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Disease is a result of conflict between soul and mind



Health issues are your body's way of alerting you rather loudly when you haven't been paying attention to your thoughts and feelings. Consequently, you've been neglecting your own emotional needs!  

Health issues originate with emotional unrest --> which causes energetic imbalances --> which change body chemistry --> which prompts physical symptoms  


Find out what your physical symptoms reveal about your emotional state 



We knew if we could stop the negative emotional source of health issues, it would allow the physical body to return to normal function.  So we began using the natural frequencies of flowers to harmonize the electrical signals your nervous system transmits.  The neural network of plants is very similar to the human nervous system.  So, your body accepts these frequencies effortlessly

When you overwrite a mental or emotional pattern to prompt beneficial neuropeptides, does the physiology change as well?   Of course it does!  Neuropeptides prompt all physical functions.  That is often a beneficial side effect our products create when they help you to feel happier and at peace


Learn the emotional causes of pain and why pain demands to be heard 


Our safe, gentle natural botanical frequency fusions are extensively field tested for a broad range of related situations and personality types.  Detailed instructions are provided with each essence fusion 






We've captured the frequency of DNA repair with soothing frequencies that prompt the release of nitric oxide (which naturally expands blood vessels and increases circulation), and combined those frequencies with living flower frequencies to help raise your body's vibration  


Physical pain is a low frequency that begins with emotional pain.  In fact, your body can't tell the difference between emotional pain and physical pain.  You release the same neuropeptides for both!


"I broke my arm several months ago and it wasn't healing.  Doctors said surgery was probably my only option.  My sister gave me AH.  I've used it for just over two weeks and already the cast is off.  Xrays show that my arm has now miraculously healed."  Jamie W   Florida



Pain dissolves when it entrains with higher vibrations and higher emotional states.  That's why AH may help to address a wide range of painful degenerative conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, chronic back pain, strains, scarring, and inflammation.  These health issues result from suppressed negative low-frequency emotions such as anger, resentment, frustration, and revenge


"This is really helping me.  Almost pain free.  Feet and knees do not hurt anymore.  My pain in the shoulders is about 75% gone.  I am getting a decent night sleep.  Pain would keep me up at night"  John G  Welland ON


AH is ideal for degenerative conditions that have not responded well to traditional medical treatment.  AH starts to sooth and rebalance energies in just a few minutes.  The effects are cumulative.  AH may enhance the efficacy of natural therapies such as massage, acupuncture, vibro-acoustic therapy or reflexology  


"...I've also been using AH on my wrist.  I broke it last winter and have been unable to support weight on my palm ever since.  But I just realized today that it's almost 100% pain free.  I can do push-ups again on my palms, whereas before I could only do push-ups with a closed fist. Those drops are amazing!"  Chalcea H  Utah


Convenient atomizer may be sprayed lightly in the mouth or misted topically on the affected area.  The scent-free essence remedy will quickly dry without staining your clothes.  Effects are within minutes


Food Grade.  Safe for children & animals.  Also available in Healers' Set


30 ml atomizer @ $30 ~ 60 ml atomizer @ $50

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AH Plus"AH PLUS"  

Injuries tend to result from mental distraction, and occur most often where damaging neuropeptides have weakened vulnerable tissue.  A strong emotional neuralogical charge was occurring at the time of injury


"I used the AH PLUS on a client with a fractured tibia (no surgery needed).  She felt an instant release. She described it as the leg felt an immediate CALM.... Amazing... thanks for all u do"  Mary Rose D  Dynamic Wellness Solutions Woodbridge ON 


AH PLUS was created using a proprietary 'orchestra' of frequencies to help accelerate repair of injuries such as surgical incisions, wounds, dental surgery, torn ligaments, fractures, and skin eruptions.  AH PLUS has all the benefits of AH including the frequency of DNA repair.  Plus, we added botanical frequencies to soothe, augment, re-balance and integrate your body's energies so that the healing process can become rapidly accelerated while pain and discomfort is reduced.   AH PLUS starts to work in minutes.  The effects are cumulative


"I've been a regular user of Enlightened Feelings flower essences for a couple of years.  I've had powerful results with the essences!  In November 2017 I tore the ligament in my right hand.  By June 2018 I was discouraged that the ligament was minimally healed.  I wore a hand brace every day.  I decided to try Ah Plus!!!  Within two weeks it was 90% healed.  No doubt in two more weeks it will be 100%!  I really thought it would take a year for the ligament to heal."  Evelyn R  Hunt TX 


Convenient atomizer.  Use orally or topically as needed.  The fragrance-free essence remedy will quickly dry without staining your clothes.  Effects are within minutes.  Safe for use on children and animals


CAUTION:  *Do not use any topical essence products on injuries treated with lidocaine injections


30 ml atomizer @ $30 ~ 60 ml atomizer @ $50

Also available in Healers Set  

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"I just wanted to let you know how well my arm is healing with the AH Plus essence."   Images provided by Wendy J  Welland ON  following an automobile accident


Image 1--beforeimage 2--treated 5 days with AH PLUS

     Image 1--before              Image 2--treated 5 days with AH PLUS


TIP:  Try taking RESTFUL at bedtime to aid in recovery.  Since most cellular regeneration occurs during deepest sleep, proper restful sleep is critical for faster recovery.  The brain must cycle into deep delta and theta state during sleep.  This can't occur if sleep is shallow or restless.  Pain and swelling can keep you from having a good night's rest.  RESTFUL entrains your brain to help it cycle properly into all 4 phases of healthy restful sleep, so you can awaken refreshed 





AH Flexible

Created especially to release long-held suppressed patterns of mental pain, fear of change, stubbornness and inflexibility that permeate joints to cause physical pain, stiffness and inflexibility.   Ideal for hips, knees, elbows, ankles, etc. 
Quickly releases pain and promotes flexibility and ease of movement while the frequencies of DNA repair may help prompt regeneration.  Starts to work in minutes  
May enhance the efficacy of natural therapies such as massage, acupuncture, or reflexology.  
Do not use any AH product on injuries treated with lidocaine and cortisone injections.  Use oral I AM FLEXIBLE instead
Convenient atomizer.  Use orally or topically as needed.  The fragrance-free essence remedy will quickly dry without staining your clothes.  Effects are within minutes.  Safe for use on animals.

30 ml atomizer @ $30 ~ 60 ml atomizer @ $50

Also available in Healers Set


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 "It really helps my hips.  I can now walk up and down stairs"  Gert S  St Catharines ON

"AH Flexible is helping reduce joint pain and surprising me by repairing my heel skin which in the last year became callused.  Woo Hoo!!"  Margie D 




I Am Flexible"I Am Flexible" 
The oral companion or substitute for AH Flexible!  
I AM FLEXIBLE promotes allowance, acceptance, adaptability, flexibility, open willingness, co-operation, allowance for new ideas and new ways, risk-taking, and a greater sense of adventure.  It helps to release control issues.  When you stop resisting change and soften your view of situations everything begins to heal, especially the stiffness and inflexibility in your body!
This highly relaxing essence fusion has proven especially helpful for increasing flexibility and movement following tendon, ligament and joint injuries.  Due to its profound stressing releasing quality, it also helps alleviate the control-driven mental states that result in hemorrhoids and painful intestinal disorders such as diverticulitis
Subtly helps to stop obsessing.  Useful for OCD and some types of addiction (especially opiates).  Also helpful in times of stressful change, such as during house renovations or moving  
Use 21-42 days for control issues such as an inflexible attitude or body.  Use daily as needed for stress relief
30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50 

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Stress Buster"Stress Buster!"

A relaxed state of serenity is one of the best natural ways to alleviate headaches, pain, tension and stiffness in the neck, shoulders and back of the head caused by stress tension.  Use at bedtime to calm mental chatter and stress to allow more restful sleep, or to ease leg cramping or restless leg syndrome


I use Stress Buster almost every night at bedtime.  I spritz it lightly on tense shoulders and neck muscles to relax my body.   3 spritzes in the mouth helps me mentally relax and stay in the moment so I can fall asleep quickly and awaken refreshed.  I just don't have as good a night's sleep when I forget to use it."  Lori D'Ascenzo 


Atomizer may be sprayed in the mouth or lightly misted onto the affected area.  The fragrance-free essence remedy will quickly dry without staining your clothes.  Effects are within minutes.  Not suited for children or pets


CAUTION:  *Do not use Stress Buster on injuries treated with lidocaine injections

Use as needed    



30 ml atomizer @ $30 ~ 60 ml atomizer @ $50

Also available in Healers Set  and  Stress Relief Pack  



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"The stress buster was miraculous as this was the first time I tried it topically. I was having a sore neck just before I was leaving for a short trip. The last time I had this I had to go see a chiropractor. My neck was better within a couple hours of spraying this."  Shelly C  Toronto ON

"Sprayed stress buster inside my mouth and on back of my outer jaw. Also on my neck and shoulders. The tension that I hold there daily melted away within minutes. I carry daily tension and never have much relief. I can't wait to take a bath in it. So looking forward to using my blessings tomorrow. Thank u soooo of much"  DR TX


"I woke up with a nasty leg cramp. (a rare occurrence)  I literally had to walk on my toes in order to grab Stress Buster.  I sprayed it on and within in seconds the cramp eased. Whew!"    Nancy W  Buffalo NY



Healers' SetHealers' Set  4 essence fusions for Health Professionals to augment the effects of your healing techniques and therapies!  Drug-free

Convenient 30 ml atomizers for topical application PLUS 30 ml Clear and Protect for clearing and protecting your own energy field.

Contraindications:  Do not use to treat cancer.  Cannot help when nerve damage is present     

     .AH  AH assists with dissolving the origins of pain and inflammation.  We've combined the frequency of DNA repair and the soothing frequencies of live flower frequencies to help quickly dissolve the detrimental effects of low frequencies of long-held emotional pain and resentment.  The higher frequencies of AH activate and accelerate the body's own healing capacity

 AH can help with a wide range of healing issues that have not responded well to traditional medical treatment (because the cause is actually emotional) ... such as arthritis, bursitis, and inflammation.  It also enhances the efficacy of natural therapies by helping to release trapped energy in tissue   30 ml atomizer

     .AH PLUS  Helps dissolve the lower frequencies of deeply held emotional pain or resentment that is stored in the weaker areas of the body and may contribute to injuries and breakdown.  AH PLUS contains the pain relief frequencies of AH, with added frequencies that soothe and provide comfort and frequencies that encourage unity and strength!   Wounds, incisions and fractures seem to respond especially well to these beneficial frequencies, without need for medication  30 ml atomizer

     .AH Flexible  Helps to dissolve the lower frequencies of inflexible mental patterns such as stubbornness, resistance, unforgiveness, and fear that may contribute to impaired flexibility in joints.  Ideal for hips, knees, elbows, ankles, shoulders  30 ml atomizer

     .Stress Buster!   A few light spritzes to neck and shoulders quickly relieves the emotional effects of stress and restores serenity without loss of mental alertness  30 ml atomizer.  Do not use with Lidocaine/Cortisol  

     .Clear & Protect  clears your energetic field of negativity and emotional debris picked up from your clients.  Eliminates static in your energy field to enhance your intuition, which can help you be a more effective healer  30 ml


30 ml set  $150 value  $99  (Save $51!)


Upgrade to 60 ml size bottles!   $250 value  $150  (SAVE $100!) 

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*Individual bottles of your favorite remedies may be re-ordered in any size





EMF Shield

"EMF Shield"

Uses nature's wisdom to counteract the debilitating health effects of EMF frequencies on the human body!  Flower frequencies are very similar to the frequencies of your own nervous system  

EMF SHIELD  helps to relax the nervous system and calm hyper-alert parasympathetic response to increase calmness, focus, balance, memory, and energy levels  

Due to its relaxing effect on the nervous system, this essence has proven to augment recovery from mild stroke, concussion and brain injuries  

See also Focus for energetic support for brain injuries 

Use as needed 1-2 times a day    

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml @ $50

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Rescue & Revive"Rescue & Revive"

The one essence fusion everyone needs to have on hand!  This emergency essence fusion is a grounding, calming stabilizer when administered following any shock to your system.   Promotes fast recovery from sudden physical shock, emotional trauma, or anxiety!  Works in one minute


"I had a bad fall; sprained my wrist, cracked some ribs and was pretty shook up and in pain.  When I got home I took Rescue & Revive.  Within minutes it started to work.  I didn't realize how much the trauma had affected me until the R & R quickly relaxed my body and released the trauma and pain.  Whew!  That felt better!"   Lori D'Ascenzo 


Its calming, grounding qualities make it wonderful for restoring mental stability and calm balance during anxiety or panic attacks, following arguments or other emotional traumas, or to recover from shock following an accident, fall or fright.   Increases grounding and focus when taken shortly before tests or exams, job interviews, or public speaking.  Helps promote a feeling of peace, wellbeing and clarity 

Also use it topically immediately after an injury.  Just place a few drops on the site of the injury.  Dissolves shock and trauma in tissue 


"Last night, I had the beginning of blisters on my hand from plunging a clogged toilet and went directly to the R&R container and applied several drops to my skin which stopped the blisters from forming.  Then tonight I scraped my shin and applied a few drops to this area as well."  Margie D  Hedgesville WV


!!! Contains only 1 drop of alcohol per dose.  Use caution before drug-testing  


ECG tests verify that the frequencies inherent in Rescue & Revive quickly stop adrenal rush caused by fear and shock in just one minute and normalize spiked blood pressure in under 5 minutes.  Do not use if you have low blood pressure


Use as needed

Choose our gentle children's or pet Rescue & Revive for children and pets  

Also available in our Stress Relief Pack     


15 ml @ $15 ~ 30 ml @ $30 ~ 60 ml @ $50 


"Rescue & Revive for Pets"  15 ml  $15  ~  30 ml  $30


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Breathing is one of your most vital life-force acts!  It facilitates a constant exchange between you and the world around you and ensures a constance intake of life-force sustenance.  An unconscious belief such as 'I don't deserve to be here' or 'I am a burden to others' can inhibit your ability to take in life-sustaining breathe

BREATHE acts quickly to dissolve and overwrite unconscious emotional thought patterns and beliefs that may inhibit breathing and contribute to impaired respiratory function and chronic respiratory issues including Asthma, COPD, sinus issues, and snoring 


30 ml @ $30

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"Since I started taking Breathe I have noticed my allergy and asthma attacks are less severe and I rarely need my puffer.  I  just finished shoveling a huge pile of snow after the big storm we had.  My breathing is normal!  This is the most snow I have ever shovelled and the first time ever I have been able to shovel snow without a severe Asthma attack.  Now I am totally convinced it works!  Elizabeth T  Niagara Falls


"I started the first dose of the Breathe. As I held the water in my mouth, I felt a bubble of heaviness lift from my chest. Then, I became aware of the breeze coming in my sliding glass door.  By the last sip, I believe I could smell the flowers in the essence.  When the package arrived, I noticed my nose was running and my chest has been congested for several weeks with a sore throat.  Here, minutes after this first dose, my nose is not running.  It’s so beautiful how the Universe helps us......I’m very grateful for you and the flowers’ support."  Kind regards, Diana J  Boca Raton Florida


"I have only had to use my inhaler twice in the past 21 days!"  Jim W  Port Rowan ON  



Chi Tonic

"Chi Tonic"

Helps restore and revitalize your life force energy when you feel weakened or depleted, or are fading due to a debilitating health condition.  Increases will to live


Suitable for both people and pets 

30 ml @ $30  ~  60 ml @ $50

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"I’ve been taking the Chi Tonic daily and I feel a real difference in my life force energy and it has renewed my optimism with life in general. It has really worked very well. A bonus was that the Chi Tonic also reversed some pretty severe back pain too (I suspect  unresolved negative emotions)…a lot of negativity is being addressed with the Chi Tonic."  Michelle J  Raleigh NC







A helpful supportive essence when applied topically on the lower back, as well as administered orally  

Helps to relieve lower back pain in those who are carrying excessive burdens and responsibilities and are feeling resentment, stress, and overwhelm  

Provides comforting support and restores your inner balance and energy when you feel overwhelmed or weighed down and all alone.  Very supportive for those who have taken on burdens and responsibilities as caregivers for family members or others.  Also a great self-support when you are working on projects with deadlines or pressure.  Helps you to feel that you are competent and capable

Use 3-5 days or daily as needed   

15 ml  $15  ~  30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50

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Moving On

"Moving On"

A gentle nudge to help you accept what is, begin to move on and decide to re-invent your life ... 

A light, compelling essence fusion that shifts you out of self pity or pessimism and into acceptance.  This formula motivates and strengthens you to help you move forward with a gentle realization that despite your current limitations you can still have a bright future.  Allows you to shift your perspective to see possibilities instead of just the limits of 'now'  

Ideal for those who have suffered a life change, serious loss, injury, bereavement, cancer, or challenge/change that forever alters your life as you knew it—such as the loss of a limb, breast, or mobility

Helpful when you to feel the future is bleak, or there is no future for you.  Pulls you out of self pity and shifts you forward, helping you to accept that you can still have a brighter future

Use for 21 days 

 30 ml  $30

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FOCUS reduces stress as it helps place you 'in the moment' to allow processing and integration of your environment.  Increases brain hemispheric integration and balance, focus and assuredness

This essence may be helpful for mild brain injury   


Use for 21 days or longer as needed

Not suitable for children under 8 years.   Specify if ordering for children as dosage and instructions will be different


15 ml  $15  ~  30 ml  $30

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Women's Vitality

"Women's Vitality"

Created for women whose emotional issues, intense sense of family responsibility, and over-nurturing of others have manifested into their physical body as thyroid issues, weight gain, low energy, oedema, hormonal issues, or menopause symptoms.  WOMEN'S VITALITY helps to restore energy and vitality and promotes self-care


21 days.  Repeat as needed 

30 ml  $30


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"I know it's thyroid as we have discussed, but the difference between the essence and no essence is profound. Prior to taking the essence I could not, ever put myself first under any circumstances, now I am doing so without guilt. "  Mychelle W  California






A general fortifier and womb heal that energetically opens up the pelvic region and releases congested 'cellular memory' that may be preventing you from becoming pregnant or carrying a baby full term.  Releases and dissolve stored trauma or emotional blockages that may inhibit conception

This essence fusion may energetically help to restore and harmonize endocrine balance and promote menses.  Supports the sacral chakra

But, it will not reverse the effects of age or injury, or restore fertility if you are close to menopause.  Do not use if pregnant or nursing


Use for 21 days.  Do not repeat


We also recommend to augment this essence fusion by addressing underlying relevant emotional factors:  Women's Vitality or Sexual Abuse Release


21 days  30 ml  $30

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Sexual Abuse Release"Sexual Abuse Release'

Promotes gentle psychological healing after traumatic physical and emotional violation such as rape, incest, assault or abuse of authority.  Suitable for any kind of physical trauma to the body (including traumatic accidents), where emotional trauma becomes energetically 'stuck' 

Effectively releases trauma 'memory' from tissue in the body where it is being stored.  Overwrites the emotional trauma to gradually restore wholeness and well-being

Long-held or childhood physical trauma requires at least 42 days to dissolve completely.  Because of the intensely physical experience of the emotional trauma, we want you to know that as it releases you may feel discomfort in your body wherever you have stored your trauma 

TIP:  Recommended to use contraceptives following this essence.  Has demonstrated to help energetically to increase possibility of pregnancy by releasing mental and emotional blockages that prevent conception

Suitable for both men and women

Also recommended:  I Am Not A Victim

We recommend taking Sweet Innocence after completing this remedy


Use for 42 days 

60 ml  $50  

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"I have just finished the Sexual Abuse Release and over the 7 weeks have experienced a significant and what feels like miraculous reduction in the bladder pain, soreness, burning, frequency, cramps and urgency. I would say it's about 90% better now. I still have to keep acidic drinks to a minimum, but can go about my life much more normally and sleep. Bless you for the work you do."  NL UK
"I completed taking the Sexual Abuse Heal the end of January.  On the very first night I felt other energies leaving me (felt like they had been feeding off and taking my energy).  On the 6th day my body started to ache and would return over and over. Took a while for this to leave.  Boundary issues kept visiting me again and again giving me adequate practice!"  Meghan D  South Carolina




Trauma ReleaseNEW!!  "Trauma Release" 

Promotes gentle psychological healing after physical and emotional trauma or violation including Covid Post Traumatic Syndrome, rape, incest, assault, abuse of authority, traumatic accident.  Suitable for any kind of deep physical and mental/emotional trauma, where the trauma becomes energetically 'stuck' 

Effectively releases trauma 'memory' from tissue in the body where it is being stored.  Overwrites the emotional trauma to gradually restore wholeness and well-being

Long-held or childhood physical trauma requires at least 42 days to dissolve completely.  Because of the intensely physical experience of the emotional trauma, we want you to know that as it releases you may feel discomfort in your body wherever you have stored your trauma 


Suitable for both men and women


We recommend taking Control Release before beginning this essence to ensure your body and mind will not react with fear when releasing the trauma


Also recommended:  I Am Not A Victim  or Trauma Release 4-step protocol


Use for 42 days 

60 ml  $50 


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Womb Heal


"Womb Heal"

Promotes gentle energetic healing after miscarriage, hysterectomy, sexual assault, or abortion.  Soothes the emotional scars caused by trauma to your body and heart  

Do not use if pregnant or nursing.  Please use contraceptive protection after using this essence fusion (Several women have reported becoming pregnant after using this product)

21 days  

30 ml  $30

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"I feel a lot lighter than I did at the start and a lot more comfortable in my own skin.  I let go of a lot of guilt, pain, resentment, self-loathing and fear during the process...I'm so glad I did it."  Carla W  UK
"Oh God - this is So Deep - S**t storms from handed-down patterns are arising in waves"  JE  Chicago IL
see also For Ladies Only




Trauma Release Protocol

NEW!  "Trauma Release Protocol"

A powerful 4-step protocol to help gently and effortlessly release the emotional, mental and physical debilitating effects of deep trauma of all kinds, including sexual or physical abuse, psychological abuse, traumatic injury, war conflict, and Covid Post Traumatic Syndrome.  We have also found it very helpful for dissolving subconscious resistance to physical healing

First, we release the fear-based control issues and mental blockages that stop you from releasing your trauma.  Then we remind your mind and body what your default state should be.  Then we address the deeply held physical/emotional effects of the trauma and release it from your body.  Then we address the loss of power and feelings of victimization.  We help you set boundaries and more easily hold your own space, and not be so intimidated by masculine energy or those in power or authority 


Set consists of 60 ml Control Release ~ 15 ml The BIG RESET ~ 60 ml Trauma Release ~ 60 ml I Am Not a Victim



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We recommend following this protocol with an empowering essence fusion such as I AM Deserving, Empowerment, Self Esteem, Success, or Spiritual Power



Chakra Balancing Set  

Chakra SystemSet of 10 essences provides multiple benefits.  Each chakra formula addresses the emotional causes and vibrational imbalances associated with disruptions in the chakric system.  It's a convenient 'tuning kit' in a bottle when you don't have time for a Reiki or Vibro-Acoustic treatment!  Use as needed to restore clearing and lasting balance to body and mind   


     .Root Ckakra  Provides grounding and vitality.  Helpful for traumas or shock
     .Sacral Chakra  Opens you to pleasure and fun.  Inspires creativity.  Use with 3rd Eye to promote the ability to manifest what you envision
     .Solar Plexus  Restores internal balance and self empowerment and releases karma to promote a return to innocence
     .Heart  Fosters love and vibrant health
     .Thymus  Provides soul grounding when you want to leave your body or escape
     .Throat Chakra  Fosters release of guilt and fear.  Promotes forgiveness.  Aids in communicating your needs
     .Zeal Point  Promotes balance of central nervous system.  Promotes forgiveness of self.  Opens you to universal energies
     .3rd Eye  Expands consciousness and heightens intuition.  Use with Sacral Chakra to promotes the ability to manifest what you envision
     .Crown Chakra  Instills unconditional love and clarity.  Connects you to Divine intelligence

     .Clear & Protect  30 ml  A wonderful antidote to the negative energies around you!  Clears your auric field.  Acts as a shield against EMF's, negativity, psychic attacks, etc. and keeps you from absorbing other people's energies.  Enhances your intuition


Use chakra essence fusions individually for 3-5 days orally or topically as needed.  Instructions are included


15 ml set $165 value.  $125  (save $40!)  

30 ml set $300 value  $199.98  (save $100!)


Also available as individual chakra essences ~ 30 ml @ $30


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