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Injuries tend to result from mental distraction, and occur most often where neuropeptides have caused weakened or vulnerable tissue.  In other words, a strong mental electrical charge is occurring at the place of injury


"I used the AH PLUS on a client with a fractured tibia (no surgery needed).  She felt an instant release. She described it as the leg felt an immediate CALM.... Amazing... thanks for all u do"  Mary Rose D  Dynamic Wellness Solutions  Woodbridge ON 


AH PLUS was created to help accelerate repair of injuries such as surgical incisions, wounds, dental surgery, torn ligaments, fractures, and skin eruptions.  AH PLUS has all the benefits of AH including the frequencies of DNA repair, plus additional botanical frequencies to soothe, augment, re-balance and integrate your body's energies so that the healing process can become rapidly accelerated while pain and discomfort is reduced.   AH PLUS starts to work in minutes.  The effects are cumulative


Convenient atomizer.  Use orally or topically as needed. 

Safe for use on children and animals  


Available in 30 ml Atomizer @ $30   or  60 ml Atomizer @ $50

Also available in Healers Set  and  Natural Medicine Chest



"I've been a regular user of Enlightened Feelings flower essences for a couple of years.  I've had powerful results with the essences!  In November 2017 I tore the ligament in my right hand.  By June 2018 I was discouraged that the ligament was minimally healed.  I wore a hand brace every day.  I decided to try Ah Plus!!!  Within two weeks it was 90% healed.  No doubt in two more weeks it will be 100%!  I really thought it would take a year for the ligament to heal."  Evelyn R  Hunt TX


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