

      Helpful flower essence remedies:  
heart-healing essences, Womb Heal, Divorce Heal, Serenity, Love Empowered, Moving On, Brave New Future    




Guilt, Shame  These are the lowest vibration of all emotions, and are, therefore, the most damaging to your body, your psyche, AND your life.  Self-destructive emotions such as these are the root cause of self-punishment and scarcity or lack in every area of your life

     Helpful flower essence remedies:  Guilt Release, I Am Deserving, Forgiveness, Forgive My Past, Self Forgiveness, Self Acceptance, Clear & Protect 



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Heartbreak  see our Heart Healing essences




Insecurity, Shyness  Social inhibitions, insecurity, and shyness can develop in childhood when a strong father role model is not present.  'People pleasing' begins with a stressful, dysfunctional childhood.  Introversion can also cause social inhibitions.  Many shy or insecure people are actually highly intuitive or empathic.  They can sense or feel when those around them are not being truthful or genuine.  The most important quility to develop is to trust your gut feelings     

      Helpful flower essence remedies:  Shield, Clear & Protect, Intuition, 3rd Eye Chakra, Father Issues, Holding My Own Space, Respect Me!, Uplifting Confidence, Social Butterfly, Social Empowerment, Courage 




Loneliness  I Feel Loved, Love Magnet, I Am Lovable, Abandonment Heal 




Low Self-Esteem, Confidence, Assertiveness   Self esteem is the foundation for all good things in your life!  When you don't appreciate who you are and understand your value to others, it limits your prosperity, success, happiness, relationships and imtimacy with others  

If you don't see your value to others, how can you believe anyone will love you or that you are worthy of having abundance and success?  If you can't relax and be your true self, your relationships will be based on an illusion, so you will constantly feel insecure, jealous, mistrustful, and needy

     Helpful flower essence remedies:  empowering essence fusions, I Am Lovable, I Am Deserving, Father Issues, Guilt Release   




Martyr  Martyrs are people help, who care for, and nurture everyone but themselves.  They never ask for help or express their own needs.  As a result, they rarely get their own needs met

Martyrs develop in childhood.  A child may learn to people-please or pander in order to earn love, or as a way to keep from being abandoned or rejected, or to maintain safety by creating harmony in a dysfunctional environment   

      Helpful flower essence remedies:  Empowering flower essence fusions such as Holding My Own Space ~ My Authentic Self ~ Respect Me! ~ Father Issues ~ Nurturer in Balance ~ Support


      Poverty Consciousness  An inability to ask and receive, or a state of disproportionate giving and helping others, can affect your prosperity and success.  You may not feel worthy of abundance, or feel you have not earned it.  You may be judging or doubting your ability to make money.  Maybe you feel that money is not as important as love and relaionships.  Or maybe those around you are out of balance in their prosperity consciousness.  Perhaps you have your head turned backward looking at your past and are judging yourself?


      Helpful flower essence remedies: Prosperity and Success essence fusions such as I Am Deserving, Abundance




Negativity   Every day you are inundated by negativity  ... news, TV shows, advertising, movies, workplace, and family, as well as your own negative thoughts and feelings.  Negativity accumulates.  It drains your energy and motivation.  It affects your perceptions and outlook.  And that hampers your success

      Helpful Flower essence remedies:  Drama Free, Clear & Protect, Shield, Flow

Perfectionism  Control Release, I Am Flexible   see also Overcome Bad Habits
Self Loathing, Self Punishment  (see also Eating Disorders or Weight Gain)  Guilt Release or Self Forgiveness followed by Self Acceptance and I Am Deserving  
Self Pity  Faith Hope & Trust, Brave New Future, Carefree, Comfort & Solace, I Feel Blessed, I Am Not a Victim, Soul Retrieval
Stoic, Serious  Carefree, Young at Heart, I Feel Blessed, Chill Out
 Stress  Stress is a sense of overwhelm and overburden accompanied by a belief that the challenge presented is greater than you can handle.   Nutritional deficiencies, lack of sleep or sunlight, metabolic toxins, and adrenaline-generating foods such as caffeine, sugar, and unhealthy diet can contribute to feeling stress
Stress can trigger menopause symptoms and insomnia.  Take quality magnesium and B-complex vitamins and drink lots of water.  Adding fresh lemon to your water is especially helpful    

      wide selection of helpful stress-relieving flower essence fusions  




Stuck  Everyone feels 'stuck' in some aspect of their life from time to time.  You want to create change, but feel thwarted or are unable to figure out how to make that happen.  You may not even know what you want or need to change--only that you feel the urge to shift or move in a different direction  

Feeling stuck results from emotional walls such as lack of forgiveness, fear and resisting change, or a focus on logic and the rational mind rather than your heart or intuition

     Helpful flower essence remedies:  Flow, Abundance, Intuition, Adapt to Change,  Brave New Future, Align to Your Destiny, Courage, Clear & Protect, Strength & Resolve, My Authentic SelfSuccess, Karma Clear, custom testing



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Timid/Fearful  Courage, Brave New Future, Adapt to change, Proactive, I Am Not a Victim, Worry Free, I Am Flexible, Strength & Resolve, Rescue & Revive, Support, Empowerment




Trauma, PTSD  Trauma Protocol, Trauma Heal, Sexual Abuse Release, followed by Soul Retrieval, I Am Not a Victim or Sweet Innocence.  Restore or Rescue & Revive are very helpful as an emergency aid when administered immediately following a trauma




Unfulfilled  Are you longing to find or discover your destiny?  Are you bored or yearning for something that remains elusive?   Are you a caregiver who looks after everyone's needs but your own?  Are you an empty-nester who wants to start a new chapter in your life?  

Everyone needs challenges and 'soul food'--experiences that teach you positive lessons about yourself, enrich your soul, and provide meaning to life

     Helpful flower essence remedies:  Align to Your Destiny, Brave New Future, Success, Flow, Proactive, Beat the Cravings   




Victimized   (see also Bullying)  When you suppress your personal power or are unable to set boundaries, others will push, challenge and bully you--whether you are a child, an adult in the workplace, or in an abusive marriage

Often, those who are bullied are sensitive introverts.  Introverts are thinkers, feelers, innovators.  Introverts hold within themselves great unexpressed personal power and the ability to achieve great things.  But, they tend to unconsciously suppress their personal power until they develop sufficient maturity, experience, and confidence to express it properly

     Helpful flower essence remedies:  Trauma Protocol, Trauma Heal, Sexual Abuse Release, Respect Me!, Empowerment, Uplifting Confidence, Social Empowerment, Success, Sexual Abuse Release, I Am Not a Victim, custom testing

If you are a victim of violence, sexual abuse or incest we recommend custom testing




Weight Gain and Eating Disorders  If you are unable to lose weight or maintain normal weight despite exercise, healthy eating and proper nutrition, your weight may be due to an emotional cause.  Eating for any reason other than nutrition is emotional eating.  It is an unconscious survival strategy, with complex triggers.   We've uncovered at least 10 important reasons why your unconscious mind won't let your body lose weight! 

Learn about 12 emotional causes of weight gain ...


     Helpful flower essence remedies to augment your weight loss regimen:  Breaking Bad Habits Protocol, Beat the Cravings, Breaking Bad Habits, Strength & Resolve, Trauma Protocol, Women's Vitality, Nurturer in Balance, Self Acceptance, custom testing




Workplace Challenges  Personal dynamics within a professional setting can pose many challenges, from everyday stress, to workplace bullying or sexual harassment, a critical boss, jealousy or negativity from your co-workers, and not feeling valued or rewarded for your contribution

Teachers have unique challenges interacting with teens and children  

Caretakers and those who serve others can become depleted and feel drained.  Be sure to be kind to yourself in the process of caring for others!

     Helpful flower essence remedies  Stress Relief essences,  Protection essences,  Empowerment essences, essences for Success and Prosperity, essences for healthy Support & Self-Nurturing,  essences for Breaking Bad Habits, Support, Focus, Proactive, Strength & Resolve, Brave New Future



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