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Have you ever noticed that as daily life unfolds, the majority of your problems are caused by your mental reaction and resistance?  That's because, when you encounter a new experience, your confidence shrinks.  Everything within you that is unhealed will rush to the surface.  No matter where you go, you continue to bring all your old stuff with you until you finally heal it


"One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain."  Rick Godwin


The secret to adapting gracefullyOur transformative essence fusions have been created to assist you with the 'next chapter' in your life.  They can assist you to gracefully and confidently adapt to new situations and both major and minor changes in your life, however unexpected or abrupt

Use our essence fusions for the myriad of daily challenges you or your family members are facing including bereavement, relocation, first day of school, a new baby, second marriage, change of job, retirement, 'empty nest', or divorce.  Our formulas are carefully selected and extensively field tested to ensure efficacy across a broad range of related situations and personality types.  Full instructions are provided with each essence remedy



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Adapt to Change

"Adapt to Change"

A wonderful quick-acting remedy that assists you to move on, adapt, and accept change gracefully and effortlessly.  Quells homesickness, fear, and trepidation 

Shifts the brain to willingly accept and assimilate new experiences such as relocation, first day of new school, career or lifestyle change, foster care, moving into retirement or nursing homes, and integration of two families into one 


"When I am in unfamiliar circumstances, I feel scared and want to do what I know.  The flowers gave me confidence and security about my decision.  I didn't look back.  I was ready for my new adventure!"  Gabriella P  St Catharines ON


Ideal for first day of school, kindergarten, or college, change of career, immigration, relocating, or any intimidating change of life


Don't forget to also assist your pets and children when adapting to change!  We offer special gentle formulas created for animals and kids


Use for 3-21 days

15  ml  $15  ~  30 ml  $30 


Adapt to Change for Children  15 ml  $15  ~  30 ml  $30

Adapt to Change for Pets  15 ml  $15  ~  30 ml  $30

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I Am Flexible"I Am Flexible" 
Soften your view of situations, become more open and reception to new information ... and everything changes! ...  
I AM FLEXIBLE promotes acceptance, adaptability, flexibility, open willingness, co-operation, allowance for new ideas and new ways, risk-taking, and a greater sense of adventure.  It fosters allowance for new ideas and new ways, risk-taking, and a greater sense of adventure
"I have long wondered what the statement 'don't resist' meant in terms of allowing change. Since taking the flower essences, I am able to realize my resistance reactions to change.  I realize the words, thought and feelings I have in relation to something I don't like IS the resistance. I have connected these thought patterns to feelings of tightness around my middle torso and lower chest. Right where the liver, kidneys and heart are."  Jeanne H  El Cerrito CA
Helpful in times of stressful change, such as moving, changing jobs, during house renovations, or when you become a caregiver for someone.  May help to open the mind to new ways of doing things.  Helps you to stop obsessing over something 
"I just wanted to tell you I had the best restful night of sleep last night that I have had all year. Thank you so much."  Pauline P NOTL ON
Use for 21-66 days
30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50

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Brave New Future

NEW!  "Brave New Future"

Helpful for negotiating through unwanted change, new uncomfortable situations, and forced transitions that come with lots of attachments and emotional baggage


Creates excitement, anticipation, and enthusiasm to help you step forward into change or a new situation.  Motivates and provides inner strength.  Helps you to find creative solutions.  Helps to release past ties


Ideal for situations such as 'empty nest', blended families, retirement, starting over, moving to a nursing home, and changes caused by the pandemic



Use for 21-42 days


30 ml  @ $30  ~  60 ml  @ $50

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NEW!  "Courage"

Helps to dissolve and dissipate trepidation, fear, timidness.  Helps you feel more grounded, in balance, and able to hold your own in situations which previously frightened or alarmed you


21 days.  Then as needed   

15 ml  $15  ~  30 ml  $30  

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Helps to dissolve your unconscious blockages which cause you to procrastinate, vacillate, dilly-dally, and sabotage your own positive actions and progress.  Suddenly your actions and impulse are awakened, and it becomes effortless to accomplish tasks


Use for 3 days or longer, as needed.  Works best after 3 days  

30 ml  $30

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When you cannot change what is happening .... change how you feel about it!

Allows acceptance and making peace with the past and those things you cannot change.  Promotes letting go and stops persistence of feelings.  Helps you to surrender and accept what cannot be changed and move on without bitterness.  Helpful when you can forgive but still feel the hurt and animosity of wrongs done to you


"I have a sense of peace like I never had in this lifetime. Yes I’m not ok with what happened … However I myself as a person feel so much better. Even the people around me have changed. Everyone around me seems to treat me with a higher sense of respect. I don’t fear being harmed by others. And now I know why I was always having dreams about returning to school and falling behind. It was simply a subconscious message that I had unfinished business that required my attention. Also I know what that hidden hurt was that randomly tried to come out at times. Also my lifelong forehead tension has gone away."  Daniel O  CA


Use for 21-66 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50










Moving On


"Moving On"

A gentle nudge to compel you to move forward and begin to re-invent your life ... 

A light, compelling essence fusion that shifts you out of defeatist self pity and pessimism and into acceptance

This formula motivates and strengthens you to help you move forward with a gentle realization that that you can still have a bright future.  Allows you to shift your perspective to see possibilities instead of just the limits of 'now'  


Helpful for any situation that alters your life as you knew it or causes you to feel the future is bleak, or there is no future for you.  Pulls you out of self pity and shifts you forward, allowing you to embrace change.  Helps you to accept that you can have a brighter future

Ideal for 'empty nest syndrome', retirement, and for those who have suffered a life change, serious loss, injury, bereavement, cancer, or challenge/change that forever alters your life as you knew it—such as the loss of a relationship, job, spouse, your home, or loss of a limb or mobility


Use for 21 days 

30 ml  $30

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When your world is changing,  in flux, or in chaos ...

FLOW provides graceful mind-body-spirit harmony.  It's a cross between the qualities of

FLOW releases resistance, frustration, anger, fear, and guilt.  Places you in 'the zone' to use the law of attraction and synchronicity


Use as needed

15  ml  $15  ~  30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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Divorce Heal

"Divorce Heal"

Helpful for healing the pain of any type of contentious close relationship or partnership that has escalated into anger, animosity and negative feelings  ... including mother-daughter relationships, siblings, spouse, in-laws, co-worker, and integration of two families into one  

A powerful heart-healing remedy to dissolve heartbreak, rejection, animosity, rancour, and other long-held fiercely negative emotions.  Helps you heal and let go of the past


Use 21-66 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml $50

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Unrequited Love HealNEW!  "Unrequited Love Heal" 

This essence fusion neutralizes all of the emotional attachments that have been preventing you from making needed changes or moving on with your life.  If you have felt stuck or emotionally tied to someone or some emotional situation in the past and you are having a hard time letting go and moving on with your life, this essence can be very helpful.  It uplifts and elates, allowing you to feel free, happy, loving, open, and optimistic about something new entering your life

UNREQUITED LOVE HEAL can heal and dissolve distressing feelings of wishing and longing, rejection, hopelessness, and feeling unloved.  Most importantly, it infuses bright self-love and self-value to help you find greater sense of self-worth


21 days

30 ml @ $30

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Everything in your life changes when you become a caregiver ...

A helpful supportive essence for caregivers of loved ones with serious or terminal illness.  Provides comforting support and restores your inner balance and energy when you feel depleted, overburdened, burned out, and overwhelmed


Use as needed   

15 ml  $15  ~  30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50

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Broken Heart Heal

"Broken Heart Heal" 

When suddenly you find yourself alone and your whole life has changed  ....

Especially created for the most challenging types of grief that are so life-altering.  Strong enought to counter grief that persists for a much longer period of time  

BROKEN HEART HEAL shifts you through and beyond grief resulting from a significant loss such as separation, divorce or the death of a spouse, family member, or child.  Releases heartache, grief and self-pity.  Turns sorrow and grief into acceptance.  Instills understanding and grace when the loss seems so unfair and life-altering  


We recommend 'BE KIND TO YOURSELF' for gentle self nurturing while taking this essence

We recommend MOVING ON to follow this essence to help create a new abticipation that allows you to get unstuck and move forward with your life


Use for 42-66 days

60 ml @ $50  

Broken Hear Heal










Comfort & Solace

"Comfort and Solace"  

It's painful when you lose a beloved pet or something inportant to you ..

COMFORT & SOLACE soothes sorrow, heartbreak and emptiness following the loss of a beloved pet, separation from someone you love, or any other significant painful loss.  Envelopes you in warm, nurturing, comforting energies.  Helps you find comfort in your memories and allows acceptance and inner peace 


"I took the grief drops a few days ago immediately after I euthanized my dog.  I have used your essences for quite some time and have always found them helpful.  But, that was the fastest your essences have ever worked for me!  It has definitely helped my memories bring me comfort instead of sorrow"   Wendy W  Pt Colborne ON 


Are you making the difficult decision to euthanize your pet?  Or are you about to love someone you love to terminal illness or assisted suicide?  Keep this essence on hand and start taking it a few days beforehand.  It will ease your heart and provide strength and inner peace during the impending loss


Use for 3-7 days if the loss is immediate.  Use for 21 days to comfort longer-held grief

30 ml @ $30   

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Control Release

"Control Release"

Life happens....and you can't control it ... 

Control Release helps release inner tension, fear, and judgment.  It allows you to accept and gracefully adapt to changes and the people around you.  Ideal after divorce, for the workplace, moving into communal situations such as foster care, retirement or nursing homes, and for merging of two families into one


Use 21-66 days

30 ml  $30  ~  60 ml  $50

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AH Flexible"AH Flexible"

When you are resisting change and and it starts to affect you physically ...

When change in your life is resisted, or desired change is thwarted, your body eventually begins to mirror your mental state.  Resistance to moving forward in some aspect of your life or relationships, or feeling hampered in your desire to move forward, will show up as inflexibility and pain in your joints, especially ankles, knees, and hips--the areas of your body that literally propel you forward 

AH FLEXIBLE is a topical essence fusion that may promote flexibility and ease of movement.  Starts to work in minutes.  May enhance the efficacy of natural therapies such as massage, acupuncture, or reflexology.  Apply topically to area of stiffness and pain


Convenient atomizer.  Use topically or orally as needed

30 ml atomizer  $30  ~  60 ml atomizer  $50

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