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Broken Heart Heal

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"Broken Heart Heal"  

Especially created for the most challenging types of grief that are so life-altering, and for grief that persists for a much longer period of time, such as the loss of a partner, parent, or child.  Also useful following divorce or rejection  

Gently and gradually releases deep heartache, grief and loss.  Shifts you through and beyond long-term grief.  Turns sorrow and grief into acceptance and understanding when your loss seems so unfair and your whole life has changed.  Also helps to release guilt and reluctance associated with moving on with your life


We recommend 'Be Kind to Yourself' to follow this essence


Use for 42-66 days 

60 ml @ $50  


"Broken Heart Heal was huge for me.  I didn't realize how much I was weighed down by all of my losses.  That was huge.  I tell everyone I can about your flower essences."   Evelyn R  Hunt TX


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